Boomsday Final Week (Week 4)

Okay everyone.. I am still on Boom and Doom pt 10… Since it has started, I figured that I would go ahead and post this.. Maybe someone is ahead of me, and wants to let the other’s know.. Hint DragonJay…


I will tell you guys that I had no idea about the quests for Lois, Ollie, Jesus… I had too many quests open at one time.. We haven’t even begun to address the New Tan Lines District… I just think it is too much at one time.. What do you think?

Also, just an FYI, Sweettat should start helping me moderate this Blog… So, whenever she comes along, make sure you welcome her..


30 thoughts on “Boomsday Final Week (Week 4)”

  1. Thankfully I already had Rodger and giant chicken, so as far as I can see ive no reason to carry on collecting twinklies or the nets etc as if tinyco stick to usual they will only go to waste as there’s nothing else to spend them on. Unless they decide that u can use any twinklies you have can be used to buy items you missed during the last 4wks, I have messaged support via the game but as usual im not getting any replies from them, still waiting for responses to questions going right back to the 8th April, so im not holding my breath.
    Anyone possibly know what tinyco might do????


  2. How are you guys doing.. ? I am trying to figure out how many twinklies I will need to get the final prize of the giant chicken…. Anyone know?


    1. I’m saving up twinkies for the chicken but probably won’t make it. I’ve pnly got 200some so far. No idea how many but wasn’t the last one over 500?


      1. Hi Barb, to get giant chicken using twicklies you’ll need to collect 750, I haven’t managed to even get the twin skaters or the war truck. Im not sure how tinyco expect you to get all those especially when ur limited to only being allowed to have 12 items to rid if mutants plus the hours it takes to gather them. Not to mention that u dont get TV many twinklies when u do swap for them.

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      2. Thanks, now I’m depressed, lol. I have just under 400 but I don’t see getting that many more in 2 days. I have a million bottles and cigarettes but of course they don’t do anything for you.


      3. you can trade just the cigs in.. and every now and then it will let you do that with just bottles..


    1. I am not Damecles.. clear out some of your buildings and characters that you aren’t using and put them in your inventory.. See if that helps…


  3. Hint received 😛 Here’s there quests for week 4. Any changes will be noted in later replies.

    Boom Shakalaka (Week 4 main quest)
    Boom Shakalaka pt. 1
    1. Two-Headed Mutants are Coming!
    2. Have Clevemire Shake Twice as Many Hands
    3. Have Apocalypse Peter Kiss Mutant Babies

    Boom Shakalaka pt. 2
    1. Collect 4 Rockets
    2. Create 4 Rocket Launchers
    3. Have Armageddon Stan Dish Out Justice

    Boom Shakalaka pt. 3
    1. Hit the Two-Headed Mutant 4 Times
    2. Place the War Rig Mechanic Shop
    3. Have Imperator Lois Put Family First

    Boom Shakalaka pt. 4
    1. Trade in Crispy Chicken for Twinklies
    2. Clear 6 Mutant Humans

    Boom Shakalaka pt. 5
    1. Place the Succulent Farm
    2. Have Neil Write the Highschool Paper Editorial

    Boom Shakalaka pt. 6
    1. Clear 4 Goldfish
    2. Hit the Two-Headed Mutant 4 times

    Boom Shakalaka pt. 7
    1. Have Clevemire Explore New Hobbies
    2. Have Armageddon Stan Abide by His Own Rules
    3. Clear 8 Mutant Stewies

    Boom Shakalaka pt. 8
    1. Have Apocalypse Stan Collect Arch Nemeses
    2. Clear 2 Two-Headed Mutants
    3. Get Roger Smith

    Boom Shakalaka pt. 9
    1. Have Neil Clean his Glasses
    2. Have Imperator Lois Find Groceries
    3. Have Warrior Roger Accessorize

    Boom Shakalaka pt. 10
    1. Reach Crisis Level 13
    2. Have Warrior Roger Reveal Himself
    End of quest!

    Commando in Chief (Naked Bill Clinton’s quest)
    Commando in Chief pt. 1
    1. Get Naked Bill Clinton
    2. Have Naked Bill Clinton Frolic

    Commando in Chief pt. 2
    1. Have Naked Bill Clinton Perform a Sax Solo
    2. Have Bonnie Twerk It

    Commando in Chief pt. 3
    1. Have Naked Bill Clinton Listen to Jazz
    2. Have Jerome Host Happy Hour

    Commando in Chief pt. 4
    1. Have Naked Bill Clinton Be Ex-Presidential
    End of quest!

