Useful Buildings & Characters during Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way (Week 3)

Week 3 of the Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way event is now live and a lot of new content has been added. This post lists all the characters and buildings that drop goodies so far during this event.


Plastic Hero Rings

Character Task Time Drops
Seamus Practice Cartwheels 1:00:00 1 Tjq_heroring
Blobulous Be Blobular 1:00:00 1 Tjq_heroring
Dr. Hartman Practice Surgery 2:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Herbert Take Gross Old Man Bath 2:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Mort Retreat Cowardly 2:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Red Hot Come up with a Catchphrase 2:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Bruce Be a Good Listener 4:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Captain Hammered Fly Under the Influence 4:00:00 3 Tjq_heroring
Iron Baby Test Armor Systems 4:00:00 3 Tjq_heroring
Rollocop Engage Battle Modee 6:00:00 4 Tjq_heroring
The Multiplier Train in Combat-a-Trois 8:00:00 5 Tjq_heroring
Building Cost Time Drops
Eccentric Billionaire Mansion 300 Tjq_heroring 12:00:00 15 Tjq_heroring
Sidekicks N Things 100 Tjq_heroring 16:00:00 Tjq_heroring

Materials for Characters/Outfits

Yellow Sunlight for Superman Peter

Character Task Time Drops
Jerome Play Darts 6:00:00 Superpter_yellowsunlight
Peter Griffin Overeat 6:00:00 Superpter_yellowsunlight
Building Cost Time Drops
Kent Farm 4 Tjq_kryptonite 6:00:00 Superpter_yellowsunlight

Spandex for Superman Peter

Character Task Time Drops
Bruce Pass Out Flyers 4:00:00 Superpter_spander
Building Cost Time Drops
Superman’s Secret Citadel 5 Tjq_kryptonite 2:00:00 Superpter_spander

Amazonian Tiaras for Wonder Woman

Building Cost Time Drops
Themyscira 18 Tjq_kryptonite 2:00:00 Ww_amazoniantiara

Invisible Jet Fuel for Wonder Woman

Character Task Time Drops
Joe Swanson Raid Personal Weapons Stash 6:00:00 Ww_invisiblejetfuel
Chris Griffin Enjoy Private Time 6:00:00 Ww_invisiblejetfuel
Building Cost Time Drops
Invisible Jet Hanger 13 Tjq_kryptonite 6:00:00 Ww_invisiblejetfuel

Bulletproof Bracelets for Wonder Woman

Character Task Time Drops
Lois Griffin Teach Piano 4:00:00 Ww_bulletproofbbracelets
Mort Goldman Swallow Jewels 4:00:00 Ww_bulletproofbbracelets
Building Cost Time Drops
Indestructible Jewelry Shop 20 Tjq_kryptonite 4:00:00 Ww_bulletproofbbracelets

Salmon for Aquaman

Character Task Time Drops
Superman Peter Eat Faster than a Speeding Bullet 6:00:00 Am_salmon
Building Cost Time Drops
Gotham Skysrapper 11 Tjq_kryptonite 6:00:00 Am_salmon

Scale Sewn Shirt for Aquaman

Character Task Time Drops
Joe Swanson Give Self a Sponge Bath 8:00:00 Am_scaleshirt
Herbert Read to Children 8:00:00 Am_scaleshirt
Building Cost Time Drops
Sew Good Supershirt Tailor 17 Tjq_kryptonite 8:00:00 Am_scaleshirt

Running Shoes for Cheetah Bonnie

Character Task Time Drops
Mort Goldman Retreat Cowardly 2:00:00 Cbtjqw_shoes
Jerome Host Happy Hour 2:00:00 Cbtjqw_shoes
Chris Griffin Hang Out at Home 2:00:00 Cbtjqw_shoes
Building Cost Time Drops
Arkham Asylum 150 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 14:00:00 Cbtjqw_shoes

Prison Wine for Cheetah Bonnie

Building Cost Time Drops
Superhuman Prison 33 Tjq_kryptonite 3:00:00 2 Cbtjqw_prisonwine

Cheetah Leotard for Cheetah Bonnie

Character Task Time Drops
Joe Swanson Raid Personal Weapons Stash 6:00:00 Cbtjqw_leotard
Building Cost Time Drops
Arkham Asylum 150 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 14:00:00 Cbtjqw_leotard
House of Animal Prints 22 Tjq_kryptonite 6:00:00 Cbtjqw_leotard


