Useful Buildings & Characters during Peter’s Prehistoric Park (Week 3)

It’s Canada Day so I apologize for the bombardment of posts (last one today)! Week three of Peter’s Prehistoric Park is now live and it introduced lots of new content. This post lists all the characters and buildings that drop goodies so far during this event. I combined info on both buildings and characters as I feel it’s easier to know all the sources for materials. Do you like this format or prefer separate posts for buildings and characters? The feedback is welcomed!


Dinosaur Claws

Character Task Time Drops
Dino Tamer Peter Make Low-Budget Dinosaur Merch 2:00:00 2 Dino_hub_eventcurrency
Dino Tamer Peter Clean Up Dinosaur Poop 4:00:00 6 Dino_hub_eventcurrency
Dino Chris Do a Spit Take 6:00:00 15 Dino_hub_eventcurrency
Brontosaurus Clear Herpesaur 6:00:00 24 Dino_hub_eventcurrency
Velociraptor Clear Skullosaurus 8:00:00 5 Dino_hub_eventcurrency
Building Cost Time Drops
Fossil Finders Site 150 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 18:00:00 30 Dino_hub_eventcurrency

Raw Dino DNA


Character Task Time Drops
Peter Clean Up Afer Dinosaurs 4:00:00 Ppp_amber
Lois Teach Piano 4:00:00 Ppp_amber
Chris Hang Out at the Hatchery 4:00:00 Ppp_amber
Joe Ride a Raptor 4:00:00 Ppp_amber
Mort Sell Tacky Dinosaur-Tooth Necklaces 4:00:00 Ppp_amber
Paleo Joe Start a Fire 8:00:00 Ppp_amber
Building Cost Time Drops
Amber Mine 150 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 4:00:00 Ppp_amber

Blue Amber

Character Task Time Drops
Lois Shoplift 8:00:00 Ppp_blueamber
Chris Incubate Dinosaur Eggs 8:00:00 Ppp_blueamber
Bonnie Abuse Jacuzi Jets 8:00:00 Ppp_blueamber
Mort Walk on Dinosaur Eggshells 8:00:00 Ppp_blueamber
Bruce Gossip About Dinosaurs 8:00:00 Ppp_blueamber
Building Cost Time Drops
Blue Amber Mine 180 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 4:00:00 Ppp_blueamber

Red Amber

Character Task Time Drops
Quagmire Dig Dinosaurs 6:00:00 Ppp_redamber
Seamus Rub Limbs Together to Make Fire 6:00:00 Ppp_redamber
Building Cost Time Drops
Red Amber Mine 180 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 6:00:00 Ppp_redamber
Big Bone Playground 20 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 3 Bronto_dna 6:00:00 Ppp_redamber

Green Amber

Building Cost Time Drops
Green Amber Mine 200 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 4:00:00 Stb_greenamber
Stegosaurus Training Pen 200 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 9 Raptordna 13 Bronto_dna 4:00:00 2 or 6 Stb_greenamber

Dino Food

Raptor Food

Character Task Time Drops
Quagmire Google “Erotic Dinosaurs” 6:00:00 Ppp_raptorfood
Joe Raid Personal Weapons Stash 6:00:00 Ppp_raptorfood
Bonnie Go to Ladies’ Night 6:00:00 Ppp_raptorfood
Building Cost Time Drops
Dino Cafe 120 wpid-icon_golden_clam@4x_wm.jpg.jpeg 6:00:00 Ppp_raptorfood
Dinomeat Smokehouse 76 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 3 Raptordna 6:00:00 Ppp_raptorfood

Brontosaurus Food

Character Task Time Drops
Dino Tamer Peter Clean Up Dinosaur Poop 4:00:00 Ppp_brontofood
Bonnie Get in the Zone 4:00:00 Ppp_brontofood
Herbert Pet a Dinosaur 4:00:00 Ppp_brontofood
Building Cost Time Drops
Big Money Dinosaur Lab 10 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 6 Raptordna 2 Bronto_dna 4:00:00 Ppp_brontofood

