Greek Week week 3

Ok guys and girls.. This is from DragonJay… So, send him your thanks… !!!!

Party Like a God (Week 3 main quest)
Party Like a God pt. 1
1. Reverse Mermaids Are Here
2. Clear 1 Reverse Mermaid
3. Place Billy Finn in the Argo Ship

Party Like a God pt. 2
1. Have Toga Peter Play Beer Pong (2)
2. Have Tri Bri Butt Heads (6)
3. Have Seamus Buy Discount Ambrosia (8)

Party Like a God pt. 3
1. Have Bruce Make bathtub Ambrosia
2. Neptune is Here (6)
3. Make an offering to Neptune

Party Like a God pt. 4
1. Clear 3 Centaurs
2. Earn 2 Golden Crowns
3. Build Roman Candle Shop

Party Like a God pt. 5
1. Have Toga Peter Prank the Dean (6)
2. Have Tri-Bri Chase His Tail (6)
3. Clear 2 Minotaurs

Party Like a God pt. 6
1. Place the Drunken Sirens
2. Have Toga Peter Buy Kegs (8)
3. Have Mort Make a Laurel Wreath (8)

Party Like a God pt. 7
1. Clear 2 Reverse Mermaids
2. Have Quagmire Watch Xena DVDs (2)

Party Like a God pt. 8
1. Have Billy Finn Take a Trip to the Loo (8)
2. Have Tri Bri Bark at the Moon (8)

Party Like a God pt. 9
1. Reach Event Level 11
2. Upgrade the Ancient Fountain
End of quest until week 4.
Xena: Self-Defense Princess (Xena’s quest)
Xena: Self-Defense Princess pt. 1
1. Have Xena Dazzle the Crowd (2)

Xena: Self-Defense Princess pt. 2
1. Have Xena Battlecry (6)
2. Have Chris Put Up Xena Posters (6)

Xena: Self-Defense Princess pt. 3
1. Have Xena Swing her Sword (6)
2. Have Lois Practice Tai-Jitsu (2)

Xena: Self-Defense Princess pt. 4
1. Have Xena Slay the Patriarchy (8)
2. Have Bonnie Shriek in Terror (8)
End of quest!
Mind Your Mammals (Unlock Billy Finn)
Mind Your Mammals pt. 1
1. Unlock Billy Finn
School of Fish starts after.

School of Fish (Billy Finn’s quest)
School of Fish pt. 1
1. Have Billy Finn Listen to the Ocean (4)
2. Have Herbert Eat Dolphin-Free Tuna (4)

School of Fish pt. 2
1. Have Billy Finn Take a Trip to the Loo (8)
2. Have Peter Watch Blackfish (4)

School of Fish pt. 3
1. Have Billy Finn Come Up With Fish Puns (6)
End of quest!
High Tide Approaching (Unlock Neptune)
High Tide Approaching pt. 1
1. Unlock Neptune
Sea No Evil starts after.

Sea No Evil (Neptune’s quest)
Sea No Evil pt. 1
1. Have Neptune Groom Like a God (4)
2. Have Seamus Play “Go Fish” With Neptune (6)

Sea No Evil pt. 2
1. Have Neptune Order Italian (4)
2. Have Mayor West Make Dolphin Sounds (2)

Sea No Evil pt. 3
1. Have Neptune Make a Splash (2)
2. Have Stewie Rule the Sandbox (10)
End of quest!
The University Store
Argo Ship w/ Billy Finn – 750 Ambrosia, 4 Golden Apples, 2 Golden Crowns, 3 Golden Fleece
Narcissus’ Garden – 500 Ambrosia, 2 Golden Apples, 1 Golden Crown
Pita Bucket – 550 Ambrosia, 4 Golden Crowns, 3 Golden Fleece
Roman Candle Shop – 1,200 Ambrosia, 4 Golden Apples, 3 Golden Crowns, 10 Golden Fleece
King Midas’ “Cash 4 Gold” – 1,400 Ambrosia, 5 Golden Apples, 6 Golden Crowns
Drunken Sirens – 800 Ambrosia, 3 Golden Apples, 5 Golden Crowns, 2 Golden Fleece
Neptune – 5,000 Ambrosia, 14 Golden Apples, 8 Golden Crowns, 11 Golden Fleece

The Campus Altar
Water Offering – Costs 1 Seafoam Spell, 30:00 to Craft, Payout 6-24 Ambrosia, 5-60 Styx Coins, 1-4 Conch Shells
Get Seafoam Spells from: Neptune, Lois, Herbert, Neptune’s Dive Bar, and Narcissus’ Garden

Temple of Hades
Attack #1 Needs 1 Seafoam Spells, Pays 6 Ambrosia, 5 styx coins, 1 Conch Shells
Attack #2 Needs 2 Seafoam Spells, Pays 12 Ambrosia, 14 styx coins, 2 Conch Shells
Attack #3 Needs 3 Seafoam Spells, Pays 18 Ambrosia, 27 styx coins, 3 Conch Shells
Attack #4 Needs 5 Seafoam Spells, Pays 24 Ambrosia, 60 styx coins, 4 Conch Shells


9 thoughts on “Greek Week week 3”

  1. Ok guys and squirrels, Just want to give a big shout out to DragonJay.. He is going to join me and help moderate this site… I don’t know where he gets his info from, but he is way ahead of me in the game.. So, I hope you guys welcome him… Be watching tomorrow for an update..


  2. OK everyone cross you fingers. Less that 7 hrs to go for Hades in my game and I only need 110 ambrosia. I think I just might make it.


      1. Made it! With about an hour to spare! Not sure why I wanted him. Just like his blueness and flame eyes. Now to play catch up on week 2 quest line.
        Just got the Cyclops statue. Will have to wait fo Tri-Bri. Fortunately I only need 4 bones. But for now I’m hunting minataurs to boost my ambrosia account.


    1. Mark.. what are you needing help with? I have answered the questions you have put out there.. We are not programmers.. Don’t have anything to do with the game if it is glitching..


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