Useful Buildings & Characters during Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way (Week 1)

Week 1 of the Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way event introduced a whirlwind of new content. This post lists all the characters and buildings that drop goodies so far during this event.


Plastic Hero Rings

Character Task Time Drops
Seamus Practice Cartwheels 1:00:00 1 Tjq_heroring
Blobulous Be Blobular 1:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Dr. Hartman Practice Surgery 2:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Herbert Take Gross Old Man Bath 2:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Mort Retreat Cowardly 2:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Red Hot Come up with a Catchphrase 2:00:00 2 Tjq_heroring
Captain Hammered Fly Under the Influence 4:00:00 3 Tjq_heroring
Iron Baby Test Armor Systems 4:00:00 3 Tjq_heroring
Rollocop Engage Battle Modee 6:00:00 4 Tjq_heroring
The Multiplier Train in Combat-a-Trois 8:00:00 5 Tjq_heroring

Materials for Characters/Outfits/Dinos

Yellow Sunlight for Superman Peter

Character Task Time Drops
Jerome Play Darts 6:00:00 Superpter_yellowsunlight
Peter Griffin Overeat 6:00:00 Superpter_yellowsunlight
Building Cost Time Drops
Kent Farm 4 Tjq_kryptonite 6:00:00 Superpter_yellowsunlight

Spandex for Superman Peter

Character Task Time Drops
Bruce Pass Out Flyers 4:00:00 Superpter_spander
Building Cost Time Drops
Superman’s Secret Citadel 5 Tjq_kryptonite 2:00:00 Superpter_spander

Amazonian Tiaras for Wonder Woman

Building Cost Time Drops
Themyscira 18 Tjq_kryptonite 2:00:00 Ww_amazoniantiara

Invisible Jet Fuel for Wonder Woman

Character Task Time Drops
Joe Swanson Raid Personal Weapons Stash 6:00:00 Ww_invisiblejetfuel
Chris Griffin Enjoy Private Time 6:00:00 Ww_invisiblejetfuel
Building Cost Time Drops
Invisible Jet Hanger 13 Tjq_kryptonite 6:00:00 Ww_invisiblejetfuel

Bulletproof Bracelets for Wonder Woman

Character Task Time Drops
Lois Griffin Teach Piano 4:00:00 Ww_bulletproofbbracelets
Mort Goldman Swallow Jewels 4:00:00 Ww_bulletproofbbracelets
Building Cost Time Drops
Indestructible Jewelry Shop 20 Tjq_kryptonite 4:00:00 Ww_bulletproofbbracelets


Superman’s Antivirus

Character Task Time Drops
Superman Take Selfies 2:00:00 Fg_materials_DC_SupermanAnivirus
Lois Griffin Download Computer Viruses 2:00:00 Fg_materials_DC_SupermanAnivirus
Bonnie Swanson Get Sick of Superheroes 2:00:00 Fg_materials_DC_SupermanAnivirus

Super Vitamins

Character Task Time Drops
Superman Peter Confiscate Pills 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Chris Griffin Peek into Neighbors’ Medicine Cabinets 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Bruce Buy Vitamins 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Jerome Search “Lost and Found” Box 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins
Building Cost Time Drops
Bottle City of Kandor 150 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 4:00:00 Tjq_supervitamins

Sack of Cash

Building Cost Time Drops
Brainiac’s Skull Ship 220 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 4:00:00 Tjq_stacksofmoney

This concludes the list of useful characters and buildings for now. Did I miss anything? How are you enjoying this event so far? Comment below!


14 thoughts on “Useful Buildings & Characters during Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way (Week 1)”

  1. Great post. I really appreciate these post and the quest line ones. It really helps me maximize strategy. Thank!


  2. Superman Take Selfies 2:00:00 SupermanAnivirus

    My Superman doesn’t drop anything. Is there a certain point I have to reach in the game?


    1. Even though it doesn’t show, he helps drop Superman’s Antivirus. Just send him on his 2 hour task and you should be good to go.


      1. You’re right, it just dropped them. It’s becoming almost mandatory to visit this site and play the game successfully.


  3. I am so glad that I had the comic con outfits on my characters and them doing little tasks.. When this event started, some of them dropped items.. I was ahead!!!


    1. At the moment they’re just used to purchase the Welcome to Smallville Sign and the Super Burger Tower. They’ll probably be other things to get as the event progresses.


  4. All of the comic con skins drop plastic hero rings.

    Iron Baby (Stewie) 4 hour: 3 rings
    Multiplier (Quagmire) 8 hour: ??

    Not sure on the others as I have them working on different drops.

    Fantastic post as usual


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