Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way Week 4

It’s now Green Lantern’s time to shine. Phase four is now live and the Gorilla Grodd has arrived! Here’s everything new this week. Don’t forget to click here for this weeks set of quests.

NOTE: There’s a 7 day timer when you search for the Green Lantern at Quahog Asylum.


Week 1 Info
Week 1 Quests
Useful Buildings (Week 1)
Week 1 Challenge


Week 2 Info
Week 2 Quests
Useful Buildings (Week 2)
Week 2 Challenge


Week 3 Info
Week 3 Quests
Useful Buildings (Week 3)
Week 3 Challenge
Character Profiles
Villain Battles

35 Lantern Batteries (Common) 23 Power Rings (Uncommon) 16 Masks (Uncommon) 21 Manhunter Energy Pistols (Rare) Brian’s Batcave
Make Mort Sell Batteries (8) Make Quagmire Order “Ring of Power” (6) Get from Q.U.A.H.O.G. Labs (4) Make Joe Go to the Gun Show (2) Get Brian’s Batcave
Get from Ferris Aircraft (8) Get from Space Bar (6) Make Chris Play with Toy Guns (2)
Get from Lantern Lighting (8) Get from Hall of Justice (6)

Batman Brian – 37Tjq_kryptonite

The Flash – 265wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg


Gorilla Grotto – 250wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg
Hall of Justice – 165wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg


Central Lantern – 150Tjq_heroring

Order to Unlock Prize Kryptonite Required Power Points
1 Ferris Aircraft 18 Tjq_kryptonite 83 Dcpowexp
2 Space Bar 33 Tjq_kryptonite 110 Dcpowexp
3 Lantern Lighting 11 Tjq_kryptonite 74 Dcpowexp
4 Q.U.A.H.O.G. Labs 23 Tjq_kryptonite 65 Dcpowexp
5 Batman Brian’s Batcave 9 Tjq_kryptonite 79 Dcpowexp
6 Batman Brian 37 Tjq_kryptonite 120 Dcpowexp
7 Flash Museum 22 Tjq_kryptonite 117 Dcpowexp
8 Paralax 145 Tjq_kryptonite 200 Dcpowexp

NOTE: There is a 24 hour time to get the Paralax once you unlock everything else.


Send Superman Peter (2), Cheetah Bonnie (4), Batman Brian (4), The Flash (5), and/or Green Lantern (5) to defeat the Gorilla Grodd. He drop Sacks of Diamonds.


16 Mini Health Packages – 120wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg

Have any tips to share that helped you so far? How are you enjoying this event? Let us know in the comments.


23 thoughts on “Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way Week 4”

  1. Boo – I guess I did things really out of order, because I don’t have enough kryptonite to advance in items, so I can’t get Brian OR Lantern, so I can’t beat Grodd, so I can’t get diamonds, so I can’t advance in items, etc. Grr. Guess I’m done with this event. Bummer.


  2. I bought the really hard item last week and therefore did not have enough kryptonite to get Brian. I ended up purchasing The Flash just to deal with the gorilla. IMO he is WAY overpriced. His heal time is like 18 hours.


  3. Thanks a lot for your posts on this. I had been a frequent visitor of the Addicts site, but ever since their main FGTQFS contributor started having health issues, it’s been slow. Hopefully she can get better soon, but you’ve more than stepped up to make sure we have the tips we need. A bit of file-scraping that you seem to do doesn’t go amiss either.

    I had saved up enough Kryptonite to get everything but Parallax (who I will probably skip in favor of saving up for the last week and completing questlines), so I’m moving along quite well, having only bought Superman (who has been a subtle but *huge* help by his continuous acquisition of brainiac-antivirus drops while Lois and Bonnie have gotten better things to do). Hopefully the limited time prize for the last week is worthwhile, as I will likely be *swimming* in Kryptonite by that time, especially once I get the Joker.


  4. Hey jay I wanna say ur site is way better than the addicts site. Ur always on time posting information. I’m in phase 3 and I just wanted to ask how many vitamins do you need to fight grodd. What amount of punches does he have and how many health bars does he have. Thanx!


  5. What is the spawn rate or trigger for Grod? I killed him last night, but he still has not come back! Can’t defeat him if he isn’t on the field of battle!


  6. I’ve started phase 4 unlocked all buildings but there’s no repair icon for the green lantern I’ve checked for updates but nothing as yet do I have to trigger anything for it to appear thanks


  7. Thanks for all your hard work Jay. Tbh with you, I’m starting to use this site for help and info over the other addicts site I used to visit regularly in the past. Their posts are beginning to slack whilst yours are always right on time. Keep up the good work Jay. Cheers.


    1. Hi, I use both this site and addicts blog for info and tips. Both folks work hard to get us updated info. Just to clarify, addicts site has been late in her posts recently due to some health issues. She is trying to ask for help though. If you can do volunteer! Meanwhile let’s all appreciate what these 2 sites have been doing to help us progress in what I feel is quite a tough game compared to TSTO. Fun but tough!


  8. Thanks for letting us know there is a timer for Green Lantern. Was caught surprised for Aquaman last time round. Will make sure I have enough kryptonite for the required buildings in Phase 4 first before advancing from Phase 3.

    By the way is the payout better in Phase 4 than 3? I get kryptonite quite fast from taking down clowns.


    1. Unfortunately once you get to phase 4, everything at the Daily Planet requires the new currency, Sacks of Diamonds. You get them by defeating Gorilla Grodd which is quite difficult. I’d suggest staying in phase three until you get enough kryptonite. Even getting the first 6 prizes will be worth it.


  9. Is Paralax a decoration or character? I’ve already got all the prizes for this week apart from him, I have more than enough Kryptonite to get him but I don’t want him if he’s just a decoration.


      1. Good, then getting the legion of doom was the better choice to do before starting phase 4. This one I will skip to save up for the final week.


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