The Big Goodbye…

UPDATE: Website is all renewed and will still be here! 🙂

Guys.. this site is expiring tomorrow… Holly, Zoey, and Rypod all quit playing the game, and as far as I can tell, do not really participate in this site… It won’t even let me see how to renew it.. I am going to try and contact Z… But, if nothing works, it will be gone.. I hate to tell you this.. I have enjoyed talking with all of you.. And would love to have 95% of you as a friend on Facebook..


Please look for me there, and add me..



13 thoughts on “The Big Goodbye…”

  1. will one of y’all get ahold of Rypod tell him i’m wanting to add him on Facebook too as well please and thank ya😁


  2. YES!!! this is awesome news! i had commented a little bit ago, but it hasn’t been posted yet and i don’t see it at all. fredlusk what are some of your ideas you wanna start posting about.!?.i seriously wanna be in.


  3. NO NO NO NO NO this can’t happen! ohh man fredlusk try your hardest to get this site renewed! one of the others should know and tell ya how too i would hope so! you should recruit some new players/posters to help you run this IF i volunteer to post with you!!! i’m sure DragonJay would love too help also?!…i really hope this doesn’t expire..if so i’ll probably quit the game as well&&find a new hobby suppose…😢


  4. It’s a shame, but participation seems to have dropped of massively. Thank you for all the input since Rypod left. All the best Fred!!


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