Greek Life Week 4 Preview (Updated)

Here’s what you can expect during the final week of the Greek Life event. As we learn more, there’ll be changes to this post until it goes live so keep checking back! A new post will be made once the phase goes live. Please note that the final phase is not live and much can change by then.

New Characters/Outfits
Medusa Meg (freemium)
Athena (premium – 250 Clams)

Week 4 Quests
Gods Gone Wild
Stone Cold Meg (Medusa Meg Quest)
Words of Wisdom (Athena Quest)
It’s All Greek to Them (Released on ~June 6th @ 6:00pm EST)

Gods Gone Wild (Week 4 Main Quest)
Gods Gone Wild pt. 1
1. Gryphon’s are coming
2. Get 4 Blessed Earth Spells
3. Have Tri-Bri Make Friends with Gryphons

Gods Gone Wild pt. 2
1. Clear 4 Gryphons
2. Build the Roman Nose Job Spa

Gods Gone Wild pt. 3
1. Athena Is Here
2. Make an offering to Athena

Gods Gone Wild pt. 4
1. Get 2 Golden Arrows
2. Clear 4 Minotaurs

Gods Gone Wild pt. 5
1. Build The Achilles’ Heel Sandal Shop
2. Have Tri-Bri Be Three Times More Insufferable
3. Have Herbert Order Festive Gift Baskets

Gods Gone Wild pt. 6
1. Clear 5 Centaurs
2. Get 5 Hand Mirrors from Athena

Gods Gone Wild pt. 7
1. Have Toga Peter Play Beer Pong
2. Have Medusa Meg Mingle With Mortals
3. Make an Offering to Hades

Gods Gone Wild pt. 8
1. Have Medusa Meg Turn Haters to Stone
2. Clear 8 Gryphons

Gods Gone Wild pt. 9
1. Have Tri-Bri Talk Amongst Himself
2. Have Medusa Meg Visit a Reptile House
3. Have Toga Peter Go Streaking

Gods Gone Wild pt. 10
1. Reach Rush Level 14
2. Upgrade the Fountain
3. Build Eros Nightclub and Daycare
End of quest!


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