Greek Life Event Week 1

Hey guys and girls… I am so sorry that I couldn’t get on here.. My AC unit went out at my house.. And let me tell you that to be in the South of the US and not have air conditioning is like being 5 miles from the surface of the sun… It is very humid here.. As a matter of fact, 2 hobbits walked up to my house yesterday and threw a gold ring at me!!! I am a little behind on the game.. hopefully someone can fill us in..




4 thoughts on “Greek Life Event Week 1”

  1. Sorry to here about the A/C bud. I still have the heat running here cuz it’s snowing in Toronto! Here’s this weeks quests and a basic rundown of the other aspects of this event. A challenge quest should hit Monday around 3pm PDT and the oh so fun Leaderboards are making their return soon!

    Greek Week (Main quest)
    Greek Week pt. 1
    1. Check out Greek Life: Visit Event Hub

    Greek Week pt. 2
    1. Tap the Fountain
    2. Learn About the Ancient Fountain

    Greek Week pt. 3
    1. Build University of Phoenix the Bird (1 second)
    2. Have Peter Anger the Gods (4)
    3. Place 1 Faun

    Greek Week pt. 4
    1. Make 1 Ambrosia Offering
    2. Clear a Centaur

    Greek Week pt. 5
    1. Check Out the University Store
    2. Purchase the Phi Beta Gryphon
    3. Have Quagmire Enjoy Getting Paddled (2)

    Greek Week pt. 6
    1. Have Lois Confuse Satyrs with Seders (8)
    2. Clear 4 Centaurs

    Greek Week pt. 7
    1. Learn About Zeus
    2. Make an Offering to Zeus
    3. Purchase the Fancy Marble Gazebo

    Greek Week pt. 8
    1. Have Toga Peter Go Commando (4)
    2. Clear 8 Centaurs
    3. Have Lois Eat Greek Yogurt (4)

    Greek Week pt. 9
    1. Build the Parthenon
    2. Reach Rush Level 4
    3. Upgrade the Ancient Fountain
    End of quest until week 2!

    Riding Solo (Centaur Joe’s quest)
    Riding Solo pt. 1
    1. Have Centaur Joe Eat Apples (4)

    Riding Solo pt. 2
    1. Have Centaur Joe Hang Like a Horse (8)
    2. Have Bonnie Ride a Centaur (4)

    Riding Solo pt. 3
    1. Have Centaur Joe Get Dunked (10)

    Riding Solo pt. 4
    1. Have Centaur Joe Get Saddled (12)
    2. Have Toga Peter Horse Around (1)
    End of quest!

    Toga Party (Toga Peter’s quest)
    Toga Party pt. 1
    1. Create the Toga Peter Outfit
    2. Have Toga Peter Binge Drink (8)

    Toga Party pt. 2
    1. Have Toga Peter Get Gluttonous (10)
    2. Have Lois Buy New Sheets (4)

    Toga Party pt. 3
    1. Have Toga Peter Wear Strappy Man-Sandals (6)
    2. Have Quagmire Crash a Toga Party (6)

    Toga Party pt. 4
    1. Have Toga Peter Haze Pledges (12)
    End of quest!

    Ready to Bolt (Zeus’ quest)
    Ready to Bolt pt. 1
    1. Unlock Zeus
    2. Have Zeus Take Aim (6)

    Ready to Bolt pt. 2
    1. Have Zeus Act Like an Animal (10)
    2. Have Toga Peter Watch “Animal House” (2)

    Ready to Bolt pt. 3
    1. Have Zeus Boss Around the Other Gods (8)

    Ready to Bolt pt. 4
    1. Have Zeus Hang Out with Mortals (12)
    2. Have Mayor West Offer Oranges to the Gods (12)
    End of quest!

    What a Rush (Rush Level side quest)
    Earn 1 clam for completing each part.
    What a Rush pt. 1
    1. Check Out the Ancient Fountain
    2. Place a Corinthian Column

    What a Rush pt. 2
    1. Reach Rush Level 2

    What a Rush pt. 3
    1. Reach Rush Level 3

    What a Rush pt. 4
    1. Reach Rush Level 4

    What a Rush pt. 5
    1. Reach Rush Level 5
    End of quest until week 2-4!

    The University Store
    1. Phi Beta Gryphon – 60 Ambrosia
    2. Greek Gazebo – 120 Ambrosia, 2 Apples
    3. Mount Olympus – 600 Ambrosia, 2 Apples
    4. Pottery 101 – 285 Ambrosia, 3 Apples
    5. Dionysus’ Wine Shoppe – 410 Ambrosia, 4 Apples
    6. Parthenon – 600 Ambrosia, 8 Apples
    7. Zeus – 1,000 Ambrosia, 10 Apples

    The Campus Altar
    Ambrosia Offering – Costs 15 Ambrosia, 1h to Craft, Payout 25 Ambrosia and chance of 1 Sandal
    Lightning Offering – Costs 1 Lightning Spell, 45m to Craft, Payout 8-32 Ambrosia and 1-4 Apples
    Get Lightning Spells from: Toga Peter, Zeus, Bruce, Zeus’ Fraternity House, Pottery 101, and Greek Gazebo

    Temple of Zeus
    Pretty much the same as the dragon during the A Grimm Knight in Quahog event.
    Attack #1 Needs 2 Lightning Offerings, Pays 8 Ambrosia and 1 Apple
    Attack #2 Needs 4 Lightning Offerings, Pays 16 Ambrosia and 2 Apple
    Attack #3 Needs 6 Lightning Offerings, Pays 24 Ambrosia and 3 Apple
    Attack #4 Needs 8 Lightning Offerings, Pays 32 Ambrosia and 4 Apple
    24 hours to reset.


  2. Ew. I’ve had that happen a few times here in Arizona. Not fun.
    This isn’t a big quest event, mostly still gathering stuff.


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