Hercules and Aphrodite

Are you so close yet so far from being ranked on the Greek Life Leaderboards? Have you not been appeasing the Gods? The following is a quick preview of Hercules and Aphrodite. Being ranked in the top 5,000 gets you both while being ranked 5,001 to 25,000 gets you Aphrodite. Please note that this information was compiled using available information and is subject to change.


  • Both characters come with their own 4 part quest.
  • Both, just like the rest of the characters, are not voiced.
  • Appeasing Neptune 4 times requires 11 Seafoam Offerings and yields 106 Styx Coins.
  • Appeasing Athena 4 times requires 15 Olive Branch Offerings and yields 139 Styx Coins.

Quest: Labours of Hercules

Task Time Rewards Requires
Challenge a Lion 4:00:00 50 Coins/30 Exp Visual Task
Do Sword Tricks 6:00:00 65 Coins/45 Exp McBurgertown
Join the Labor Force 8:00:00 80 Coins/50 Exp Visual Task
Have Mortal People Problems 10:00:00 90 Coins/59 Exp Griffin House
Hang Out with Nymphs 12:00:00 100 Coins/65 Exp Quahog Wharf
Go on a Legendary Journey 16:00:00 115 Coins/75 Exp Drunken Clam
Be Confused by Modern Technology 24:00:00 150 Coins/100 Exp Video Arcade

Quest: Mighty Aphrodite

Task Time Rewards Requires
Check Her Makeup 4:00:00 50 Coins/30 Exp Visual Task
Come Out of Her Shell 6:00:00 65 Coins/45 Exp Visual Task
Give Love Advice 8:00:00 80 Coins/50 Exp Quagmire’s House
Play Matchmaker 10:00:00 90 Coins/59 Exp Le Croissant Degoutant
Steal the Spotlight 12:00:00 100 Coins/65 Exp Drunken Clam
Take a Beauty Day 24:00:00 150 Coins/100 Exp Quahog Day Spa

6 thoughts on “Hercules and Aphrodite”

  1. If you failed to get aphrodiyti or hurcules will they become available at a later date to purchase with clams ??? Maybe even coins(fingers crossed but I doubt coins) I hope they do become available.


    1. They rarely bring back characters in other events. If anything they could be in a Best of 2016 Mystery Box for clams next year but can’t be sure. Anything is possible though.


  2. I’m at number 1200something on the boards and I haven’t even been really trying. I did buy characters for the event but it’s been fairly easy. I only have Meg to open up left and the last building that doesn’t contribute anything to buy.


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