Candy Men Mini-Event

It’s about to get sweet all up in here. This one week mini-event ends June 16th at 3PM PDT.

Note 1: There’s two kinds of soda in this event; Soda Pop and Grape Soda Pop. Grape Soda Pop is slightly darker.

Note 2: Gummy bears should be spawning now. Force close your app and try again!

New outfits this week:
Blueberry Peter
15 Milk Chocolate Bars – Get from Cavity Causing Kitchen or Chocolately Volcano
42 Grape Soda Pop – Get from Sugar Shack
11 Jelly Bear Juice – Get from Jelly Bears
4 Ring Pops – Get form Candy Cottage

Sweetmouth Stewie – 250 Clams

Candyman Pawtucket Pat – This outfit will unlock when you have completed Sweet Shop Pt. 3! Sweet Shop is a set of 3 timed challenges.

Man Candy (Main quest)
Man Candy pt. 1
1. Learn about Candy Quahog Marshmallow Crafting
2. Place the Cavity-Causing Kitchen
3. Have Peter Stuff Himself with Candy

Man Candy pt. 2
1. Use Cocoa Beans to Make 1 Milk Chocolate Bar
2. Place The Sweetness Factory
3. Clear 12 Jelly Bears

Man Candy pt. 3
1. Use Gelatin to make 4 Marshmallows
2. Use Marshmallows to Make 4 Marshmallow Candy Bars
3. Place the Sugar Shack

Man Candy pt. 4
1. Exchange Candy Bars for Soda Pop
2. Place the More-Than-a-Mouthful Lollipop
3. Use Peppermint to make 2 Peppermint Bark Candy Bars

Man Candy pt. 5
1. Clear 16 Gummi Bears
2. Use Sugar to Make 3 Caramels
3. Use Caramels to Make 3 Caramel Candy Bars

Man Candy pt. 6
1. Place 5 Lollipop Flowers
2. Use Peanuts to make 4 Jars of Peanut Butter
3. Have Joe Get Sick of Candy

Man Candy pt. 7
1. Use Peanut Butter to Make 4 Peanut Butter Candy Bars
2. Exchange Candy Bars for Soda Pop
3. Have Bruce Rush to the Bathroom

Man Candy pt. 8
1. Have Joe Shut it Down
2. Place 5 Lollipop Flowers
3. Have Blueberry Peter Gain Candy Weight
End of Quest!

I Got the Blues (Blueberry Peter’s quest)
I Got the Blues pt. 0
1. Create the Blueberry Peter Outfit

I Got the Blues pt. 1
1. Have Blueberry Peter Spring a Leak
2. Have Lois Eat Blueberry Pie

I Got the Blues pt. 2
1. Have Blueberry Peter Gum Up the Works
2. Have Bruce Buy a Juicer

I Got the Blues pt. 3
1. Have Blueberry Peter Dip Himself in Chocolate
2. Have Quagmire watch K-Pop Videos

I Got the Blues pt. 4
1. Have Blueberry Peter Get Spoiled Rotten
2. Have Joe Smell Something Rotten
End of Quest!

The Sweeter Side of Life (Sweetmouth Stewie’s quest)
The Sweeter Side of Life pt. 1
1. Have Sweetmouth Stewie Eat it

The Sweeter Side of Life pt. 2
1. Have Sweetmouth Stewie Get a Sugar High
2. Have Chris Watch Inappropriate Videos

The Sweeter Side of Life pt. 3
1. Have Sweetmouth Stewie Go Viral
2. Have Chris Shame Clean

The Sweeter Side of Life pt. 4
1. Have Sweetmouth Stewie Sweet Talk His Way Out of Trouble
2. Have Brian Pine for Chocolate
End of Quest!

Sweet Shop (Challenge quest)
Sweet Shop pt. 1
1. Learn About the Sweet Shop Challenge!
2. Clear 32 Gummy Bears
3. Craft 8 Marshmallow Candy Bars

Sweet Shop pt. 2
1. Craft 12 Caramel Bars
2. Craft 8 Peppermint Bark Candy Bars

Sweet Shop pt. 3
1. Have Quagmire Dress Up Like a Candy Man
2. Craft 7 Peanut Butter Candy Bars
3. Place the Candyland Palace
End of Quest!

