Useful Characters for Peter’s Prehistoric Park (Week 1)

A new event means the vacation is over and it’s time to pull those characters out from Tan Lines. The following is a list of all those wonderful characters (there’s only 10 -.-‘) that drop everything you need during week one of Peter’s Prehistoric Park event.

Character Task Time Drops
Peter Clean Up Afer Dinosaurs 4:00:00 Ppp_amber
Lois Teach Piano 4:00:00 Ppp_amber
Shoplift 8:00:00 Ppp_blueamber
Quagmire Google “Erotic Dinosaurs” 6:00:00 Ppp_raptorfood
Joe Ride a Raptor 4:00:00 Ppp_amber
Raid Personal Weapons Stash 6:00:00 Ppp_raptorfood
Bonnie Go to Ladies’ Night 6:00:00 Ppp_raptorfood
Abuse Jacuzi Jets 8:00:00 Ppp_blueamber
Chris Hang Out at the Hatchery 4:00:00 Ppp_amber
Incubate Dinosaur Eggs 8:00:00 Ppp_blueamber
Dino Chris Do a Spit Take 6:00:00 15 Dino_hub_eventcurrency
Jerome Play Darts 6:00:00 Dtp_gooeyfossil
Bruce Fret About Something 6:00:00 Dtp_gooeyfossil
Gossip About Dinosaurs 8:00:00 Ppp_blueamber
Mort Sell Tacky Dinosaur-Tooth Necklaces 4:00:00 Ppp_amber
Walk on Dinosaur Eggshells 8:00:00 Ppp_blueamber

This concludes the list of useful characters for now. Did I miss anything? How are you enjoying this event so far? Comment below!


9 thoughts on “Useful Characters for Peter’s Prehistoric Park (Week 1)”

  1. Is there another (fremium) way to get talons, other than from tapping dinos and completing tasks? This is single-handily dragging me down.


    1. Unfortunately the only ways of getting Raptor Claws at the moment is from completing quests, clearing dinos, training the Velociraptor at the Raptor Training Pen, and from Dino Chris.


    1. My guess is the spawn rate should be 4 hours. Problem is I haven’t had any dino eggs appear since Friday and others are having the same problem.


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