Peter’s Prehistoric Park Week 1 Quests

Peter’s starting a dinosaur theme park! Will the dinosaurs remain in their cages and stay away from citizens of Quahog? There wouldn’t be a game if they did!

The following is this weeks quests:
Fossil Fueled (Main quest)
Fossil Fueled pt. 1
1. Check out Dino Park: Visit the Event Hub

Fossil Fueled pt. 2
1. Use Reptile DNA to Hatch a Crestosaurus Egg
2. Clear 3 Crestosauruses
3. Have Peter Read “Dinosaurs for Dummies”

Fossil Fueled pt. 3
1. Get 2 More Amber
2. Refine Amber to Make 2 Reptile DNA
3. Build the Bamboo Love Shack

Fossil Fueled pt. 4
1. Examine the Velociraptor Egg
2. Get 2 Blue Amber

Fossil Fueled pt. 5
1. Refine Blue Amber to Make 3 Raptor DNA
2. Have Peter Hatch a Plan
3. Research the Crestosaurus Pen

Fossil Fueled pt. 6
1. Build the Crestosaurus Pen
2. Refine Blue Amber to Make 10 Raptor DNA

Fossil Fueled pt. 7
1. Have Velociraptor Grow Up Fast
2. Have Lois Wish For an Empty Nest
3. Build the Raptor Training Pen

Fossil Fueled pt. 8
1. Have Quagmire Scramble Eggs
2. Get 2 Pieces of Raptor Food
3. Train Your Raptor

Fossil Fueled pt. 9
1. Get the Raptor to Level 3
2. Have Quagmire Dig Dinosaurs
3. Build the Prehistoric Plant Place

Fossil Fueled pt. 10
1. Have Velociraptor Take a Lunch Break
2. Check Back Next Week
End of quest til next week.

Research Park Attractions!
Research Park Attractions! pt. 1
1. Learn About the Welcome Center

Research Park Attractions! pt. 2
1. Research the Crestosaur Pen at the Welcome Center
2. Place the Crestosaur Pen

Research Park Attractions! pt. 3
1. Research the Dinomeat Smokehouse at the Welcome Center
2. Place the Dinomeat Smokehouse

Research Park Attractions! pt. 4
1. Research Tarred For Life at the Welcome Center
2. Place Tarred For Life

Research Park Attractions! pt. 5
1. Research the Prehistoric Plant Place at the Welcome Center
2. Place the Prehistoric Plant Place

Research Park Attractions! pt. 6
1. Research the Asteroid Prevention Center at the Welcome Center
2. Place the Asteroid Prevention Center
End of quest til next week.

Lizard Life (Dino Chris’ quest)
Lizard Life pt. 1
1. Have Dino Chris Do a Spit Take

Lizard Life pt. 2
1. Have Dino Chris Be a Scaredy Cat
2. Have Quagmire Hit on a Paleontologist

Lizard Life pt. 3
1. Have Dino Chris Do Dinosaur Stuff

Lizard Life pt. 4
1. Have Dino Chris Show Off His Head Gear
2. Have Dino Tamer Peter Ground Dino Chris
End of quest!

Clevel Girl
Clevel Girl pt. 1
1. Get Your Raptor to Level 2

Clevel Girl pt. 2
1. Get Your Raptor to Level 5

Clevel Girl pt. 3
1. Get Your Raptor to Level 8

Clevel Girl pt. 4
1. Get Your Raptor to Level 10
End of quest?

Walk the Dinosaur(Dino Tamer Peter’s quest)
Walk the Dinosaur pt. 0
1. Unlock Dino Tamer Peter

Walk the Dinosaur pt. 1
1. Have Dino Tamer Peter Peel an Apple
2. Have Velociraptor Take a Lunch Break

Walk the Dinosaur pt. 2
1. Have Dino Tamer Peter Walk a Dinosaur
2. Have Quagmire Drink with Dinosaurs

Walk the Dinosaur pt. 3
1. Have Dino Tamer Peter Be One With the Dinosaurs
2. Have Mort Flee from Dinosaurs

Walk the Dinosaur pt. 4
1. Have Dino Tamer Peter Tame his Raptor
2. Have Lois Tame Dino Tamer Peter
End of quest!

Raptor Strategy
Raptor Strategy pt. 0
1. Hatch Your Raptor

Raptor Strategy pt. 1
1. Learn About your Raptor
2. Have Velociraptor Be a Clever Girl
3. Have Quagmire Drink with Dinosaurs

Raptor Strategy pt. 2
1. Have Velociraptor Rage in the Kitchen
2. Have Dino Tamer Peter Adopt a Dinosaur

Raptor Strategy pt. 3
1. Have Velociraptor Make Headlines
2. Have Bruce Gossip About Dinosaurs
End of quest!

Triassic Yard
Triassic Yard pt. 1
1. Have Quagmire Sit on Dinosaur Eggs

Triassic Yard pt. 2
1. Have Mort Sell Tacky Dinosaur-Tooth Necklaces
2. Have Bruce Break His Piggy Bank

Triassic Yard pt. 3
1. Have Bonnie Get in the Zone
2. Have Joe Write Bogus Parking Tickets

Triassic Yard pt. 4
1. Have Jerome Wear a T-Rex T-Shirt

Triassic Yard pt. 5
1. Have Lois Dye Dinosaur Eggs
2. Have Mort Walk on Dinosaur Eggshells
3. Have Dino Tamer Peter Teach Old Dinos New Tricks
End of quest!


