Peter’s Prehistoric Park Challenge #4 & #5

What happens when all you eat is celery for lunch.
What happens when all you eat is celery for lunch.

School’s out and everyone’s bored. How about some challenges? The final challenges of Peter’s Prehistoric Park are now live. You only have 48 hours to complete the fourth challenge.

What Killed the Dinosaurs

  1. Check Out the Prize!
  2. Make 48 herds of Streakosaurus Extinct
  3. Have Sabertooth Brian avoid Poachers (24h task)
  4. Have the Pterodactyl clear the Armorsaurus 3 times

Upon completing this fourth challenge, Skinnysaurus Fossil (pictured above) will be in your inventory.

Winner Winner Dinosaur Dinner

  1. Place the Non-Masturbating T-Rex on the Playspace

Upon completing this final part, Non-Masturbating T-Rex will be in your inventory.

Thus concludes the challenges for Peter’s Prehistoric Park. What are your thoughts about these challenges? Did you complete any of them? Any advice for other players? Comment below!


6 thoughts on “Peter’s Prehistoric Park Challenge #4 & #5”

  1. finally got cesar. 16 sweaters, 3 more to go, with 10 hours left. i should be able to get it but didnt want to take any chances. so i sped up the flirt and peep. 4 clams for each 2 hours for 6 times. spent 24 clams and got 3 sweaters. way cheaper than 13 clams per sweater if i bought them directly. ^_^


  2. So, Question for the group.. I don’t have Cesar yet.. 88 clams to get him.. I only have 3 training manuels.. 4 to go.. Do I buy him or let him go?


    1. I would send the Pterodactyl on a couple more training sessions before buying the remaining manuals as the event ends at 3PM PDT tomorrow.


  3. I’ve forgotten what the reported minimum age to play this game is ????.

    I’ve completed the previous 3 quests, but I must admit I used clams to finish them. As there’s nothing else for Brian to do I don’t mind him being locked into this for 24hrs. I don’t want to collect anymore Dino dna either, especially the red, purple and green, the only really useful one is the yellow one that hatches the eggs that spring up for the release of the crestosaurus. Mayb the asteroids should have been released into the quest earlier.


  4. So far, I only completed the first week’s challenge.. 2 and 3 were out.. So, not even gonna tie my Brian up for 24 hours on this… I am still trying to get Dino Claws…


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