Stegosaurus Food

Character Task Time Drops
Cavewoman Lois Help a Guest 2:00:00 Stegofood
Raptor Grow Up Fast 2:00:00 Stegofood
Brontosaurus Get Treaded Like a Slide 2:00:00 Stegofood

Materials for Characters/Outfits/Dinos

“Asteroids and You” Pamphlet for Dino Tamer Peter

Building Cost Time Drops
Asteroid Prevention Center 172 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 6 Raptordna 4:00:00 Dtp_steroidsandyou

Gooey Fossil for Dino Tamer Peter

Character Task Time Drops
Jerome Play Darts 6:00:00 Dtp_gooeyfossil
Bruce Fret About Something 6:00:00 Dtp_gooeyfossil
Building Cost Time Drops
Tarred For Life 234 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 2 Raptordna 4:00:00 Dtp_gooeyfossil

Raptor Leash for Dino Tamer Peter

Character Task Time Drops
Paleo Joe Make Demands 6:00:00 Dtp_raptorleash

Prehistoric Leaves for Brontosaurus

Character Task Time Drops
Paleo Joe Drag It Out 10:00:00 Bronto_leaf

Flint for Cavewoman Lois

Character Task Time Drops
Jerome Host a Caveladies’ Night 8:00:00 Cwl_flint
Bruce Gossip About Dinosaurs 8:00:00 Cwl_flint

Cave Paint for Cavewoman Lois

Character Task Time Drops
Joe Write Bogus Parking Tickets 8:00:00 Cwl_cavepaint
Paleo Joe Polish His Stone 12:00:00 Cwl_cavepaint
Building Cost Time Drops
Skullosaurus Pen 60 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 3 Raptordna 4 Bronto_dna 4:00:00 Cwl_cavepaint
Dino Egg Incubator 115 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 6 Raptordna 8 Bronto_dna 4:00:00 Cwl_cavepaint

Ivory for Saber-Tooth Brian

Character Task Time Drops
Stegosaurus Clear Spikysaurus 4:00:00 Stb_ivory
Ace Ventura Practice His Catchphrases 10:00:00 Stb_ivory

Wool for Saber-Tooth Brian

Building Cost Time Drops
Dino Garage 80 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 4 Bronto_dna 7 Stegodna 4:00:00 Stb_wool
Dinosaur Museum 105 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 4 Raptordna 6 Stegodna 4:00:00 Stb_wool
The Dino Plunge 115 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 4 Bronto_dna 8 Stegodna 4:00:00 Stb_wool

Animal Rights Pin for Saber-Tooth Brian

Building Cost Time Drops
T-Rex Tunnel 50 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 2 Raptordna 3 Stegodna 6:00:00 Stb_pin
Dino-Mite Mini Mart 200 Dino_hub_eventcurrency 3 Bronto_dna 5 Stegodna 6:00:00 Stb_pin

This concludes the list of useful characters and buildings for now. Did I miss anything? How are you enjoying this event so far? Have you made it to the new content? Comment below!

200 Dino_hub_eventcurrency
9 Raptordna
1 Bronto_dna
1 Stegodna


6 thoughts on “Useful Buildings & Characters during Peter’s Prehistoric Park (Week 3)”

  1. So am I correct to assume that none of Ace Ventura’s tasks drop claws? I’m on the fence whether to get him; love Ace but if he only helps with an uncommon item that’ll be obtained through normal play then I’ll probably pass.

    Dragonjay, I think you’re doing a great job with these posts. Clear, concise, timely. Thank you


  2. Fantastic post DragonJay!!!! I am taking pics of it with my phone now, so I can use it!!! Happy Canada day!!!! Monday is our Independence day!!!


  3. These lists are very helpful, thank you.
    I doubt I’ll get past week 2 though. I think this is it for me. I just wish you had been doing this much earlier, Jay.


  4. Great list. I like that you’ve put it all in one place. I’ve been consulting it a lot it as I try to figure out the week three strategy. BTW My Stegosaurus pen needs 13 reds not just one. I wish I only need one because those things take forever to process


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