Hercules and Aphrodite’s Quests

The distribution process of Hercules and/or Aphrodite and/or Pegakitten should now be complete. If you earned them, a pop up will appear telling you that they can be found in your inventory. If you have yet to receive them but are sure you were ranked, then contact support.

The following is a breakdown of both quests. Information about their tasks can be found here.

Labours of Hercules
Labours of Hercules pt. 1
1. Have Hercules Challenge a Lion

Labours of Hercules pt. 2
1. Have Hercules Have Mortal People Problems
2. Have Bruce Help Hercules Search for a Job

Labours of Hercules pt. 3
1. Have Hercules Do Sword Tricks
2. Have Tom Tucker Attempt Manual Labor

Labours of Hercules pt. 4
1. Have Hercules Join the Labor Force
2. Have Peter Hang Out with Hercules
End of quest!

Mighty Aphrodite
Mighty Aphrodite pt. 1
1. Have Aphrodite Come Out of Her Shell

Mighty Aphrodite pt. 2
1. Have Aphrodite Give Love Advice
2. Have Mort Obsessively Count Cash

Mighty Aphrodite pt. 3
1. Have Aphrodite Check Her Makeup
2. Have Chris Exude Confidence

Mighty Aphrodite pt. 4
1. Have Aphrodite Play Matchmaker
2. Have Tom Tucker Approach the Ladies
End of quest!


3 thoughts on “Hercules and Aphrodite’s Quests”

    1. They’ll be stuck there until you unlock him. Or if you don’t want to have them sitting there for a while, you can contact support and ask them to remove the quests.


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