Add a Friend Post

Okay guys and girls.. Since this week is winding down, and we have a day and a half to go… I have been wanting to have a post where people can add each other as friends… If you have been playing the game for a while.. You might not need friends. Which is extra coins.. But, I personally, like to go into other people’s towns’ and see how they have it set up..


I am going to start here.. You can add me through facebook if you have the game liked there.. My email to find me is… Just, if you add me as a friend on facebook.. Send me a note, telling me who you are and put something like familyguy tips..

So, if you want to get friends, put your facebook contact on this post..


32 thoughts on “Add a Friend Post”

  1. Feel free to add me on Facebook. No need for a message I will accept. You can just search me by name “Angelic Won”. Pic is of a white doggy face.


      1. Do it with capital letters for the A and the W.. click search.. It will give you 3 choices.. the white dog..


  2. Fred thank you for adding me, please could you tell me how i can see others multiverse? Some people have added me to their fb, but i cant see their multiverse yet. Btw nice multiverse you got there


  3. I may be technologically deficient in this area but I can’t figure out how you find people on FB with their email address.


      1. Thank you for adding me Fred. Could you please tell me how may i see other people’s multiverse when they added me to their FB? I can see your already, but i cant see others, even though they added me. Btw, nice multiverse you’ve got there…


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