Beyond the Multiverse Mystery Box

TinyCo. just dropped the Beyond the Multiverse Mystery Box to give you a chance to buy previous multiverse characters. With a cost of 165 wpid-golden-clam-family-guy-game.png, try your luck to get one of the following:

1. Li’l Peter
2. Li’l Giant Chicken
3. Li’l Lois
4. Sheepdog Chris
5. Bulldog Meg
6. Human Brian
7. Wolfdog Quagmire
8. K-9 Joe

The only character I was missing was Human Brian so please correct me if one of these characters aren’t one of the characters you can win. With just under two days to go, are you close to collecting everything from the Future Multiverse? Having fun :D? Not having fun D:? Comment below!


13 thoughts on “Beyond the Multiverse Mystery Box”

      1. So I can send them to Tan Lines along with their counterparts? Meaning, for example, I can send Human Brian and Brian to Tan Lines together as two separate characters? If Human Brian is only a costume/skin of Brian, then of course I cant. Sorry for being so particular, but I cant afford to spend that many clams on costumes. I appreciate your help!


      2. No problem. Human Brian is a separate character from Brian so indeed you can send both to Tan Lines.


  1. I will tell you guys, with the other box, I kept going collecting batteries.. I now have right at 200 of them.. I know Tinyco’s track record of re using things, and since this is a multi verse machine.. I am figuring the batteries might come in handy if they happen to bring it up again..


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