Superhero Event Questions, Concerns, & Week 2 Spoilers

This DC Comics inpired event, Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way, has been live for a little while and hopefully you’ve settled in for the long haul. As with new events, players have questions so in this post, we hope to answer any questions and/or concerns you may have so far. Scroll down for week 2 spoilers.

Click here for an overview of week 1.
Click here for the quests for week 1.
Click here for a list of useful buildings and characters for week 1.

When does this event end?
Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way will end on Wednesday, August 24 at 3 PM, PDT. Any Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way content that is not fully unlocked or purchased will disappear from the game at that time.

When does the Fotress of Solitude stop paying out clams?
The Fotress of Solitude is a building that costs 250 clams. It pays out 14 clams every 24 hours. Since this event was extended by an additional week, it’s unclear if the Fotress of Solitude will continue paying out clams until then. For now, expect it to stop paying out on August 18th. Nonetheless, claiming it once a day until then still nets you 156 clams.

Hall of Heroes


The Hall of Heroes pretty much tells you what new characters/outfits will be released during this event. But just in case the silhouettes are unclear:

Top Row (This row is probably freemium):
1. Wonder Woman
2. Aquaman
3. Joker
4. Green Lantern
5. Lex Luthor

Bottom Row (This row is probably premium):
1. Superman
2. Batman
3. Harley Quinn
4. The Flash
5. Cyborg

Top Row:
1. Superman Peter
2. Catwoman Lois
3. Robin Stewie

Bottom Row:
1. Cheetah Bonnie
2. Batman Brian
3. Captain Cold Quagmire

There’s also a couple characters that might be released somehow too. These include:
1. Captain Cold
2. Cheetah
3. Kid Flash

Thug Battles

Defeat a Villian with these Characters
Character Damage they can Inflict
Superman 3
Superman Peter 2
Wonder Woman 3
Type of Villian Amount of Health Super Vitamins Needed Rewards: Won Rewards: Loss
Thug 1 4 1 Man Tear and/or 22 Sacks of Cash
Gang of Thugs 6 6 42 Sacks of Cash 1 Super Vitamins

Power Point Levels
While you can’t see any exact numbers, the following table are the current values (cumulative) needed to get to each power point level.

Power Point Levels
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
0 25 230 400 570
Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10
840 1,210 1,680 2,250 2,920
Level 11 Level 12 Level 13 Level 14 Level 15
3,690 4,560 5,530 6,600 7,770
Level 16 Level 17 Level 18 Level 19 Level 20
9,040 10,410 11,880 13,450 15,120

Premium Challenges
Another event means another set of challenge quests. For this event, you can expect to see 5 different challenges. Complete them all to win the Wonder Twins. The first challenge rewards Krypto the Super-Dog.

Week 2 Spoilers: Introducing Bat Week

Please Note: We’re like two days into this event so anything posted below is subject to change and you bet your ass you can expect a few changes.

New Characters/Oufits
Batman – 2XX Clams
Aquaman – Collect Salmon, Scale Sewn Shirt, Starfish, Sushi Bar, and have Catwoman Lois Beg for Table Scraps)
Catwoman Lois – Unknown Requirements ATM
Robin Stewie – Unknown Requirements ATM

New Squatters
Killer Crocs

Going Batty (Week 2 Main Quest)
Going Batty pt. 1
1. Killer Croc is Here!
2. Have Superman Peter Ride Shotgun in the Batmobile

Going Batty pt. 2
1. Clear Killer Croc
2. Have Wonder Woman Harness Girl Power
3. Place Aquaman Sushi Bar from Wayne Tower

Going Batty pt. 3
1. Have Joe Investigate Supervillain Prank Calls
2. Get 2 Supervitamins
3. Bane is Here!

Going Batty pt. 4
1. Attack Bane

Going Batty pt. 5
1. Earn 60 Sacks of Jewels from Bane
2. Place the Gotham Skyscraper from Wayne Tower

Going Batty pt. 6
1. Have Superman Peter Get Hydrated
2. Defeat 4 Thugs

Going Batty pt. 7
1. Attack Bane 3 times
2. Place the Iceberg Lounge from Wayne Tower

Going Batty pt. 8
1. Have Catwoman Lois Pull Off a Heist
2. Have Superman Peter Rescue Kittens

Going Batty pt. 9
1. Have Catwoman Lois Dine Out With Superheroes
2. Have Superman Peter Eat Faster than a Speeding Bullet
3. Aquaman Action (very short)

Going Batty pt. 10
1. Reach Event Level 8
2. Investigate the Underground Hideout at the Start of Next Week!
End of quest until August 4th.

