Peter’s Prehistoric Park Week 4 (Live!)

Week 4 of Peter’s Prehistoric Park event is now live. Here’s everything that’s new this week. Click here for the quests for week 4.

A few notes:
1. You need to complete part 10 of the questline Save the ‘Saurs in order to move onto week 4.
2. Remember that having a lot of quests open on your task menu may hinder any new quests from popping up.

New Characters/Outfits/Dinosaurs:

500 Dinosaur Claws 13 Birdseed (Rare) 3 Goggles (Rare) 6 Dinosaur Feathers (Extra Rare)
Get from quests and characters. Get by clearing Skullosaurus Get by clearing Spikysaurus Get by clearing Herpesaur
Cesar Millan
675 Dinosaur Claws 4 Dog Treats (Uncommon) 19 Dog Sweaters (Rare) 7 Training Manuals (Rare) 2 Dog Whistle (Extra Rare)
Get from quests and characters. Get from Dino Toss Get from Peeping Dino Club Get from Pterodactyl Trainnng Pen Get by clearing Armosaurus
Get from Tiki Palace Get from Flirtatious Strip Club
Get from Shaved Glacier Stand

Patches – 215 Clams, Comes with a questline and drops all 4 types of DNA.

New Event Building:
Pterodactyl Training Pen – Similar to the Raptor/Brontosaurus/Stegasaurus Training Pen, see more below.

New Buildings:
Purple Amber Mine – 200 Clams (Drops Purple Amber)

New Decorations:
Streakosaurus Pen – 100 Dino Claws
Bongo Drumosaurus – 60 Dino Claws
Dino Break Area – 8 Dino Claws

New Stuff at the Welcome Center:
Pterodactyl Training Pen – 170 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 12 Stegodna 10 Ppp_purpledna
Peeping Dino Club – 125 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 4 Bronto_dna 5 Stegodna 6 Ppp_purpledna
Flirtatious Strip Club – 260 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 5 Bronto_dna 4 Ppp_purpledna
Dino Toss – 300 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 7 Bronto_dna 3 Ppp_purpledna
Tiki Palace – 8 Bronto_dna 11 Stegodna 9 Ppp_purpledna

Pterodactyl Training Pen:
Requires the Pterodactyl as well as 2 Pterodactyl food.
Basic Training rewards: 10 Pterodactyl XP, 1 Purple Amber, 3 Training Manuals

Get Pterodactyl Food by making Stegosaurus Get Wasted (4), Saber-Toothed Brian Practice Good Dental Hygiene (4), or from the Ice Age Griffin House (6).
Get Purple Amber from the Pterodactyl Training Pen or Bombing Streakosaurus Herd.

The Frozen Age Box: (75 Clams)
1. Ice Age Griffin House (Skin)
2. Shaved Glacier Stand (Building)
3. Frozen Tree (Decoration)
4. Freezing BBQ (Decoration)
5. Wool.I.Am (Decoration)
6. Ice-Capped Mountain (Decoration)
Win All 6 Prizes to Get the Saber-Toothed Tiger. It’s a fully tasked character that clears all 4 squatters.

Asteroids (Uncommon) is used to clear Streakosaurus herds. Get them by:
Making Dino Tamer Peter Try New Training Tactics (6)
Making Cavewoman Lois Go Clubbing (6)
Making Saber-Toothed Brian Do Sabertooth Stuff (6)
Get Asteroids from the discounted Asteroid Packs in the shop! (12 pack = 160 clams, 6 pack = 90 clams, and 3 pack = 48 clams)

Pterodactyl Food (Uncommon) is used at the Pterodactyl Training Pen. Get them by:
Making Stegosaurus Get Wasted (4)
Make Saber-Toothed Brian Practice Good Dental Hygiene (4)
Get from Ice Age Griffin House (6)


8 thoughts on “Peter’s Prehistoric Park Week 4 (Live!)”

  1. The purple DNA take 2 hours. That means to get all those buildings is 60+ hours. Not to mention the time to get asteroids.And the time to refine other colors. It is crazy. Don’t think I’ll be worrying about getting Ceasar


  2. many must have complained about not enough stego food because now bruce has a 4 hour task that drops it.
    name: play games.
    location: quahog wharf.


  3. Great write up. The requirements for the new plans (DNA) are insane!! Also, looks like TC decided to axe items that are “common.”


    1. The whole differentiation between rarities is quite odd because it often feels like rarer items drop more often. We shall see though!


    1. Thanks bud! Also, if you look at it another way, it’s a 450 clam character… or 375 clams if you were to get the Ice-Capped Mountain during Nature Week #2.


      1. I had that all ready… but still not wanting to spend that on a character that I can use for 6 whole days…


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