Peter’s Prehistoric Park Week 3 (Live!)

Week 3 of Peter’s Prehistoric Park event is now live. Here’s everything that’s new this week. Click here for the quests for week 3.

A few notes:
1. You need to complete part 10 of the questline Playing with Dino Might in order to move onto week 3.
2. Remember that having a lot of quests open on your task menu may hinder any new quests from popping up.

New Characters/Outfits/Dinosaurs:

280 Dinosaur Claws 6 Spare Brain (Uncommon) 5 Replacement Spikes (Rare)
Get from quests and characters. Get by clearing Skullosaurus Get by clearing Herpesaur
Saber-Toothed Brian
500 Dinosaur Claws 12 Ivory (Uncommon) 5 Wool (Rare) 7 Animal Rights Pine (Extra Rare)
Get from quests and characters. Get by clearing Spikysaurus Get from Dino Garage Get from T-Rex Tunnel
Make Ace Ventura Practice His Catchphrases Get from Dinosaur Museum Get from Dino-Mite Mini Mart
Get from The Dino Plunge

Ace Ventura – 240 Clams, Comes with a questline and is voiced.

New Event Building:
Stegasaurus Training Pen – Similar to the Raptor/Brontosaurus Training Pen, see more below.

New Buildings:
Green Amber Mine – 200 Clams (Drops Green Amber)

New Decorations:
Flower Child Dino – 36 Dino Claws
Bamboo Canopy – 12 Dino Claws
Dinosaur Meditation Area – 8 Dino Claws

New Stuff at the Welcome Center:
Stegasaurus Training Pen – 200 Claws, 9 Raptor DNA, 1 Brontosaurs DNA
T-Rex Tunnel – 50 Claws, 2 Raptor DNA, 3 Stegosaurus DNA
Dino-mite Mini Mart – 75 Claws, 3 Brontosaurs DNA, 5 Stegosaurus DNA
Dino Garage – 80 Claws, 4 Brontosaurs DNA, 7 Stegosaurus DNA
Spikysaurus Pen – 100 Claws, 2 Raptor DNA, 6 Brontosaurs DNA
Dino Museum – 105 Claws, 4 Raptor DNA, 6 Stegosaurus DNA
The Dino Plunge – 115 Claws, 4 Brontosaurs DNA, 8 Stegosaurus DNA
Forbidden Tiki Car – 55 Claws, 4 Raptor DNA, 2 Stegosaurus DNA

Stegasaurus Training Pen:
Requires the Stegasaurus as well as 3 Stegasaurus food.
Basic Training rewards: 15 Stegosaurus XP, 2 Green Amber, 6 Green Amber

Get Stegosaurus Food by making Raptor Grow Up Fast, Cavewoman Lois Help a Guest, or Brontosaurus Get Treated Like a Side.
Get Green Amber from the Stegosaurus Training Pen or the Green Amber Mine.


2 thoughts on “Peter’s Prehistoric Park Week 3 (Live!)”

  1. I finished last week’s main quest line last night.. So, mine started right up.. I find if you just follow the main questline along, you get thru most of it.. Usually!!!


  2. I have dropped $20 on this event and am still at least a day away from finishing the main quest line. I don’t know that, that is right.


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