Useful Buildings & Characters during Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way (Week 2)

Week 2 of the Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way event is now live and a lot of new content has been added. This post lists all the characters and buildings that drop goodies so far during this event.


Plastic Hero Rings

Character Task Time Drops
Seamus Practice Cartwheels 1:00:00 1 Tjq_heroring
Blobulous Be Blobular 1:00:00 1 Tjq_heroring
Dr. Hartman Practice Surgery 2:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Herbert Take Gross Old Man Bath 2:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Mort Retreat Cowardly 2:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Red Hot Come up with a Catchphrase 2:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Bruce Be a Good Listener 4:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Captain Hammered Fly Under the Influence 4:00:00 3 Tjq_heroring
Iron Baby Test Armor Systems 4:00:00 3 Tjq_heroring
Rollocop Engage Battle Modee 6:00:00 4 Tjq_heroring
The Multiplier Train in Combat-a-Trois 8:00:00 5 Tjq_heroring
Building Cost Time Drops
Eccentric Billionaire Mansion 300 Tjq_heroring 12:00:00 15 Tjq_heroring
Sidekicks N Things 100 Tjq_heroring 16:00:00 Tjq_heroring

Materials for Characters/Outfits

Yellow Sunlight for Superman Peter

Character Task Time Drops
Jerome Play Darts 6:00:00 Superpter_yellowsunlight
Peter Griffin Overeat 6:00:00 Superpter_yellowsunlight
Building Cost Time Drops
Kent Farm 4 Tjq_kryptonite 6:00:00 Superpter_yellowsunlight

Spandex for Superman Peter

Character Task Time Drops
Bruce Pass Out Flyers 4:00:00 Superpter_spander
Building Cost Time Drops
Superman’s Secret Citadel 5 Tjq_kryptonite 2:00:00 Superpter_spander

Amazonian Tiaras for Wonder Woman

Building Cost Time Drops
Themyscira 18 Tjq_kryptonite 2:00:00 Ww_amazoniantiara

Invisible Jet Fuel for Wonder Woman

Character Task Time Drops
Joe Swanson Raid Personal Weapons Stash 6:00:00 Ww_invisiblejetfuel
Chris Griffin Enjoy Private Time 6:00:00 Ww_invisiblejetfuel
Building Cost Time Drops
Invisible Jet Hanger 13 Tjq_kryptonite 6:00:00 Ww_invisiblejetfuel

Bulletproof Bracelets for Wonder Woman

Character Task Time Drops
Lois Griffin Teach Piano 4:00:00 Ww_bulletproofbbracelets
Mort Goldman Swallow Jewels 4:00:00 Ww_bulletproofbbracelets
Building Cost Time Drops
Indestructible Jewelry Shop 20 Tjq_kryptonite 4:00:00 Ww_bulletproofbbracelets

Salmon for Aquaman

Character Task Time Drops
Superman Peter Eat Faster than a Speeding Bullet 6:00:00 Am_salmon
Building Cost Time Drops
Gotham Skysrapper 11 Tjq_kryptonite 6:00:00 Am_salmon

Scale Sewn Shirt

Character Task Time Drops
Joe Swanson Give Self a Sponge Bath 8:00:00 Am_scaleshirt
Herbert Read to Children 8:00:00 Am_scaleshirt
Building Cost Time Drops
Sew Good Supershirt Tailor 17 Tjq_kryptonite 8:00:00 Am_scaleshirt


Superman’s Antivirus

Character Task Time Drops
Superman Take Selfies 2:00:00 Fg_materials_DC_SupermanAnivirus
Lois Griffin Download Computer Viruses 2:00:00 Fg_materials_DC_SupermanAnivirus
Bonnie Swanson Get Sick of Superheroes 2:00:00 Fg_materials_DC_SupermanAnivirus

