Ace Ventura: Like a Glove

If you purchased Ace Ventura, you might have noticed his storyline, Like a Glove, and the fact that it seemed to be missing something. This is because it was, a prelude to give some context for players who haven’t made to part three of this weeks main quest, Save the ‘Saurs. The following is his entire questline as it was supposed to be.

Like a Glove

Starting Like a Glove pt. 0

Facespace_portrait_DinoTrainer Ace Ventura, someone let the dinosaurs loose, can you help me?
Facespace_portrait_aceventura Alllllll-righty then!
Facespace_portrait_DinoTrainer And can I ask your butt, too? I want to confirm he’s on the case as well.
Facespace_portrait_aceventura He’s a tough negotiator, good luck.
  • Unlock Ace Ventura

Finishing Like a Glove pt. 0

Facespace_portrait_DinoTrainer Do you have any idea who let the dinosaurs out?
Facespace_portrait_aceventura Finkle is Einhorn. Einhorn is Finkle.
Facespace_portrait_DinoTrainer Oh, you’re not allowed to be traumatized by that anymore. If your movie came out today, you would be the bad guy.
  • Rewards 0 Dinosaur Claws

Starting Like a Glove pt. 1

facespace_portrait_cleveland Do you think you can solve the case, Ace?
Facespace_portrait_aceventura If I can crawl out of a hot rhino’s ass, I can do anything.
facespace_portrait_cleveland Is that a detective phrase?
Facespace_portrait_aceventura Sure, let’s go with that.
  • Have Ace Ventura “Assk” Questions (4 Hours, Rewards 50 Coins, 30 XP)

Finishing Like a Glove pt. 1

Facespace_portrait_aceventura Can you tell me about the footprints that I found near the gate?
Facespace_portrait_joeswanson_paleo I told you, I don’t know! Please, just stop scratching that plate with knives!
Facespace_portrait_aceventura Alright, you must not know anything. No one passes the squeaky plate test.
  • Rewards 5 Dinosaur Claws

Starting Like a Glove pt. 2

Facespace_portrait_aceventura The footprints have led me to a dinosaur pen. Can you open it so I can do my investigation?
Facespace_portrait_quagmire Anything for you, Ace! You got to do it with Monica from “Friends”! That makes you a hero to me!
Facespace_portrait_aceventura Thanks, if I’m not back in five minutes… wait longer.
Facespace_portrait_quagmire Classic, Ace!
  • Have Ace Ventura Shop for Loud Shirts (6 Hours, Rewards 65 Coins, 45 XP)
  • Have Quagmire Borrow Ace Ventura’s Shirts (2 Hours, Rewards 30 Coins, 20 XP)

Finishing Like a Glove pt. 2

Facespace_portrait_aceventura Did you find anything?
Facespace_portrait_quagmire Nothing important, just a couple of mustache hairs.
Facespace_portrait_aceventura How do you know that they’re mustache hairs? Maybe they’re beard hairs.
Facespace_portrait_quagmire No, mustache hairs have the very distict musk of Canoe cologne, which means it smells like the kind of guy who buys cologne at Sears.
  • Rewards 5 Dinosaur Claws

Starting Like a Glove pt. 3

Facespace_portrait_aceventura Excuse me, sir. You’re coming with me. You’re under arrest for letting loose the dinosaurs on Quahog.
Facespace_portrait_tomtucker What are you talking about? Are you even a cop?
Facespace_portrait_aceventura I’m a pet detective.
Facespace_portrait_tomtucker Then I’m definitely not coming with you. Get a real job, you goofball!
  • Have Ace Ventura Do Fancy Footwork (8 Hours, Rewards 80 Coins, 50 XP)
  • Have Tricia Takanawa Apply to be News Anchor (4 Hours, Rewards 50 Coins, 30 XP)

Finishing Like a Glove pt. 3

Facespace_portrait_aceventura If you’re not guilty, then why did you run away from me?
Facespace_portrait_tomtucker You were chasing me in a monster truck, complaining that nobody wanted to play with you.
Facespace_portrait_aceventura Yeah, I need a new approach, it’s very difficult for me to make friends.
  • Rewards 3 Dinosaur Claws

Starting Like a Glove pt. 4

Facespace_portrait_aceventura Tom Tucker isn’t the perp. Can I get some more time?
Facespace_portrait_DinoTrainer You gotta hurry up! Everyone’s blaming me. Are you sure it’s not Captain Winky again? Can we just blame it on Captain Winky?
Facespace_portrait_aceventura You didn’t really watch my movie, did you?
Facespace_portrait_DinoTrainer I just read some teenager’s synopsis online, but I think I got the gist.
  • Have Ace Ventura Practice His Catchphrases (10 Hours, Rewards 90 Coins, 59 XP)
  • Have Bruce Frame his Frenemies (6 Hours, Rewards 65 Coins, 45 XP)

Finishing Like a Glove pt. 4

Facespace_portrait_aceventura This case has been taking up all my time. I may not solve it.
Facespace_portrait_bruce Oh, nos, looks like somebody’s a la-hoo za-herr.
Facespace_portrait_bruce Yay! Saying your movie quotes will never ever get annoying!
  • Rewards 4 Dinosaur Claws

*** SPOILERS ***
Ace Ventura is stuck and needs more time to solve the case; thus making way for Cesar Millan who’ll be making an appearance next week!

What did you think of Ace Ventura’s quest? Did you enjoy it? Share your feedback and comments below!


7 thoughts on “Ace Ventura: Like a Glove”

    1. It’s up to you to determine if he’s worth buying. He has a 10 hour task that drops Ivory for Saber-Toothed Brian and the voice clips are taken from his movies.


  1. I really wish that they would have more characters that produce dino claws… And also, why aren’t they using all of the main characters? Cleveland, and Stewie are prime examples!!!


  2. There’s a lot to complain about while playing this game. One thing I love however are the quests, especially when they have decent stories like this.


    1. Unfortunately, I stopped following the quests a couple events ago. Since I was never able to finish the events, I never got to see the end of the stories, so I gave up.


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