Peter’s Prehistoric Park Week 3 Preview

There’s lots of time until week 3 goes live so don’t worry if you aren’t ready yet; you aren’t supposed to be. However, if you are or just curious, here’s what you can expect during week 3 of Peter’s Prehistoric Park. Note: Week 3 isn’t live so as usual, everything is subject to change.

New Characters/Outfits/Dinosaurs:
1. Stegosaurus (Collect Dino Claws, Spare Brain, and Replacement Spikes)
2. Ace Ventura – Premium
3. Saber-Toothed Brian – (Collect Dino Claws, Animal Rights Pin, Ivory, and Wool)

Unreleased Characters/Outfits/Dinosaurs:
1. Cesar Millan
2. Patches the T-Rex
3. Pterodactyl

Week 3 Quests:
1. Save the ‘Saurs (Main quest, 10 parts)
2. The Not-Good Dinosaur (Stegosaurus’ quest, 4 parts)
3. Like a Glove (Ace Ventura’s quest, 5 parts)
4. Bite Me (Saber-Toothed Brian’s quest, 4 parts)
5. Growing Pains (Level up Stegosaurus quest, 4 parts)
6. Terrible Lizards (Side quest, 5 parts)

The Welcome Center:
1. Stegasurus Training Pen
2. T-Rex Tunnel
3. Dino-mite Mini Mart
4. Dino Garage
5. Spikysaurus Pen
6. Dino Museum
7. Tiki Palace
8. Dino Car

1. Spikysaurus invade Quahog.
2. Stegasurus Training Pen rewards 15 Stegosaurus XP and/or 7 Green Amber.

Alllllll-righty then! Are you intrigued for week three? How are you faring so far during this event? Let us know below!


12 thoughts on “Peter’s Prehistoric Park Week 3 Preview”

  1. does the big money dino lab really drop bronto food? it doesnt say that in the top left cormer of the picture for dino lab.


  2. okay so is ANYBODY ELSE having a VERY hardtime collecting up those dinosaur claws just like me or what??? the buildings, dinosaur eggs, and of course the skins for Peter and Lois so far i cant even make any of the buildings so those could drop even MORE claws…totally not working out for me lol


    1. You’re right and it’s just not you. It’s crazy that there’s no freemium buildings that drop dinosaur claws and while they made the requirements for week 2 stuff lower, it’s still difficult.


      1. I am concentrating on the tasks that produce claws.. Peter, Chris.. Lois and the brontosaur training.. It is a long process..


  3. Thanks for the preview! I just got Dino Tamer Peter last night finally and that was only because I used clams to speed up actions. Was going to work on brontosaurus next. I only need claws for him at this point but with the timed challenge, I might end up using the claws to first get the pterodactyl ride since the other parts of that challenge are easy enough. These claws are so hard to collect enough of. They should increase the amount received from the completed quests instead of only getting 2. And maybe increase to 20 or 25 per egg. In order to complete this week’s quests, we need at least 1,020 claws, which equates to 68 Amber. If you use every character available to drop Amber and get one each time, you have to do it 14 times, which is 55 hours. And like I said, that’s only if you have every character available and they drop it every time. Who has time for this?


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