And that’s about it. Be on the lookout Monday for a detailed post on the upcoming challenge. Have a question? Comment below and hopefully we can answer them.

How are you doing so far? Are you having any troubles or are you progressing slowly but steady? Intrigued by next weeks content? Comment below!


35 thoughts on “Superhero Event Questions, Concerns, & Week 2 Spoilers”

    1. There’s buildings/decorations you can trade them in for. Week 1 offered the Super Burger Tower and the Welcome to Smallville Sign while week 2 brought us the Eccentric Billionaire Mansion, Sidekicks N Things, Cat Lady Cat Tree, and Cat Lady’s Litter Box.


  1. want to post a “how’s everybody doing so far in this 1stweek of the event” post DragonJay000 fredlusk?…jus tryna help out ’tis all because i’m NOT doing bad at all and not getting behind AT ALL as a freemium player!!! …TinyCo.,definitely did something right and fair for all of us that’s for damn sure!😌 i jus need a couple more crowns things for wonderWoman and on pt.9 of the main questline.


    1. Spawn rates for the Brainiac Robots is 45 minutes. Thugs is every two hours I believe but the problem isn’t their spawn rates. It’s having a stockpile of Super Vitamins needed to battle them.


  2. Question: Is it Womder Woman Lois or Catwoman Lois? I see both names listed in the article. The Silhouette looks more like Catwoman Lois (ear shape). Which is correct?


    1. I believe I originally posted Catwoman Lois but the files say Wonder Woman Lois. Her questline even suggests that it’s Catwoman but will confirm as we get closer to week 2 going live.


  3. I always see the weekly challenges and enjoy earning the rewards. I don’t see the fifth tab on the event hub this time though. Should it be there or is it too early? Any word on what will be needed for the first challenge yet? I’m saving antivirus’ because I figure take out so many brainiacs is a given. Krypto the turbo dog sounds like it will be very cute!


    1. I’m sure when the challenges go live there’ll be a tab there. At the moment I’m not sure of the requirements but will post ASAP. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was released tomorrow but stay tuned.


      1. DragonJay you are so on top of everything that I thought I missed something! WTG on that lol thanks for all the great info! The challenge just popped up for me.

        I agree 7 thugs is going to be almost impossible. I’m averaging about one a day too. Not even sure how to rush any of that of we wanted since the drops are rare. Maybe they’ll have better drop rates? We can only hope. I’d hate to miss out on the very first challenge!


  4. There is a 24 hour timer on the batmobile. I hadn’t been saving up kryptonite because I assumed I’d have until the end of week one to unlock it which gave me plenty of time. I cannot earn enough in time if I get pills every drop. Kind of disappointed. So save up Kryptonite before you go for the bat mobile. It takes 40.


    1. I think I posted that info here. It’s a decoration though so I wouldn’t be too disappointed though they should’ve saved that decoration for week 2.


    1. You can save them up for future stuff or get the Super Burger Tower building (doesn’t drop anything but the event XP) or get Welcome to Smallville Sign decoration.


  5. These pill drops are ridiculous. I’ve gotten 1 outta the last 8 attempts. I can’t imagine how bad it is for people who can’t afford Superman.


  6. Just FYI, under the “Hall of Heroes” area above, you’ve got Lois’ outfit listed as “Wonder Woman Lois” instead of “Catwoman Lois”. Confused me there for a minute.


  7. Thank you for doing this, very useful!

    I bought the fortress clam building so don’t have enough clams to buy anything else yet. Hope they do a clams bundle offer soon because I’d like to get Superman and Batman while they’re still useful, haha


  8. Going Batty (Week 2 Main Quest)
    Going Batty pt. 1
    1. Killer Croc is Here!
    2. Have Superman Peter Ride Shotgun in the Batmobile***

    does that mean the batmobile(wayne tower last item) is necessary for week 2?


    1. Nope. The Batmobile is a decoration. Once phase two goes live, Superman Peter will have a task called Ride Shotgun in the Batmobile but it’ll probably be located in the Griffin House or some other building you own so don’t worry.


  9. What will the currency look like next week? Should I horde the sacks of cash to convert them into next week’s items, or should I be converting them all into Kryptonite before phase 2?


    1. Looks like the next currency will be Sacks of Jewels. A lot of users get screwed during phase 2 of events because they’re stuck and cant buy the new stuff until they get the new currency so they lose days on possible drops. IMO, you should convert your sacks of cash into Kryptonite so you can purchase a few things when phase 2 is released.


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