Medusa Meg and Athena Quests

Stone Cold Meg (Medusa Meg’s quest)
Stone Cold Meg pt. 1
1. Unlock Medusa Meg

Stone Cold Meg pt. 2
1. Have Medusa Meg Be Stone-faced (10)
2. Have Lois Bake Cookies to Solve Problems (10)

Stone Cold Meg pt. 3
1. Have Medusa Meg Tame Her Hair (8)
2. Have Peter Clear the Shower Drain (2)

Stone Cold Meg pt. 4
1. Have Medusa Meg Make Friends (6)
End of quest!

Premium: Words of Wisdom (Athena’s Quest)
Words of Wisdom pt. 1
1. Have Athena Polish Her Helmet (2)

Words of Wisdom pt. 2
1. Have Athena Prepare for Battle (4)
2. Have Mayor West Waste Resources (8)

Words of Wisdom pt. 3
1. Have Athena Send a Messenger (6)
2. Have Connie Dye Her Hair (2)

Words of Wisdom pt. 4
1. Have Athena Dish Out Advice (8)
2. Have Tom Tucker Swipe Right (24)
End of quest!


5 thoughts on “Medusa Meg and Athena Quests”

  1. how does Peter clear the drain for Meg’s quest? Event is over, and the questline is sitting there…but I wen through every outfit I have for Peter and don’t see that task anywhere!


    1. The task from Peter’s list was probably removed when the event concluded. A few other quests are stuck in limbo because of this. If you don’t see the task towards the bottom of his list, send in a ticket to TinyCo so they can hopefully fix it.


    1. You need Tom to swipe right to complete the final part of Athena’s quest. If opening the quest and tapping “GO” doesn’t bring up Tom, then the task was removed from his task page. Send in a ticket to TinyCo so they can fix the issue.


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