Peter’s Prehistoric Park Week 2 Preview

Here’s what you can expect during week 2 of Peter’s Prehistoric Park. Will keep updating as more information is known.Note: As usual, everything is subject to change.

New Characters/Outfits:
1. Brontosaurus (Collect Dino Claws, Brontosaurus DNA, and Prehistoric Leaves)
2. Cavewoman Lois
3. Paleo Joe – Premium

Unreleased Characters/Outfits:
1. Ace Ventura
2. Saber-Toothed Brian
3. Cesar Millan
4. Patches the T-Rex
5. Pterodactyl
6. Stegosaurus

Week 2 Quests:
1. Playing with Dino Might (Main quest, 10 parts)
2. Unknown Brontosaurus Quest (4 parts)
3. Unknown Cavewoman Lois Quest (4 parts)
4. Unknown Paleo Joe Quest (4 parts)
5. Unknown Side Quest (5 parts)

1. Pachycephalosaurus and Herpesaurs invade Quahog.


9 thoughts on “Peter’s Prehistoric Park Week 2 Preview”

  1. I have finished the main quest line but I haven’t triggered week two. Are there other requirements to start week two? Any ideas?


    1. In previous events, people were getting antsy because the next phase in events were always late. Last few events, it’s pre-programmed to finish at 6pm EDT if you’ve met the requirements. For now, you’ll just have to wait until it goes live.


  2. Fredlusk, what’s that huge dinosaur roaming your town? It isn’t the velociraptor, because it is much bigger than that one…? Where did you get that one from? 😉


  3. i think theres a bug relating to xp gained after a character completes a a new player so all my characters are level 5/6/7 but quagmire is level 11. i have seen this a few times. when chris has completed the spend time at hatchery task, i touch on him and it says quagmire has gained a level.


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