Superhero Event Week 2: How are you guys doing?

Joker Week is nearly upon us and we want to know where you are. Still working your way through this weeks quests? Check out this link.

Drop Rates

Getting enough Sacks of Jewels to complete part two of Going Batty, the main questline for week two, was definitely a struggle but adjustments were made and drop rates were increased. And with the addition of more characters that drop Super Vitamins, this week seems like it’ll end on a positive note. Do you agree and how have the drops fared for you?

New Characters and Costumes

Two superheroes and two costumes were added to our games. Did you earn Catwoman Lois and make her beg for table scraps in order to unlock Aquaman? Did you purchase Batman or test your luck at winning Robin Stewie? How about the Batcave? Did you splurge and spend your scare amounts of kryptonite on crazy underground lair?

Phase 3

In regards to phase/week 3, it’s unclear whether we’ll see an update later tonight or sometime tomorrow. Other sources are saying TinyCo will be trying to push out new content on Wednesdays from now on but the timer still counts down to a Thursday deadline. Either way, stay tuned!

Have anything else to add? Comment below!


18 thoughts on “Superhero Event Week 2: How are you guys doing?”

  1. I have yet to get an ultimate prize. Has anyone gotten krypto the super dog or the cat for week one and 2? Cause I couldn’t get the bat mobile or the bat cave. The bat cave kryptonite was ridiculous. I mean really? 80?! Why is it so hard to get kryptonite? Am I doing something wrong?


    1. Being able to stock up krpytonite before the next has phase gets released has worked for many people. If you’re freemium, it’s usually better to skip these prizes because other than the extra POW, they offer nothing. Plus most of the time, the kryptonite used to get these prizes equals the cost of four or five of the next items.

      In regards to the challenges. Again, these are mere decorations and are really something for premium players because they usually require use of clams.


  2. Hi I’m stuck how to I get quagmire to explore new fetishes please it not come up as a option but says that what I need to do next


    1. Does it not show up when you hit “GO” on the quest? It requires Quagmire’s House. Are you in phase 3? Sometimes you’re able to purchase stuff before you’ve made it to the next phase.


  3. Looks like I’ll get Aquaman with about 5hrs to spare. No extra kryptonite and no premium characters. Figured out that I could send Peter and Wonder Woman to fight Bane the first round and just Peter again in 6hrs of healing to finish him off, rather than wait 12hrs for Wonder Woman to heal.


  4. I have everything out of the way.. I bought Batman, won Wonder Woman and Aquaman, and Catwoman Lois… Pressed my luck and got Robin Stewie.. (Still haven’t figured out how to use the healing packs… I keep winning them.. Don’t know how to apply them… ) Even won the ultimate Man/Bat cave.. Kinda upset that Catwoman Lois doesn’t really do anything.. Neither does Aquaman.. (except for fight Bane)..Right now, sitting on 123 Kryptonites in my pocket waiting on the update.. Just keep plugging along…


  5. Will buying the eccentric billionaire building, sidekicks building or the burger thing give a lot of immediate power points? I’m only half way through level 7 and it seems to be at a stand still.

    Do you have any other suggestions to increase the power points?


  6. I’m doing great; got Batman and unlocked Aquaman. I decided that I was spending clams on this event because I’m a superhero nerd. But I didn’t try for Robin Stewie.

    I’m still fairly new to the game and I was wondering…should I convert all my sacks of jewels to Kryptonite now. I have a bunch stored up and didn’t know if in week 3 green kryptonite would still be the currency to get buildings etc. and I didn’t want to convert them all (I have 50+ sacks) and find out I needed red krytonite next or something like that.



    1. Usually how it runs is the currency stays the same.. just different objects to get it.. I am converting all of mine as quick as I can.. Don’t know the update will hit tonight or tomorrow.. When this week started.. I had so much Kryptonite, that I got the first 5 prizes within 20 minutes of the update.. I have had everything since Sunday!!!


    2. Phase two of most events is the worst because you get two options, both of which need the new drops. Phase three and beyond get a little better and they start to incorporate everything but honestly, if you can exchange for kryptonite now, you’d be better off. As Fred said, you can stockpile now and it’ll be so beneficial when the new phase goes live.


      1. I did start off week two frustrated because i had tons of cash sacks and didn’t convert them before the new week started. Glad to know i might actually be ahead going into week three. thanks!


  7. Doing much better after changes were made. Got all freemium characters unlocked and have 110 kryptonite saved for next phase.

    Question: In a battle if an enemy has one hit left and you send in a character that has three, wouldn’t the hero still have health bars left? I just defeated Bane in this manner and instead of taking 1-2 bars from Wonder Woman it took all of them.


    1. on the battle page with bane, it tells you his power and his hit points.. try to look at both of those before you do a battle..


    2. Bane does 8 damage to heroes each time you fight him so if you defeat him in 1 blow, he only does 8 damage overall. But if you attack him multiple times, he does 8 damage multiple times.

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