Superman’s Antivirus

Character Task Time Drops
Superman Take Selfies 2:00:00 Fg_materials_DC_SupermanAnivirus
Lois Griffin Download Computer Viruses 2:00:00 Fg_materials_DC_SupermanAnivirus
Bonnie Swanson Get Sick of Superheroes 2:00:00 Fg_materials_DC_SupermanAnivirus

Super Vitamins

Character Task Time Drops
Superman Peter Confiscate Pills 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Chris Griffin Peek into Neighbors’ Medicine Cabinets 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Jerome Search “Lost and Found” Box 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Bruce Buy Vitamins 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Herbert Sort Old Man Medications 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Wonder Woman Do Lasso Tricks 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Batman Make Super Vitamins 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Building Cost Time Drops
Bottle City of Kandor 150 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins

Killer Croc Traps

Character Task Time Drops
Joe Swanson Sort Through the Garage 4:00:00 Tjqw_croctrap
Bonnie Swanson Buy Hooks and Bait 4:00:00 Tjqw_croctrap
Bonnie Swanson Adopt a Puppy* 5:00:00 Tjqw_croctrap
Building Cost Time Drops
Arctic Lounge 13 Tjq_kryptonite 3:00:00 Tjqw_croctrap
The Lost City 130 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 8:00:00 Tjqw_croctrap

* Bonnie Swanson’s Adopt a Puppy task is a temporary task needed for Catwoman Lois’ quest. It’ll appear when needed and disappear when completed.

Sack of Cash

Building Cost Time Drops
Brainiac’s Skull Ship 220 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 4:00:00 20Tjq_stacksofmoney

Sack of Jewels

Building Cost Time Drops
Crocodile Sewer 240 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 10:00:00 16Tjqw_jewels

Sack of Gold

Building Cost Time Drops
Joke’s-On-You Funhouse 245 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 9:00:00 15Tjqw_sacksofgold

Health Packs

Character Task Time Drops
Robin Stewie Score High on His Floor Exercise 4:00:00 DCWk1_HealthPacks_small


Character Task Time Drops
Joker Smile at the World 24:00:00 2Tjq_kryptonite

Joker Battle Supplies

Bat Nets

Character Task Time Drops
Superman Peter Untangle Bat Nets 3:00:00 Tjqw_batnet
Catwoman Lois Take Bat Nets 3:00:00 Tjqw_batnet
Cheetah Bonnie Make Bat Nets 3:00:00 Tjqw_batnet
Harley Quinn Revise Bat Net Designs 3:00:00 Tjqw_batnet
Building Cost Time Drops
Poison Plant Nursery 17 Tjq_kryptonite 14:00:00 Tjqw_batnet
Hall of Doom 137 Tjq_kryptonite 24:00:00 Tjqw_batnet


Character Task Time Drops
Superman Peter Make Bat Bombs 4:00:00 Tjqw_batBomb
Catwoman Lois Steal Bat Bombs 4:00:00 Tjqw_batBomb
Cheetah Bonnie Collect Bat Bomb Supplies 4:00:00 Tjqw_batBomb
Harley Quinn Assemble Bat Bombs 4:00:00 Tjqw_batBomb
Building Cost Time Drops
Mad Love: Couples Counseling 27 Tjq_kryptonite 13:00:00 Tjqw_batBomb
Hall of Doom 137 Tjq_kryptonite 24:00:00 Tjqw_batBomb


Character Task Time Drops
Superman Peter Collect Batarangs 5:00:00 Tjqw_batarang
Catwoman Lois Make Batarangs 5:00:00 Tjqw_batarang
Cheetah Bonnie Recover Batarangs 5:00:00 Tjqw_batarang
Harley Quinn Sharpen Batarangs 5:00:00 Tjqw_batarang
Building Cost Time Drops
Death Trap 18 Tjq_kryptonite 12:00:00 Tjqw_batarang
Hall of Doom 137 Tjq_kryptonite 24:00:00 Tjqw_batarang

This concludes the list of useful characters and buildings for now. Did I miss anything? How are you enjoying this event so far? Comment below!