Candy Coated Pat (Candyman Pawtucket Pat’s quest)
Candy Coated Pat pt. 1
1. Have Candyman Pawtucket Pat Dance it Out
2. Have Bruce Search for a Job

Candy Coated Pat pt. 2
1. Have Candyman Pawtucket Pat Take the Elevator
2. Have Joe Take the Ramp

Candy Coated Pat pt. 3
1. Have Candyman Pawtucket Pat Chug Chocolate
2. Have Chris Eat Sugar

Candy Coated Pat pt. 4
1. Have Candyman Pawtucket Pat Miss Retirement
2. Have Lois Sample Candy Bars
End of Quest!

And there you have it folks. Are you sweet on this event? Tell us what you think below!


24 thoughts on “Candy Men Mini-Event”

    1. Have you unlocked Pawtucket Pat already? If not then Candyman Pawtucket Pat will stay in limbo until you’ve unlocked him.


      1. Did you successfully complete all 3 parts of the Sweet Shop quest? If you ran out of time to finish any part, the next part might’ve shown up anyways even though it shouldn’t have. If this is the case, try reporting it to see if they can do anything.


  1. okay HUGE dilemma here!: i jus purchased some clams(a little over 300 i have at the moment” so i need some advice from everybody on what exactly should i purchase in the store that will be very VERY helpful and able to get Blueberry Peter before this Thursday deadline any suggestions???!!!???… HONEST OPINIONS DragonJay ? fredlusk? anybody ? lmao….

    Sweetmouth Stewie=250clams(drops soda pop)
    “Delicious Candy Silo”=220clams(drops ALL ingredients i’m guessing?)
    “Chocolatey Volcano”=200clams(drops chocolate bars)


      1. Sweetmouth Stewie is pretty much useless as it doesn’t drop the right soda that Blueberry Peter needs (Grape). Chocolatey Volcano drops chocolate bars but for me, it stopped producing after I unlocked Blueberry Peter (might be a glitch?) but in any case chocolate bars only help with soda. The Delicious Candy Silo drops peanuts, peppermint, gelatin, and sugar every 24 hours.

        IMHO, you should get the Giant Jelly Bear because it spawns more gummies every 4 hours (especially the one you need for Blueberry Peter). It also produces gummies that drop sugar and gelatin.

        As you get closer to the end, gauge how close you are to unlocking Blueberry Peter as it might be cheaper overall if you just spend a couple clams to rush finish him. His visual tasks are quite amusing and watching him roll around town is definitely hilarious.


      2. I passed on the silo because it’s only once a day, not very useful. I didn’t get a volcano either. I’m running short of peppermints and chocolate bars most, but the chocolate is partially because you have to focus on peanuts at first.
        The gummi teddy is a good thing, also get the peppermint dropping things asap. I got Stewie in a moment of weakness but he’s only marginally helpful. I wish I would have gotten the chocloate volcano insead. Dragon’s idea about paying for Peter is a good one. Should have saved my clams for that instead of some useless buildings.


      3. I’m short on peppermint and chocolate bars as well. Have the bear and the peppermint shrubs, but now I have Quag & Herbert tied up in quest tasks. Ugh!!!


  2. I bought a jelly bear and it’s a 4 hour drop. We’ll see what happens in an hour and 9 minutes.
    I had a bunch of gummi bears when it first started but have only seen 3 since.


      1. They fixed it but the Giant Jelly Bear is definitely worth it. You get extra gummies to tap as well as a giant gummy bear to drool over. 😛


  3. it’s all about to get SWEET-tated up in this b!+ch folks LMAO!…awesome job DragonJay000 for the super-fast post of these new walkthroughs *ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!!*


    1. Edit: It is indeed a glitch that they’re working on.
      It has to be some kind of glitch. I forced closed the app and even purchased the Giant Jelly Bear to produce more but nothing has dropped yet.


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