Character Profiles (Week 4)

If you follow the show, The Flash, there have been many easter eggs surrounding the Green Lantern. As they’re set in the same universe, could we see they team up together in an episode in the not so distant future? No one knows for sure so for now, they’ll team up in the Quahog universe.

This post focuses on the new characters released during week 4 of the Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way. Check out the other profiles from week 1-3 here!

Quest to Unlock: Flash in the Pan
Task Time Rewards Requires
Influence the Weather 4:00:00 50 Coins/30 Exp Visual Task
Enjoy the Moment 6:00:00 65 Coins/45 Exp Griffin House
Do Some Cardio 8:00:00 80 Coins/50 Exp Visual Task
Get Impatient 10:00:00 90 Coins/59 Exp Shop n Stop
Swipe Right 12:00:00 100 Coins/65 Exp Drunken Clam
Grab a Quick Lunch 24:00:00 150 Coins/100 Exp McBurgertown
Quest to Unlock: Bat-hound Returns
Task Time Rewards Requires
Practice His BatBark 2:00:00 Coins/ Exp Stop n Shop
Act Like a Playboy 4:00:00 Coins/ Exp Founding Fathers
Sniff Out Clues 6:00:00 Coins/ Exp Visual Task
Do the Batusi 8:00:00 Coins/ Exp Visual Task
Avoid Conflict 12:00:00 Coins/ Exp Griffin House
Solve Mysteries 16:00:00 Coins/ Exp Quahog Bank
Scale Walls 20:00:00 Coins/ Exp Robin Stewie
Chase Catwomen 24:00:00 Coins/ Exp Drunken Clam
Quest to Unlock: Getting Green Lit
Task Time Rewards Requires
Polish His Ring 2:00:00 30 Coins/20 Exp Thrift Shop
Police the Galaxy 4:00:00 50 Coins/30 Exp Visual Task
Use Willpower 6:00:00 65 Coins/45 Exp Drunken Clam
Construct a Jet 8:00:00 80 Coins/50 Exp Visual Task
Turn On All the Lights 10:00:00 90 Coins/59 Exp Stop n Shop
Report to the Guardians 12:00:00 100 Coins/65 Exp Griffin House
Hang Out With Other Lanterns 16:00:00 115 Coins/75 Exp Drunken Clam
Create Lunch 24:00:00 150 Coins/100 Exp McBurgertown

As you can see, none of this weeks new additions help with gathering materials. Instead, they focus on fighting villains. So don’t be stressed and rush through earning these characters as they aren’t required to unlock anything… yet?

What did you think of this post? Did you check out their questlines and if so, did you enjoy them? Comment below!


14 thoughts on “Character Profiles (Week 4)”

  1. Is Part 4 of Batman-Brian really using Robin Stewie to be necessary to complete it? This would definitely be a dick move by TinyCo if that’s the case as Robin Stewie is a Mystery Box premium character and wouldn’t make much sense. Has anyone confirmed this?


    1. It’ll only show up if you get Robin Stewie. It’s also the same thing for Green Lantern’s quest; purchasing The Flash activates another part.


    1. Unfortunately, they are available until Wednesday, August 24 at 3 PM, PDT. If they are not completely unlocked, they will disappear from the game at that time. If they are unlocked before the event ends, you will be able to continue their quests after the event has ended.


  2. Help me decide? I have 374 clams playing freemium and I’m two days into Green Lantern week (haven’t tapped the Asylum). Shall I get Batman for the guaranteed vitamin drop or The Flash for more fights? I already have Bonnie Cheetah and still working on Batman Brian.


      1. both haha… The vitamin drop rate is pretty poor right now. Batman would guarantee one vitamin per 4 hours but Flash would allow better use of vitamins. Tough call 🙂


    1. It doesn’t even work on Facebook? Maybe you can contact support (not through your game obviously) and maybe the can help pinpoint the problem more thoroughly.


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