Superhero Event Week 3: How are you guys doing?

Green Lantern Week is nearly upon us and we want to know where you are. Still working your way through this weeks quests? Check out this link.

Power Point Level

This has been a major problem before Joker Week had even begun. Seems like Conseula’s Vacuum is causing problems so if possible, try manually collecting from event buildings. As with last week though, I hope TinyCo pushes out something to get everyone where they need to be so be on the lookout for that. Well folks, they’ve pushed a fix and the leveling situation should be under control.

It now looks like this:

Power Point Levels
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
0 25 230 400 570
Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
840 1,110 1,380 1,650 1,920
Level 11 Level 12 Level 13 Level 14 Level 15
2,190 2,460 2,730 3,000 3,270
Level 16 Level 17 Level 18 Level 19 Level 20
3,540 3,810 4,080 4,350 4,620
New Characters and Costumes

Two superheroes and a costume were added to our games. Did you earn Cheetah Bonnie? Did you purchase Harley Quinn and defeat those Joker Thugs? How far are you to unlocking the Joker? Remember he’s supposed to something you work towards for the remaining event so don’t stress if you haven’t unlocked him yet. He wont be needed for the questline of week four.

Phase 4

Phase/week 4 will go live sometime Wednesday night (EDT) so be prepared for the arrival of the speedy Flash, the greeny Green Lantern, and the batty Batman Brian. Also note you’ll need to be on part 9 of the main questline, Joker in the Pack. You’ll also need to have reached Power Point Level 11 (changed from 12) to move on.

Have anything else to add? Comment below!


24 thoughts on “Superhero Event Week 3: How are you guys doing?”

  1. I’m up to reign of doom part two and haven’t seen the joker yet to get hand buzzers am I doing something wrong or hasomething it passed by already?


    1. Do you mean Lex Luthor? If you do not, something is definitely wrong. Contact in-game support and see if they can do anything.


  2. wonder if other freemiums or anybody else having a super-hard time trying to unlock Cheetah Bonnie?…i only need about 10 or so fangs and still need ALL of those prison wines which im in the process of getting that specific building that is the only way of getting those of course lmfao…


    1. Some people are still working towards her. The trick that has helped a few people is stocking up on kryptonite so when they start the next phase, they can start earning materials from buildings right away. The prison wine is common so once you get that building, you could get all 6 you need in less than a day. It’s my suggestion that before you start phase four, stock up on kryptonite; at least enough for you to unlock the first six prizes. Then it’ll be easier and hopefully quicker for you to unlock the Green Lantern.


  3. I’m trying to decide if the cave of doom is worth getting. How often does it pay out? Does it pay out one item each time or one of each? Can you pick which one or does it automatically rotate? Thanks for the awesome site and help!


  4. I’m doing really well, I’ve unlocked Cheeta Bonnie, and only need 17 more buzzers to get Joker, I also brought Harley. Thanks to them changing the requirements for the event level I’m very close to Level 15, and I have 365 Kryptonite saved up for Phase 4 prizes.


  5. Got Cheeta Bonnie and Harley. Have 240 kryptonite at the ready with only 25 buzzers left to get Joker. Definitely the best week of the event for me.


  6. The level up patch was good. Level 15 now. Also sitting on part 9 of this weeks questline. 260 kryptonite jewels ready too. Depending on how many crystals we need for this next week, i might grab the legion of doom before advancing.

    Working on Joker, just over halfway done with him.

    Can’t wait, GL was always one of my favorite super heroes. My son loves Flash lol so I will have to get them both.

    Has anyone figured out how to unlock the exclusive billionaires mansion?


    1. The Exclusive Billionaires Mansion becomes locked once you place one. If you don’t have one, you should contact support and see what’s going on.


  7. as of 12 noon central time, US, I am sitting on 222 krypto’s in my pocket.. update in a few hours.. So, am thinking I am way ahead on that ….


  8. Doing terrible! Only just had Joker appear yesterday. The way they have this event going where you need X to unlock Y is not well balanced. It seems like everyone needed to drop something has multiple things you need.


  9. I just reached onto joker week now. Week 3 with 15 days left. Do you think ill make it onto week 4 before the event ends and get the characters?????


    1. I do think you’ll make it to week 4 however I’m not sure if you’ll get all the characters. If you don’t, then that’s okay. Don’t need to get everything.


  10. I jumped from level 13 to maxing out… I have everything else.. Except for the joker.. I am 34 buzzer’s away.. have finished all of the questlines except for the joker’s.. so bring it on!!!


    1. Same here, nice one!

      Just need five more plastic fangs and then I’m done. And lots of hand buzzers of course but that’s okay as we’ve got another two weeks 🙂


  11. I need 30 more buzzers for the Joker. I’ve let the side quests slide because everyone useful is collecting Joker killers.
    I’m almost to level 12 and on part 9 of the Joker. It won’t do anything else until the update I guess.


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