Peter’s Prehistoric Park Ending Soon

Peter has had enough with running a dinosaur theme park. The event will end at 3:00 PM PDT (10 PM GMT/6 PM EDT) so spend all your dinosaur claws, unlock everything you can, and be prepared for a new event later tonight. We hope you had fun and stay tuned!

Note: Character quests will continue if you’ve completely unlocked the character however the main and side quests will disappear.


5 thoughts on “Peter’s Prehistoric Park Ending Soon”

  1. Well the only issue with the Event’s end seems to be that while almost all the dinosaurs and the Saber-tooth can be put into Tan-Lines, the Raptor can not. It can only be put in storage. Also none of them have FaceSpace pages so you have to search for them if they’re active in your town.


  2. I took the advise to concentrate on getting the 4 dinosaurs which i did. I didn’t spend any clams and still got all but three buildings and got the skins for Peter, Lois and Brian. I did not get Caesar but since I didn’t know who he was i didn’t really try for him. I think i may be one of the few who really enjoyed this event and I am very happy with the stuff i got. Thanks for all your helpful posts along the way; they really helped me maximize my time and choices


  3. I finished everything the other day except for leveling up the dinosaurs. I did spend clams but they were free, I got a $50 itunes certificate from a survey site I use. So it was clammy but a fun event. 🙂


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