Future Griffins Multiverse Mini-Event

Brian and Stewie are using the Multiverse Machine to take stuff from the future! The Multiverse Machine stops working on WEDNESDAY 7/20 at 3PM PDT! Get what you need before then! Click here for the quests for this event.

New Characters:

Stu Griffin
7 Decaf Coffee (Always) 35 Griffin Home Movies (Common) 9 Circuit Shack Badges (Common) 2 Scented Candles (Uncommon) Have Future Chris Polish High Nightstick
Get from Future Bank of Quahog (4) Make Mort Sell Overpriced Bargin DVDs (4) Get from Happy-Go-Lucky Toys of Tomorrow (4) Get from Quarter Mile High Club (4) Have Future Chris Polish High Nightstick
Make Jerome Collect Vintage Media (4)
Make Herbert Watch Children’s DVD’s (4)
Get from Rocket Pad (8)

Ron Griffin – 225 Clams, Always Drops 2 Batteries

Future Chris – Win from the Multiverse Machine

New Buildings:
1. Rocket Pad – 125 Clams
2. McBurgertown in Space – 1,500 Coins

New Decorations:
1. Multiverse Machine – 300 Coins I think?

Multiverse Machine:
Costs 2 batteries to try and bring something back from the future universe.
1. Levitating Welcome Sign
2. Self-Sustaining Tree
3. Future Back of Quahog
4. The Family Rocket
5. Quahog Biodome
6. Wind Reactor
7. The Hovercar
8. Happy-Go-Lucky Toys of Tomorrow
9. Genetically Perfect Pig
10. Quarter Mile High Club
11. Future Chris
12. 5 Multiverse Machine Batteries
13. Pixel The Cute Robot Pup

1. Multiverse Battery Pack of 3 – 28 Clams
2. Multiverse Battery Pack of 7 – 63 Clams

How to Get Batteries:
1. Quagmire – Shop for New Toys (4)
2. Peter – Throw Batteries (4)
3. Lois – Browse at the Market (4)
4. Ron Griffin – Get Ripped (8)

And that basically wraps up all the information for this event. Am I missing anything? What do you think so far?


17 thoughts on “Future Griffins Multiverse Mini-Event”

  1. What are the limits on the decos in the multiverse quest? Specifically the stupid tree. Why am I getting nothing but these?


  2. This is ridiculous. I get nothing but the stupid cars and trees from the prize box. Have 3 of each now, useless. Why isn’t there a cap on these?


  3. I’m new to this.. first event
    I have won 3 annoying “Family Rocket’s
    I don’t like them.. will they disappear when the event ends?


    1. They’re a decoration. What you can do is tap on them and tap on the arrow beside the name. This puts it into your inventory. The good think is now that you’ve won 3, you won’t win any more of the Family Rockets!


      1. Ok thank you for your help. I’m still struggling though.
        I have no problem moving other buildings and deco’s into inventory. But I can’t figure out how to do it with this family rocket.
        When I tap on it, the name “the family rocket” is displayed but I’m not sure what you mean by the ‘arrow beside the name’.


      2. I saw your link and understand perfectly.
        But for whatever reason – that arrow-inventory option does not come up for me when tapping on the moving deco – only the name of the deco comes up.

        oh well.. thanks anyway


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