Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way Week 2

It’s Batweek! Batman and Aquaman join Catwoman Lois and Robin Stewie to fight Bane and the Killer Crocs! Click here for the quests for week 2. NOTE: Searching for Aquaman at the Quahog Asylum starts a 7 day timer!

New Characters/Outfits:

10 Salmon (Uncommon) 18 Scale Sewn Shirt (Uncommon) 16 Starfish (Rare) Place Not-Quaman’s Premium Sushi Have Catwoman Lois beg for Table Scraps
Make Superman Peter Eat Faster than a Speeding Bullet (6) Make Joe Give Self a Sponge Bath (8) Get by clearing Killer Croc Place Not-Quaman’s Premium Sushi Have Catwoman Lois beg for Table Scraps (2)
Get from Gotham Skysrapper (6) Make Herbert Read to Children (8)
Get from Sew Good Supershirt Tailor (8)

Batman – 320 Clams

Catwoman Lois – 31 Kryptonite (No need to collect anything)

Robin Stewie – 125 Clams, Get from the Boy Wonder Mystery Box

New Buildings:
Crocodile Sewer – 240 Clams, Drops 16 Sacks of Jewels
Eccentric Billionaire Mansion – 300 Rings, Drops Rings
Sidekicks N Things – 100 Rings, Drops Rings

New Decorations:
Cat Lady Cat Tree – 75 Rings
Cat Lady’s Litter Box – 25 Rings

Medium Health Package – 100 Clams. You get 5 medium health packs (Costs 24 Clams each, you save 20 Clams).

Wayne Tower:
NOTE: There is a 24 hour time to get the Batcave once you unlock everything else.

1. Gotham Skysrapper – 11 Kryptonite
2. Sew Good Supershirt Tailor – 17 Kryptonite
3. Arctic Lounge – 13 Kryptonite
4. Not-Quaman’s Premium Sushi – 10 Kryptonite
5. Immortality Pit – 19 Kryptonite
6. Two-Faced Coin HeadQuarters – 26 Kryptonite
7. Catwoman Lois – 31 Kryptonite
8. Batcave – 80 Kryptonite

Bane has 8 HP. You can send Wonderwoman, Superman Peter, Batman, Catwoman Lois, and/or Aquaman to fight him. It requires 4 Super Vitamins and has a chance to drop 20 Sacks of Jewels.

Killer Crocs:
You’ll need 1 Croc Bait. Once you’ve obtained a Croc Bait, place it in Killer Croc’s path to clear him.
The area that the Croc Bait covers will be shown with a green circle. If Killer Croc is in this circle, he will turn purple. Tap on the checkmark to activate the Croc Bait while Killer Croc is purple and it will take him out.
Please note that the Croc Bait will only work on one Killer Croc at a time.

Get Croc Bait from:
Make Joe Swanson Sort Through the Garage (4)
Make Bonnie Swanson Buy Hooks and Bait (4)
Get from Arctic Lounge (3)
Get from The Lost City (8)

Boy Wonder Mystery Box:
Costs 125 Clams and you can get the following:
1. Bat-Signal
2. Robin Stewie, drops health packs.
3. 23 Sack of Jewels
4. 175 Clams
5. 6 Medium Health Pack
6. Retro Batmobile
7. 7 Kryptonite
8. 43 Sacks of Cash
9. 150 Clams
10. 10 Super Vitamins

Have any tips to share that helped you so far? How are you enjoying this event? Let us know in the comments.


30 thoughts on “Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way Week 2”

  1. Do the rings have a purpose other than decorative items that have no function? I’m past the point where cash is an issue,I have over 3 million and I rarely can use it for anything.


    1. There’s a couple buildings you can get that drop more rings but for now that’s about it. Maybe they’ll add more buildings that are a little more useful as we progress through this event?


  2. Crap on the 80 kryptonite on the Batcave!!! All that I need to get Aquaman in to have Catwoman Lois do whatever task. But I can’t get Catwoman Lois due to the fact that I have to build up my Kryptonite… I am sitting on 60 now.. So that means 31 for Lois and 29 all ready in my pocket for the Batcave… Guess I will have to wait for tomorrow..


    1. I have a wierd glitch. One of my buildings gives me 20 kryptonite every 15 hours. Idk if its on purpose or something wrong whith the code. But it helped me alot.


  3. Jay, would you happen to know what are the requirements for the week 2 challenge so that I may start strategizing what items can be spent and what needs to be hoarded? Cheers


    1. Unfortunately I have no idea but I’d save up materials such as Super Vitamins and Killer Croc Traps. Except to fight Bane and maybe a couple Killer Crocs?


  4. I am getting one sack of jewels from crocs a day. Which means that week 2 will be more than halfway over by the time I even get to step 3.

    Another monumental F-up from PG. At least I saw the timer warning, so I haven’t triggered Aquaman yet.


  5. Definitely spend cash on kryptonite before starting phase 2. I had nearly 300 sacks of cash saved up and now can’t spend them because I need sacks of jewels and I can’t get them from killer croc. Really annoyed. Timer for Aquaman is counting down and I probably won’t be able to get the buildings I need to get him 😦


  6. Jay, don’t know if you noticed but tinyco adjusted the drop rates to killer croc and defeating it now yields the chance of dropping 1 sack of jewels and/or 1 starfish.

    Kinda a bummer to having to rely solely on defeating bane now in order to receive a substantial amount of jewels 😦


    1. Because I pretty much clear everything on the first day, I usually miss any adjustments they make so thanks for the heads up. It’s absolutely terrible that they adjusted the drops for the worse but if enough users complain about the ridiculous requirements and drop rarity, maybe they’ll make some changes?


      1. No, I didn’t clear anything and now they are spawning again, so I’m not sure what the problem was. But based on the issue with them not dropping the sacks of jewels it may have been a blessing in disguise because I have just been banking up croc bait instead of wasting it.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. I would expect them to fix the sack of jewels drop rate and grant them retroactively because it does say that it should drop ‘always’.


    1. They may eventually fix it, but they won’t extend the event or give you any retroactively, because they don’t care about anyone at all other than the “whales” who are spending money and so don’t need to wait for the drops.


    1. Starfish are a rare drop. Getting no Sacks of Jewels is definitely a glitch as it states you’re supposed to get 10. I’d hold off for now until they can get a fix pushed through and maybe battle Bane? He pays out 20 Sacks of Jewels.


      1. Only problem is I’m stuck on part two of weekly questline because I can’t exchange the jewels for kryptonite, so no Bane to help.

        Thanks Jay for clarifying.


  8. Here we go again. Now the drop rate for pills has improved, I can’t get jewels to drop! I’ve done in two. crocks and only gotten two “rare” starfish. Why do they keep missing reasonable drop rates?


  9. I haven’t been able to get any bags of Jewels by killing crocs. I’ve killed 4 and nothing. Even though it says the drop is always. Anyone else have this problem?


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