Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way Week 1

Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way and is now live. Update your games with through the app store. Villains are invading Quahog! Gather the Justice League to stop them and reclaim stolen stuff and exchange it for super creations! Click here for the quests for week 1.

New Characters/Outfits:

Superman Peter
10 Yellow Sunlight (Common) 8 Spandex (Uncommon) 13 Brainiac Microchips (Rare)
Make Jerome Play Darts (6) Make Bruce Pass Out Flyers (4) Get by clearing Brainiac Bot
Make Peter Overeat (6) Get from Superman’s Secret Citadel (2)
Get from Kent’s Farm (6)
Wonder Woman
Have Superman Peter Heat Up Leftovers 8 Man Tears (Always) 4 Amazonian Tiaras (Common) 18 Invisible Jet Fuel (Uncommon) 10 Bulletproof Bracelets
Have Superman Peter Heat Up Leftovers Get by clearing Thugs Get from Themyscira Make Joe Raid Personal Weapons Stash (6) Make Lois Teach Piano (4)
Make Chris Enjoy Private Time (6) Make Mort Swallow Jewels (4)
Get from Invisible Jet Hanger (6) Get from Indestructible Jewelry Shop

Superman – 250 Clams

New Buildings:
Fotress of Solitude – 250 Clams; Drops 14 Clams every 24 hours.
Brainiac’s Skull Ship – 220 Clams; drops Sacks of Cash every 8 hours.
Bottle City of Kandor – 150 Clams; drops Pills.
Super Burger Tower – 250 Rings

New Decorations:
Welcome to Smallville Sign – 10 Rings

The Daily Planet:
The Daily Planet is located on the right side of the event area. Here you can trade event materials for Kryptonite which can be spent on prizes at the Wayne tower.

Wayne Tower:NOTE: There is a 24 hour time to get the Batmobile once you unlock everything else.
1. Kent Farm – 4 Kryptonite
2. Wonderwoman in Invisible Jet Hanger – 13 Kryptonite
3. Superman’s Secret Citadel – 5 Kryptonite
4. Supermobile – 11 Kryptonite
5. Bulletproof Jewelry Shop – 20 Kryptonite
6. Invisible Jet – 7 Kryptonite
7. Themyscira Island – 18 Kryptonite
8. Batmobile – 40 Kryptonite

1. Sacks of Cash: Get from Brainiac’s Skull Ship, Brainiac Bot, Clear Thug, or Clear Gang of Thugs
2. Super Vitamins: Get from Superman Peter, Chris, Bruce, Jerome, and Bottle City of Kandor
3. Plastic Hero Rings: Get from Seamus
4. Superman’s Antivirus: Make Superman Take Selfies (2)*, Lois Download Computer Viruses (2) or Bonnie Get Sick of Superheroes (2)

*It doesn’t show anywhere that Superman’s Take Selfies task drops Superman’s Antivirus but I’ve gotten drops a couple times already.


11 thoughts on “Truth, Justice, and the Quahog Way Week 1”

  1. here’s for those Plastic Hero Rings=
    ~Mort Retreat Cowardly
    ~Seamus Practice Cartwheels
    ~Dr.Hartman Practice Surgery
    ~Herbert Take Gross Old Man Bath


    1. and so what are the plastic hero rings for too?…i can see they are used in the store to buy stuff too, but is there any other use for them?


    2. it helps out alot more to go through your characters whether they are in storage or even the resort because you never know who may be able to drop what. especially the main characters i always check up on first.👍🏼


  2. exactly how do you get the Kryptonite???…it’s like i’m now and always at every start of new events,i’m so lost&&confused on what to do, what to concentrate on,so on and so on… because of that of course i always HAVE to post here for help of course Lol thanks DragonJay for the quick walkthroughs Fredlusk all you awesome peeps.😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Get Kryptonite by trading in Sacks of Cash at the Daily Planet. Get Sacks of Cash by clearing Gangs of Thugs, Thugs, Brainiac Bots, or from Brainiac’s Skull Ship.

      IMO, you should work on Superman Peter first as he’s bound to be needed throughout the event. You need to get to part 3 of the questline for Brainiac Bots to appear.


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