Super Vitamins

Character Task Time Drops
Superman Peter Confiscate Pills 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Chris Griffin Peek into Neighbors’ Medicine Cabinets 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Jerome Search “Lost and Found” Box 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Bruce Buy Vitamins 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Herbert Sort Old Man Medications 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Wonder Woman Do Lasso Tricks 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Batman Make Super Vitamins 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Building Cost Time Drops
Bottle City of Kandor 150 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins

Killer Croc Traps

Character Task Time Drops
Joe Swanson Sort Through the Garage 4:00:00 Tjqw_croctrap
Bonnie Swanson Buy Hooks and Bait 4:00:00 Tjqw_croctrap
Bonnie Swanson Adopt a Puppy* 5:00:00
Building Cost Time Drops
Arctic Lounge 13 Tjq_kryptonite 3:00:00 Tjqw_croctrap
The Lost City 130 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 8:00:00 Tjqw_croctrap

* Bonnie Swanson’s Adopt a Puppy task is a temporary task needed for Catwoman Lois’ quest. It’ll appear when needed and disappear when completed.

Sack of Cash

Building Cost Time Drops
Brainiac’s Skull Ship 220 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 4:00:00 Tjq_stacksofmoney

Sack of Jewels

Building Cost Time Drops
Crocodile Sewer 240 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 10:00:00 Tjqw_jewels

Health Packs

Character Task Time Drops
Robin Stewie Score High on His Floor Exercise 4:00:00 DCWk1_HealthPacks_small

This concludes the list of useful characters and buildings for now. Did I miss anything? How are you enjoying this event so far? Comment below!


23 thoughts on “Useful Buildings & Characters during Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way (Week 2)”

  1. None of the buildings I have earned from Page 1 of Wayne Towers e.g. Kent Farm, Themyscira, etc. are dropping anything! They did once or twice, but now the timer never progresses far enough for them to drop anything. Every time I go into the game the timer has only just started! So I’m not earning stuff I need. I have tried uninstalling the game, putting the buildings away and putting them back, and fast-forwarding with clams, but it keeps doing it. Is this a known bug? Please help!


    1. This isn’t a known bug that I’m aware off. It sounds like your game isn’t saving your progress so try visiting another town, coming back, then closing your app. Also, contact support and I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to help and maybe diagnose the problem properly.


    1. 80 Krpytonite and does indeed have a 24 hour timer. It’s a building that doesn’t really help so if you’re pressed for Kryptonite, I’d avoid this. Plus 80 Kryptonite can go a long way in the next phase.


  2. So I need bottles of tears to unlock superwoman but I can’t battle a thug until I train her and Peter? This doesn’t make any sense… How the hell do you unlock her then? I’m not spending clams.


    1. If you’re defeating him regularly, then every couple hours (I believe every 2 hours). But if it takes you a while to defeat him, then it respawns pretty quickly, if not moments after then by the next hour.


      1. I defeated him completely over 8 hours ago and he’s still not back. Guess it’s time to email tiny co again lol. It seems like I do this daily because somethings not right


  3. Broke down and bought the Bottle City of Kandor. Pills seem to be a consistent need throughout this event so I figured it was an efficient use of clams. Also currently thru Amazon I get 300 coins to use on other app purchases when making an in app purchase. So I bought the clam special as it equals out to $3 savings.
    It looks like it will take forever to get the sacks of jewels this week needed to trade for kryptonite (tip of the hat to Fred for his foresight).

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Okay I agree with Rob. I have gotten hooks and killer croc isn’t appearing often and the 3 hooks I have used have resulted in POW. No sacks nothing but yet that s@*t says always. Something not right and I am starting to get frustrated with this campaign. Put time limits on things but don’t allow you to achieve them cause you can’t get the necessary resources. They must be trying to pinch you into buying stuff.


    1. I contacted Support and they said they were aware of the Crocs not always dropping jewels, and were working on a fix. Now, they’ve edited the description after clearing Croc to say “(Rare Drop)”, even though the chance still says “always”.
      That’s the fix we got. Just pathetic.


  5. Woo hoo!!! I had so much Kryptonite (was stockpiling) that I wiped the first 5 prizes out within 20 minutes of the update last night.. !!!!


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