How are you guys doing?


I think I am doing pretty good myself.. Except, I can’t get the Pterodactyl to hatch (That extra rare have the Brontosaurs get rid of the Herpesaur is killing me!!!)… I have all but 1 of the buildings, and am no where near getting Cesar… I wonder if Tinyco is going to extend this one?

On a side note-How do you think DragonJay is doing?  I will be honest, running this was make me feel like the game was work.. With DragonJay coming on, it has let me really start to enjoy the game again… He has taken a huge load off of me.. On top of that, I really do think that this site looks more professional than ever…

Thoughts or ideas anyone?


22 thoughts on “How are you guys doing?”

  1. AWFUL! having a hard time getting the green ambers to drop and havent yet got ANY not even ONE of the buildings that drop stuff for sabertooth brian i think it’s called.


      1. who the hell knows!! but i admit it i didnt play freemium for this whole event and i had purchased a few clams not alot, but OBVIOUSLY they didnt help me out one bit! i have completely FAILED at getting the weekly challenges done and that has never happened to me in a while.


      2. I will tell you, the only weekly task that I got was the first one.. I have never not gotten them all.. So don’t feel all alone.. !!!


  2. Sooo far behind it isn’t funny. Still haven’t unlocked the first Dino or Peter. I haven’t been playing but maybe once a day, so I am not upset I am not further along, you get out what you put into the game. But man this game has become so much “work” to keep up with that I have just lost all interest. Glad to see that you have some help with the site Fred. Was hoping the site wasn’t going to completely disappear. Thanks for keeping things alive, and love the no nonsense point of view that other sites try to avoid. Each has its place and I am glad this site is still going strong.


    1. I am not sure on that one yet Rob… I won’t get that club until tomorrow.. but it drops the dog treats which you only need 4 of them, and i all ready have them from the Dino toss, so that building is going to be of no use to me.


      1. Oh, sorry, the last one for me is the Palace… Got you mixed up.. To answer your question.. one at a time, but it is every 2 hours.. and is pretty common…


  3. I gave in and purchased the last part of the pterodactyl yesterday, I wasn’t getting item drops for crap. Still have a ways to go on Caesar, no training manuals yet. One building left. I gave up on the dino levelling, it was taking too long. I train them only when they don’t have anything else to do.


  4. I’m doing really well, I also have all but one of the buildings, I only need 4 feathers for the Pterodactyl, and only 5 Dog Sweaters, and all the Training Manuels for Cesar, so I should be able to get them all unlocked by Thursdays.


  5. I’m pissed off, no update yet on my ipad2, I’m unable to login to my game either by my I pad or via Facebook. The yellow progress line gets right to the end then it crashes. I’ve force closed it, uninstalling and reinstalled, starting from scratch is fine but when I then log into my game it crashes then the never ending circle starts again. I can play it fine on my android phone, but the smaller screen kills me. Any offers if what else I can try ?? Of I did contact support but no reply, but that’s not surprising as usually they don’t anyway, but at least I can say I tried.


    1. David, Yikes… sounds like you are having a big problem… It usually takes support 3 or 4 days to answer me back.. Have you logged into the game thru facebook? on their page there? There was no update this week.. only last week.. do you have that one?


      1. Hi Fredluck,
        Thanks for the reply, yeah I got the week 3 update, and after I uninstalled the reinstalled it stated the date as the 30th June which was week 3. I have tried logging in and playing via Facebook but it just hangs I don’t even get the yellow progress line. After about 1minute it closes and takes me to the page to contact support and some reasons what could cause it to crash. I’ve even done as suggested on here to change my location & region to the US, I also changed it from London to San Francisco, but that hasn’t worked either. So I’m resigned to either keep playing on my phone or go out and buy an android tablet. I even removes every other app off my ipad so only the original apple apps and FG TQFS are the only items on it, cleared the cache, closed down completely then restarted but nothing.



    2. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with crashing this event, it’s not normally a big problem on my ipad. I found if you let it process stuff for a minute before you move on it helps. Do a couple things and let it sit. Especially before you ‘open’ something, like the amber processing thing or a quest list. I took out the non-essential animated things too. There seems to be too much going on in this event for it to keep up.


  6. Im doing okay what are meteors for and dinosaur heads and why did stewies blimp leave, i got like five things from it and then its gone. You really got to go a long time to gey outfits why so difficlt o dont want to pay for them please explain how why where what who and whom.

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    1. Ok Larry, Stewies’ blimp was from about a year ago. It seems to me that you are playing catch up with the rest of us… I started the game 3 months late, and it took me about 7 months to catch us with everyone else… The blimp, I don’t know… Maybe Tinyco decided to take it out of the game… If you go back and look at some of our old posts, maybe that will help you catch up with everyone else..


  7. I’ve just unlocked the Cesar 😊 am enjoying the game but its hard to keep up with the colors on time.
    Its took a good while 2 upgrade each Dino aswel


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