Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way Challenge Quest #1

His super power is making our heart melt.
His super power is making our heart melt.

The first challange of this Superhero Event is now live. You only have 48 hours to complete the challenge and while do-able, it might be close.

A few notes:

  • This and the next two will probably be hard; they’re geared towards premium players.
  • Rewards are nothing fancy, just decorations.

The Brave and the Bold Pt. 1

  1. Clear 81 Braniak Robots
  2. Clear 7 Thugs

Upon completing this first challenge, Krypto the Super Dog (pictured above) will be in your inventory.

Thus concludes the first challenge. What are your thoughts about this challenge? Any advice for other players? How are fairing in this event? Comment below! Don’t forget to check out week two spoilers here. It is indeed Catwoman Lois being released.


15 thoughts on “Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way Challenge Quest #1”

  1. Not going to complete this one.
    Took me 20 hours to get 6 pills. And again,these challenges used to be doable by all, now you have to spend clams.

    Tinyco has gotten stupid about it. The first 2-3 should be easy and ramp up to where you have to spend clams on the last one. Instead, now many aren’t going to finish the firat ine so they won’t be eligible for the rest. I used to be able to get all of these done with out spending clams, not anymore. You don’t spend, you don’t get stuff.

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    1. The good thing about these challenges is that they’re all decorations that’ll get tucked away at the end of the event. Freemium players shouldn’t really focus on stuff like this.


    2. I’m not sure if I’ll get enough pills to complete it and I have 2 of the drop buildings. I’m getting none at all from the character quests.


  2. I was actually playing my game, and just got the batmobile.. and was saying to myself…”I wonder if they are going to have a challenge… I better start stockpiling the pills and the little superman thingys… “..


  3. It popped up about 3 minutes after I cleared a gang, a thug, and 3 villains. Ugh! The pills are bad, I bought 2 of the drop buildings and I’m still waiting for pills.


  4. Pills just aren’t dropping for me. I figure the gang of thugs doesn’t count towards the challenge, but would anyone mind checking to confirm that? Might make it doable if they count as multiple thugs.


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