33 thoughts on “Useful Buildings & Characters during Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way (Week 3)”

  1. Forgive me, I am new here and hope this question isn’t too “stupid” LOL I do not see anywhere where the Joker gets released. He shows up in my Hall of Heros, but nothing happens when I click him. I have been collection nets and batrangs, but haven’t been prompted to use them yet. Could it be that I am only at level 11? Thanks and love the site!!


    1. The Joker will appear as a villain after you’ve started the quest, “Joke’s On You!” You will need to have completed the quest “Joker in the Pack Pt. 3” and be running app version 1.27.6.


  2. Hey I think you mixed up the buildings that drop the Joker’s weapons bc in my game Mad Love (13hrs) drops Bombs…..Death Trap (12hrs) drops Batarangs……Plant Nursery(14hrs) drops Nets lol


  3. The pow points are a real problem. I have all buildings plus a few I bought with clam I made level 8 on Tim and after four days I’m barely through level 9. I worry I’ll be able to make level 11 in time for next week.


    1. Part 9 of the quest requires you to reach level 12 which is even worse but you’re right, hopefully they are made aware of this and make the necessary changes.


      1. Over on reddit someone suggested not to use consuela’s vacuum on the POW buildings. I tested it and agree. When u manually release the POWs they register, when they are vacuumed they dont.


  4. Does anyone know how long it takes for the Joker to reappear after you beat his 5 levels……Thanks in advance and Happy gaming Clammers….


    1. If you remember the Greek Life Event where you had to fight Zeus, the Joker is pretty much based on that code so expect it to be the same. It seems to be between 10 to 28 hours which is pretty much what Zeus was before they changed it.


  5. Hi. Can somebody tell me how some of you are already past power level 8? My power output has really seemed to slow down this week although I have actually added a few buildings that give power ups. I have been stuck on level 7 most of the week and I am still only halfway to level 8. I am doing everything I know to do, but maybe someone can give me some tips, unless I am not the only one having this issue. Thanks.


    1. You aren’t the only one. A few players received a quest that rewarded them enough POW to level up unfortunately I have no details about it. What I do suggest is just keep doing what you’re doing, save up your kryptonite, and you’ll be ahead once you get to phase 3.


    2. Ive Just unlocked all buildings in Wayne Towers except the last one for week 2 and 3 bc I really wanted the batmobile…..Then just make sure you collect from those buildings every hour they are needed plus battle Killer Crocs and Brainiacs as much as you can bc they drop xp pow too and I have made to about 1/4 of the thru Level 9 now….


    3. My boyfriend was one of the ones that received the extra POW thing. I kept waiting for mine to show up and it never did. So, I politely messaged them (TinyCo, from in game) and asked what was up…. They said they were sorry and gave it to me right away! Yay! I was able to catch back up really quick!


    1. Thanks, fixed. Are you sure the Hall of Doom drops stuff because I don’t see anything. Just seems like Death Trap, Mad Love, and the Poison Plant Nursery drop supplies.


      1. While this is true, when placed it hasn’t produced any drops so either there will be drops soon or it’s a mistake.


  6. Jay, do you know what the other week’s Wayne Tower prizes will be?
    The reason I ask is because a lot of us are stocking up on kryptonite, and could probably get this week’s hard prize. I’d consider doing it, but that would mean I couldn’t get next week’s hard prize either. If I knew what it was ahead of time, I could make a better decision..


    1. Sadly I do not have that information but if you can afford to get the Hall of Doom now, I’d get it. You have like 5 days to stock up on Kryptonite til the next phase drops.


      1. 85 Hand Buzzers seems pretty out of reach. I know we have the rest of the event to get him, but who knows what will preoccupy the characters currently used to get Bat items.
        Maybe next week they can make Aquaman useful.


      2. If you can collect 6 Hand Buzzers a day, you’d be on pace to unlock him in two weeks which will be great. Considering the early draft of the week 4 questline doesn’t include him, it means you wont need the Joker to complete it.


      3. It’s my second day of part 3. Just started to collect stuff for Joker and Bonnie Cheetah. Can I confirm no timer to unlock both? First 2 parts has timer for WW and Aquaman. Have not seen it but still just to confirm. Thanks!


      4. You are correct, there is no timer (other than needing to unlock them by the end of the event). Note that Cheetah Bonnie is needed to complete the main questline though.


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