Greek Week Leaderboard

Ok guys and Squirrels!!!!  How are you doing with the Leadboard?  How far along are you with the quests?  I will tell you right now, after playing catch up, I am on Gods Gone Wild pt 7, still waiting to get Medusa Meg… I am almost to level 17-don’t know how high it is gonna go, but we will see.. And, my ranking is 421… And that has been a battle to get it there.  I started late, and have been fighting an uphill battle from the beginning.. When the leaderboards started, I was ranked 4,251.. And have fought for every coin that I have earned.. What are your stats?


On a side note:  How do you think DragonJay has been doing?  I think his post are way more professional than mine… He is doing a bang up job?  And he still hasn’t revealed to me how he gets his info ahead of us… How do you guys think he is doing?



20 thoughts on “Greek Week Leaderboard”

  1. BOOOO!!!!…i totally was expecting some kind of mystery box to be released in the past day or 2 jus so we could have spent and use up the Ambrosia i mean WTF i had almost 10,000 of those saved up lmao


    1. I know what you mean sweettat.. I kept waiting also… but nothing.. But if it would have been for deco’s.. I probably would have skipped it..


  2. I think DragonJay mentioned elsewhere that he uses a hack to get unlimited clams and also to get the info directly from the game source code. Which explains this. 😉

    I have gotten Zeus and Hades and Tri-Bri and left it pretty much there because this was the tenth event that followed the exact same system so I got bored. Will see what the future brings, hopefullt some inventive (rather than just repetitive) stuff.


    1. 708 but my last 60 coins havent ben added in yet.
      Every time I try to open the campus altar now I get a weird error message I’ve never seen before. “Child name hint button not found in myth trap creator cell …(some numbers)” It’s no big deal since both of the good gods are away and won’t be back before the event ends but if I were on the edge I’d be pissed.


  3. not even on the leaderboard at all because haven’t been doing the offerings to the Gods. unlocked Zeus there at the beginning, but can’t say the same for Hades and Neptune since i totally failed on getting them lol. was hoping to get Medusa Meg before tomorrow but there’s no way once again without purchasing a insane amount of clams.


  4. is anyone else having an issue where you can’t see tier two and three on the leaderboard? No idea if I’m entitled to any prizes. No idea what my name is, but I have 698 coins at this moment…


    1. divanora-When you click on the button for the leaderboard.. it should take you to your ranking… It should be highlighted also..


      1. It won’t take you to your ranking if you’re not on the board.
        I tried scrolling down on mine and it wont take me to the lower 2 ranks either. The number at 5000th place is 1032 so 698 should be on the board somewhere. Stupid thing must be broken.


  5. I like many others have been banned from the leaderboard, I contacted support and they say that they are having problems with this happening and their trying to find a fix.
    Ive no doubt whatsoever that any fix will not happen in the next 36hrs which is when this Greek quest ends 11pm🕚GMY.


  6. I’m at 17 and it says max. I got Meg yesterday, just have whatever is left of the quests and the last 3 day challenge. I’ve been hanging around 900-1000 on the leaderboard without even trying.
    I’m on Gods Gone Wild #7, finishing in about an hour.
    Medusa Meg part 1, waiting on Lois to finish those damn cookies.
    On It’s All Greek To Them 4 I’ve finished the offerings to Athena and am close to half on all the monsters.
    This has been a pretty easy event, comparitively. I did spend clams though, I am in general pretty bad at waiting so I always buy the item dropping buildings if I’m trying to get it done. And I had to have Centaur Joe, I mean, he’s tied to a horse! Who could resist that? 🙂


    1. I agree with you on the horse thing…. I really wish that they would have tied in Cleveland… I mean.. Come on!!! He is a main character…


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