Peter’s Prehistoric Park Week 2 (Live!)

Week 2 of Peter’s Prehistoric Park event is now live. Here’s everything that’s new this week. Click here for the quests for week 2.

A few notes:
1. You need to complete part 10 of the questline Fossil Fueled in order to move onto week 2.
2. Remember that having a lot of quests open on your task menu may hinder any new quests from popping up.

New Characters/Outfits/Dinosaurs:

220 Dinosaur Claws 7 Brontosaurus DNA 5 Prehistoric Leaves (Uncommon)
Get from quests and characters. Process Red Amber. Get by clearing Skullosaurus
Make Paleo Joe Drag It Out

Get Red Amber from Seamus, Quagmire, Big Bone Playground, and the Red Amber Mine

Cavewoman Lois
400 Dinosaur Claws 7 Stone Tools (Rare) 12 Flint (Uncommon) 13 Cave Paint (Rare)
Get from quests and characters. Get from Basic Training @ Brontosaurus Training Pen Make Jerome Host a Caveladies’ Night (8) Make Joe Write Bogus Parking Tickets
Get from Advanced Training @ Brontosaurus Training Pen Make Bruce Gossip About Dinosaurs (8) Get from Skullosaurus Pen
Get from Dino Egg Incubator
Make Paleo Joe Polish His Stone (12)

New Event Building:
Brontosaurus Training Pen – Similar to the Raptor Training Pen, see more below.

New Buildings:
Fossil Finders Site – 150 Clams (Drops 30 Dino Claws)
Herpesaur Pen – 42 Dino Claws

New Decorations:
Prehistoric Monuments – 8 Dino Claws

New Stuff at the Welcome Center:
Boneyard Playground – 20 Claws, 3 Brontosaurs DNA
Dinosaur Laboratory – 100 Claws, 6 Raptor DNA, 2 Brontosaurs DNA
Egg Incubator – 115 Claws, 6 Raptor DNA, 8 Brontosaurs DNA
Mauisaurus Water Show – 150 Claws, 10 Brontosaurs DNA
Skullosaurus Pen – 60 Claws, 3 Raptor DNA, 4 Brontosaurs DNA
Jungle Watchtower – 50 Claws, 2 Raptor DNA, 6 Brontosaurs DNA
Pter-ing Up the Skies – 200 Claws, 8 Raptor DNA, 3 Brontosaurs DNA
Black Tar Lake – 15 Claws, 5 Raptor DNA, 7 Brontosaurs DNA

Brontosaurus Training Pen:
Requires the Brontosaurs and Lois free, as well as 2 Brontosaurs food.
Basic Training (Freemium) rewards: 7 Brontosaurus XP, 3 Stone Tools
Advanced Training (Premium – 100 clams to unlock) rewards: 21 Brontosaurus XP, 4 Stone Tools

Dino-Tastic Mystery Box
Costs 130 clams, chance to get:
Baby Triceratops
Baby T-Rex
Baby Brontosaurs
Paleo Joe
6 Brontosaurs DNA
180 Clams
150 Clams
200 Dino Claws
150 Dino Claws
6 Blue Amber


6 thoughts on “Peter’s Prehistoric Park Week 2 (Live!)”

  1. I still have to get dino peter but I am not sure what to go after first. Any help with what to use the claws on first to be able to complete as much as possible?


    1. Get the Asteroid Prevention Center (drops “Asteroids and You” Pamphlet) and Tarred for Life (Gooey Fossil) if you haven’t bought anything yet.


      1. got everything from week 1 but dino petter. now starting week 2 and don’t know what to go for. I have 400 claws.


      2. Start working on the 2nd dinosaur, Brontosaurus. To unlock him you need 220 claws, 7 Bronto DNA, and 5 Prehistoric Leaves. Quagmire and Seamus drops Red Amber so send them on their tasks then process it into Bronto DNA. Get the Big Bone Playground as it gives you another source for Red Amber then use that to get that Bronto DNA you need. Finally, using the Raptor to clear Skullosaurus will get you the prehistoric leaves. Hope this helps.


    1. It’s made from Red Amber. Get Red Amber from Seamus, Quagmire, Big Bone Playground, or the Red Amber Mine (Premium).


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