    Cleaning Up (Warlord Consuela’s quest)
    Cleaning Up pt. 1
    1. Get Warlord Consuela
    2. Have Warlord Consuela Clean the Apocalypse

    Cleaning Up pt. 2
    1. Have Warlord Consuela Wield Her Broom
    2. Have Mort Goldman Retreat Cowardly

    Cleaning Up pt. 3
    1. Have Warlord Consuela Burn Trash
    2. Have Tom Tucker Research a Story

    Cleaning Up pt. 4
    1. Have Warlord Consuela Rob New Quahog
    End of quest!

    Sax Positive (Warrior Roger’s quest)
    Sax Positive pt. 1
    1. Create the Warrior Roger Outfit
    2. Have Warrior Roger Charm Mutants

    Sax Positive pt. 2
    1. Have Warrior Roger Silence the Haters
    2. Have Joe Upgrade Police Car Radios

    Sax Positive pt. 3
    1. Have Warrior Roger Make Noise
    2. Have Bonnie Go to Ladies Night

    Sax Positive pt. 4
    1. Have Warrior Roger Write War Music
    End of quest!

    Trading with Twinkly (Twinkly Trading Post side quest continued)
    Trading with Twinkly pt. 8
    1. Have Imperator Lois Bargain with Fists
    2. Clear 15 Mutant Stewies

    Trading with Twinkly pt. 9
    1. Trade in Cigarettes
    2. Clear 8 Mutant Humans
    3. Have Jerome Invent Apocalypse Drinking Games

    Trading with Twinkly pt. 10
    1. Have Carter Buy Stock in Twinklies
    2. Clear 4 Bad Roaches
    3. Have Tricia Takanawa Report on Twinkly Scams

    Trading with Twinkly pt. 11
    1. Clear a Two-Headed Mutant
    2. Trade Fried Chicken for Twinklies
    End of quest!


  4. Anyone know if we will get a chance to get roger?? Still 13 helmets away from Peter, I’ll never have time to get Lois cuz I can’t get enough resources to get the tanker items- spent plenty of clams for the smiths, Ollie, Jesus etc just couldn’t afford to buy the resource buildings… Anyone think it stinks for EVERYTHING to be so clamspensive…??


      1. I have heard thru the grapevine, that Roger is coming!!! Should be in the new supply truck… After you finish pt 10 of Boom and doom…


    1. Ive already got Roger from when there was a Smith’s quest, ive put him into my new Quahog as it states that to get mutant Roger that normal Roger drops an item. However it doesn’t show up in his timed quests I have contacted support thru the game but I dont expect a reply from them as ive messaged support several times since the beginning of April but not had a response to any of my questions. Im really annoyed at this lack of support as some questions were related to timed items, which obviously have ran out of time. Hope you have better responses from support, its not as tho there’s anyone or anyway to complain.


  5. I got way behind on this one, but about halfway on prizes already. Fun fact: Last update (Giant Chicken) I had unlocked him, but was one item short and he vanished. I was furious, but TC never replies to me so I let it go. I was playing this afternoon and suddenly an open lock appeared dancing away. Lo and Behold, my giant Chicken arrived with all feathers in tact!!! Woo hoo!!!!


    1. I got caught in the 4 days glitch where I couldn’t get the items to even get his house, which cleared about 18 hours before the event ended. No way could I get the items to open the chicken. I bitched to CS and they gave me 10 of some stupid item. That just pissed me off so I sent them a long, scathing note about how unfair that was and how they need to slow down the content until they can make it actually WORK. They sent me 200 clams, lol. Not as good as a giant chicken but it helped a little.


      1. I do spend money on this game and pointed out how this kind of thing makes me not want to spend any more. I’m sure that helped.


  6. I’m on part 10 also, but have 3 floors of Tan Lines opened too. I want that evil monkey! This has been a good event, got the Smith family even though you pretty much had to buy most of them. The electric boogie thing just started going crazy and is sending out lightning everywhere. Wonder what’s up0 with that?
    Tan Lines didn’t have to be worked on, it’s a forever thing. I wasn’t about to let it sit though.


    1. Ive also got 3 floors open and has no time limit, BUT I still think the cost of items like evil monkey🙉🐵🙈🐒 are expensive💰 its still gonna take years to get him. Unless he comes up in a quest later on too, although even then I dred to think how many clams they’ll charge.


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