Fat Brian

With less than a day to go, TinyCo has decided to release Fat Brian. It looks like his 10 hour task drops ring pops for Blueberry Peter.

Fat Brian

  • Costs 200 Clams
  • Doesn’t come with a quest; for now?
  • Drops ring pops for Blueberry Peter.
Task Time Rewards Requires
Get Belly Rubbed 1:00:00 20 Coins/12 Exp Griffin House
Count Fat Rolls 4:00:00 50 Coins/30 Exp McBurgertown
Eat Candy 6:00:00 65 Coins/45 Exp Griffin House
Have Puppy Fat 6:00:00 65 Coins/45 Exp Griffin House
Work on His Personality 8:00:00 80 Coins/50 Exp Founding Fathers
Eat His Feelings 10:00:00 90 Coins/59 Exp/1Bluepeter_ringpop Griffin House
Buy Dog-Friendly Chocolate 12:00:00 100 Coins/65 Exp Griffin House

I’m quite surprised they released him so late as I was expecting him during the past Thanksgiving event but there you have it folks. What do you of Fat Brian? Did you purchase him? Did this post help stop you from purchasing him? Comment below!


10 thoughts on “Fat Brian”

  1. Seems like a ton to spend for 2 ring pops. Since there would be no way to make him do the action more than twice before the event ends. Does he always drop a pop or is it a rare drop?

    If you really want Blueberry Peter, just buy the pops. I was finished with everything except one pop for a couple of days. (Finally got it yesterday.) It would have cost me 30 clams to create him without the last pop. Buying all needed pops would only cost you 120 clams. Cheaper than the suit. Plus, if you still need all 4, Fat Brian probably won’t make a difference.


  2. I got him cuz I needed ring pops w/ the 10 hour task should have just enough time to get the pops- also was hoping for a quest! could have bought the ring pops if I had known that he was a waisted skin. Maybe they are just behind and will eventually make him better


    1. I’m sure they’ll push a quest for him eventually as they had not intended of releasing another outfit during this event.


  3. I can’t justify purchasing him when the event ends in less than a day, I’m not going to finish Blueberry Peter, but it’s yet another super tight timeframe, need clams to “complete” back-to-back filler event that I’m getting burnt out on, so I’m not to broken up about it.

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    1. I am in total agreement with you. Not buying Brian. I just logged in to see him offered, and there isn’t even 10 hours left in the event, so even if I did buy him I couldn’t get a ring pop to drop before the event ends. I will not get Blueberry Peter either, only had 1 ring pop drop the entire event. First time I think that I have not been able to finish a mini event.

      With this event the game has evolved even further, so now it seems the formula is that a freemium player can’t finish either a main event OR a mini event. I am getting tired of trying to complete anything, and it all seems futile unless you spend Clams. I am totally burnt out on the game. TinyCo is losing another player that used to spend real money on their game. I am now spending way more time and actual money on the game based in Springfield USA.


  4. I’m kinda flush right now in the clams so I got him but I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. He doesn’t do anything, guess that’s how he got so fat, lol.


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