Greek Week Event Week 2

Sorry guys, I just got my AC back on Saturday… It has been a hell of 10 days trying to get good air… They only time that I could really get on here is at work.. And running a law office, that get’s kinda hard at times.. I have been playing.. Maybe we can get a few hints on week 2…



15 thoughts on “Greek Week Event Week 2”

  1. i’m looking for the week2 challenge it’s called “It’s All Greek To Them Challenge” i jus wanted to see what all had to be completed for it


    1. No, it is not.. it is a rare win.. so only sometimes does it give you a fleece.. The average I saw was 1 out of 3 or 4 times..


  2. My Tan lines stewie bucks is all messed up. I have only been getting 2 when I should be getting 6 a day. I have all but one floor filled and still only giving me 2 bucks.


    1. That seems to be random.. Whatever the game decides to give you is what you get.. there is no set # you are supposed to be getting..


    1. MIchelle, you can buy clams, or you get 1 clam a day by visiting other friend’s Quahog’s.. And every now and then you get clams form watching those little videos… .


  3. What’s the best way to farm Styx coins? It takes me forever to earn just a few and when I look at the leaderboard other people have thousands already.


  4. Give It Up to the Gods (Week 2 main quest)
    Give It Up to the Gods pt. 1
    1. Minotaurs are coming!
    2. Get 2 Soul Spells
    3. Clear a Minotaur

    Give It Up to the Gods pt. 2
    1. Build Hades Kitchen
    2. Have Toga Peter Play Beer Pong (2)

    Give It Up to the Gods pt. 3
    1. Have Chris Clean Up Creature Poop (4)
    2. Clear 4 Centaurs
    3. Get 2 Golden Fleeces from Minotaurs

    Give It Up to the Gods pt. 4
    1. Hades is here!
    2. Make an Offering to Hades
    3. Have Toga Peter Watch “Animal House” (2)

    Give It Up to the Gods pt. 5
    1. Get 4 Styx Coins from Hades
    2. Build Cyclops Soldier Sculpture

    Give It Up to the Gods pt. 6
    1. Build River Styx Boat Rental
    2. Have Toga Peter Dodge Lightning Bolts (4)
    3. Make an Offering to Zeus

    Give It Up to the Gods pt. 7
    1. Make an Offering to Hades
    2. Clear 2 Minotaurs
    3. Build Gift Baskets by Chronos

    Give It Up to the Gods pt. 8
    1. Have Tri-Bri Talk Amongst Himself (2)
    2. Have Toga Peter Wear Strappy Man-Sandals (6)

    Give It Up to the Gods pt. 9
    1. Reach Event Level 8
    2. Upgrade the Ancient Fountain
    3. Build Theater of Dionysus
    End of quest until week 3!

    Baskets By Chronos (Chronus’ quest)
    Baskets By Chronos pt. 1
    1. Have Chronos Make Delightful Gift Baskets (6)

    Baskets By Chronos pt. 2
    1. Have Chronos Clash Like a Titan (8)
    2. Have Herbert Order Festive Gift Baskets (4)

    Baskets By Chronos pt. 3
    1. Have Chronos Watch Time Fly (10)
    2. Have Meg Gorge on Gift Basket Food (6)

    Baskets By Chronos pt. 4
    1. Have Chronos Be a Titan of Business (12)
    2. Have Lois Be a Basket Case (8)
    End of quest!

    Triple Threat (Tri-Bri’s quest)
    Triple Threat pt. 0
    1. Unlock Tri Bri

    Triple Threat pt. 1
    1. Have Tri-Bri Butt Heads (6)

    Triple Threat pt. 2
    1. Have Tri-Bri Put His Minds to It (12)
    2. Have Lois Buy Extra Dog Food (2)

    Triple Threat pt. 3
    1. Have Tri-Bri Make Up His Minds (16)
    End of quest!

    Greek Tragedy (Hades’ quest)
    Greek Tragedy pt. 0
    1. Unlock Hades

    Greek Tragedy pt. 1
    1. Have Hades Reveal the Underworld (4)
    2. Have Chris Perform Overly Elaborate Rituals (2)

    Greek Tragedy pt. 2
    1. Have Hades Reign Terror (6)
    2. Have Meg Hide from Hades (4)

    Greek Tragedy pt. 3
    1. Have Hades Play Fetch with Tri Bri (10)
    2. Have Stewie Create a Bitmoji (8)
    End of quest!

    What a Rush (Rush Level quests parts 6-9)
    What a Rush pt. 6
    1. Reach Rush Level 6

    What a Rush pt. 7
    1. Reach Rush Level 7

    What a Rush pt. 8
    1. Reach Rush Level 8

    What a Rush pt. 9
    1. Reach Rush Level 9
    End of quest until week 3!

    Twisted Sisters (Clam quest)
    Twisted Sisters pt. 1
    1. Buy $9.99 Worth of Clams, Get 10 SOUL SPELLS for Free!
    End of quest?

    The University Store
    Hades’ Kitchen – 450 Ambrosia, 2 Fleece
    Hephaestus’ Workshop – 4 Fleece
    Cyclops Soldier Statue – 600 Ambrosia, 6 Apples
    River Styx Boat Rental – 175 Ambrosia, 3 Fleece
    Gift Baskets by Chronos – 1200 Ambrosia, 6 Apples, 4 Fleece
    Theater of Dionysus – 800 Ambrosia, 9 Apples, 10 Fleece
    Hades – 8000 Ambrosia, 25 Apples, 10 Fleece

    The Campus Altar
    Soul Offering – Costs 1 Lightning Spell, 1:15:00 to Craft, Payout 10-40 Ambrosia, 2-48 Styx Coins, 1 Dead Man’s Bones
    Get Lightning Spells from: Toga Peter, Chris, Hades’ Fraternity House, Hades’ Kitchen, River Styx Boat Rental

    Temple of Zeus
    Attack #1 Needs 2 Lightning Offerings, Pays 8 Ambrosia, 1 Apple, and 2 styx coins
    Attack #2 Needs 4 Lightning Offerings, Pays 16 Ambrosia, 2 Apple, and 4 styx coins
    Attack #3 Needs 6 Lightning Offerings, Pays 24 Ambrosia, 3 Apple, and 12 styx coins
    Attack #4 Needs 8 Lightning Offerings, Pays 32 Ambrosia, 4 Apple, and 24 styx coins

    Temple of Hades
    Attack #1 Needs 2 Soul Spells, Pays 10 Ambrosia, 2 styx coins, 1 Dead Man’s Bones
    Attack #2 Needs 4 Soul Spells, Pays 20 Ambrosia, 8 styx coins, 1 Dead Man’s Bones
    Attack #3 Needs 6 Soul Spells, Pays 30 Ambrosia, 18 styx coins, 1 Dead Man’s Bones
    Attack #4 Needs 8 Soul Spells, Pays 40 Ambrosia, 48 styx coins, 1 Dead Man’s Bones


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