50 thoughts on “Peter’s Prehistoric Park Week 1 Quests”

    1. That’s really odd. As posted already, it’ll usually take 4 or 5 tries to get a set of leashes. This is because the probability of getting leashes is 5% on your first try, 10% on your second try, 25% on your third try, 50% on your fourth try, 75% on your fifth try, and 100% on your 6th try.


      1. Not that I know of. Try again; If you don’t get leashes, then something’s a foot. It usually works itself out. First set takes 6 tries, second set takes 1 try? 😮


      2. I finished what I’m pretty sure was my 6th training session and still no leashes so I sent a message.


      3. Hmm, that’s really strange. What does it say in Al Harrington’s Outfits? Maybe you received some but the images didn’t load.


      4. It says 0. I even have a couple pamphlets now. The only thing at 0 is the leashes. I got about 11 claws average and a few dinosaur heads, no leashes. It says high likelihood of getting them too when I start it but no dice.


      5. Truly shocking. The drop rate is very misleading considering the percentages but for you, I have no idea why it seems so broken.


      6. I finally got leashes this morning. They didn’t answer me so I don’t know if they did something or it just finally decided to work.


  1. Is anybody else sometimes getting little dinosaurs that hatch from the eggs in addition to the big ones? When I tap them they go to the top right corner like all other collectible items but it doesn’t show what they are being earned for. Anybody know?


    1. I haven’t noticed any but I haven’t been paying attention either. Check your meat count before you poke them next time, I’ll bet they’re supposed to be ribs.


      1. I messaged them after 6 times with no leashes and they responded “just keep going, they will come”. On the 7th I got leashes. Now 3 more trainings later no more leashes. If it’s going to be only once every 7 times that is going to suck, I have like 6 quests that are waiting for Peter to be available. I hate that when they make Peter the only one who does everything.


      2. You’re right and it really shouldn’t take this long. It’s crazy how lucky/unlucky some people are but don’t worry, everything will work out in the end.. I hope D;


  2. Can you post the rewards for completing each quest? Not sure if it’s worth it to complete the research quests before unlocking the raptor and Peter’s costume.


      1. Thanks! It’s a slow go trying to get all of these claws in order to get the raptor, peter, and the research centers since its only 15 claws per Crestosaurus Egg.


    1. The Asteroid Prevention Center is the only option at the moment that drops Pamplets. Create this by trading in 172 Raptor Claws and 6 Raptor DNA (the blue one).

      The Raptor Training Pen is where you get Dino Leashes. Create this for 116 Raptor Claws. You also need to have the Velocirpator unlocked as you need her, Peter, and 3 Raptor Food.


  3. in the welcome centre, the prehistoric path blueprint is locked. the others are unlocked, only needing items. how to unlock it?


    1. I honestly have no idea. I think it’ll unlock as we progress during the event. As far as I can tell, it’s just a decoration.


    1. In the Raptor Training Pen, you can train the Velociraptor to increase her level. To train her, you will need to have Created Dino Tamer Peter and use 3 servings of raptor food. Tap on both the trainer and trainee to start the training. Each session will take 5 hours and 30 minutes.


    1. Amber used to clear the Crestosaurus eggs and a few things at the Welcome Center. Blue Amber is used to unlock Velociraptor and other things at the Welcome Center.


    2. They make different things. The blue is needed to open new things and the yellow is used to get Peter and the velociraptor. They are both needed for the quests. They’re pretty even in importance but blue seems to be a little harder to get. Most yellow gathering quests are 6 hours and blue are 8.


  4. Is there any way to keep a running list on these events on what characters actually help with the event? Too often I have a character that can be used for something g but I do not know it because they are in the hotel.


    1. Scott, to me, the easiest way to tell who is used in case you forget it to go to the amber processing plant, and click on the amber or the blue amber under the dino dna and seeing which characters pop up as needed.. You can do the same with the Peter outfit…


      1. This is the best way for drop items, but doesn’t work for some other materials (when tasks drop materials instead of money). For example, in The Gods quest there was no info on finding ambrosia, and each week new characters would have a random ambrosia task – Tom Tucker, Adam West, Seamus, etc. I don’t see anything like that in this quest though


    1. For now, we can expect Ace Ventura, Cesar Millan, and Patches the T-Rex. I’m sure as we venture deeper into this event, we’ll know more.


    2. How is everyone maximizing their amber acquisition? The blue especially is holding me back. I bought one building that drops it but it’s 1 every 8 hours, not much help. Any good ideas?


      1. They’re listed as common/uncommon but for me, they’re dropping just as bad as the peppermint candies during the Candy Men event.


  5. has anything come out with a timer at all yet???…i jus don’t want to tap on the stuff in the event area just in case a timer pops up LOL i’ve learned my lesson on that quite a few times already jus because i’m impatient sometimes lmao


  6. Hi!!! I played really hard on getting Styxx coins to rank higher in the leaderboards, when Tiny Co closed them, they were supposed to send the prizes 4 – 7 days after, but I didn’t receive the prizes and now a new event started 😦 I’m worried they won’t send them


    1. People are reporting that they’ve received their prizes so it’s only a matter of time before you get yours. If you don’t receive it over the next few days, send in a support ticket to find out what’s going on.


    2. they had the leaderboards up until just a few hours ago for me…. So, I am assuming the prizes will be here very soon…


      1. There’s an update for iOS/Android (not sure of the rest at the moment) so just gotta update and the event should load.


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