Welcome to Boomsday…

Ok guys and girls.. Tinyco has released a new one.. We had a whole 2 hours relaxation…. Btw, how did you do on the last event?  I didn’t get the Giant Chicken!!! I am very disappointed in that..


Ok, back to this one… A nearby nuclear power plant has had a meltdown, causing an apocolypse in Quahog that is a cross between Road Warrior and Chud!!! LOL

I have been playing this one for a couple of days, and I am very happy with it.. So far, they have brought the fun back for me… And I am getting to use a bunch of characters that have been shelved for a very long time..

Ok, let’s get down and dirty:

Peterpocalypse Now pt 1

  • Check out Boomsday-Visit event hub

Peterpocalypse Now pt 2

  • Tap the powerplant gates
  • Learn about the powerplant gates

Peterpocalypse Now pt 3

  • Build One Man’s junkyard
  • Have Peter hunt for supplies

Peterpocalypse Now pt 4

  • Collect 1 net
  • Make 1 net launcher
  • Have Chris find Mutant girls attractive

Peterpocalypse Now pt 5

  • Learn about Neutralizers
  • clear 3 mutant Goldfish

Peterpocalypse Now pt 6

  • Visit Twinkly trading post
  • Trade in Water bottles for Twinklies
  • Place the Diner at the end of the Apocalypse

Peterpocalypse Now pt 7

  • Have Mort practice price gouging
  • Have Lois Fight for survival

Peterpocalypse Now pt 8

  • Have Clevemire Cure Chris of Radiation Sickness
  • Have Chris decontaminate everything

Peterpocalypse Now pt 9

  • Reach Crisis Level 4
  • Fortify the Power Plant Gates

Trading with Twinkly Now pt 1

  • Collect 90 water bottles
  • Have Bruce search for a job
  • Have Bonnie chug a bottle of wine

Trading with Twinkly Now pt 2

  • Make 3 trades at the Twinkly trading post
  • Have Jerome bake Sandy scones
  • Have Lois bake cookies to solve problems

Trading with Twinkly Now pt 3

  • Place the Moonshine distillery
  • Have Herbert buy candy for kids

A Goldman Opportunity pt 1

  • Place the Goldman and Son Trading post
  • Unlock Neil Goldman

Joined at the Hip pt 1

  • Create the Clevemire outfit

Joined at the Hip pt 2

  • Have Clevemire Binge and Purge (8)

Joined at the Hip pt 3

  • Have Clevemire Explore New Hobbies (2)
  • Have Lois Pratice Tai-Jitsu (2)

Joined at the Hip pt 4

  • Have Clevemire Let the Gerbil Loose (4)

Joined at the Hip pt 5

  • Have Clevemire Put Up a Fight (12)
  • Have Peter Play Peacemaker (2)

End of Quest

A list of the characters that I have figured out we can use during the event

Jerome, Quagmire, Mort, Meg, Robocop, Mayor West, T1000, Alien, Rupert, Tricia Takanawa, Mutant Stewie, God, Super Devil, Chucky, Francine, Haley, Steve Anita Smith=had to do that, Bonnie, Peter, Lois, Joe, Bruce, Chris, and Supposedly Cleveland and Stan!!!

A bunch of these characters are for Toilet paper-which so far, have had little use.. If you find anyone else.. Please let me know..






42 thoughts on “Welcome to Boomsday…”

  1. I was enjoying this update until they brought back the old zombie mechanic that takes necessary characters out of the game, until you “cure” them, which even if you do, they sometimes don’t make it back to their building before turning back… I just had Mayor West do that twice in a row.

    Then you throw in the whole clearing 150 mutants in fewer days than possible (they’ve just flooded my town with them, so I may be able to get them if I spend enough clams for last minute bombs). And unlockables like Commander Jesus that require final-item-of-the-week things like Apocalypse Stan… It was all going so well, and then TinyCo dropped the ball by again trying to force people to pay to succeed at their game. I don’t think the lack of mutant Stewies until the last day was a coincidence. “Use your smoke bombs now on the 3 that come from the eggs so that you have to buy more if you want to complete this challenge”.



  2. So aggravated!!! Mutant Musings Pt 2! Wtf!?! How the hell do we clear 150 mutant stewies if you don’t even get egg piles more than 2 times a day and even when that happens if at most it happens you only get three mutant stewies! So basically it is set up for you to fail! As they are not going to place 150 egg piles in 3 days!!


  3. I’m stuck on Peterpocalypse Pt. 8! When I try and do do the quest to cure Chris it pops up saying everybody is ok right now but don’t worry somebody will need saving soon…can anybody help?


    1. Make sure that you have Chris out doing tasks in the town.. He turns bluish green and throws up… that is when you cure him with the Clevemire character.. He is the only one that can cure Chris


  4. I’m pretty cut that I can’t get the twinkles anymore in a free manner. You have to buy the only thing that distributes ciggies and that’s like 225 clams!!! Wtf how are you supposed to continue the game if you can’t complete quests without ‘cheating’


    1. Hi Zena,
      How do you mean cheat ?? Altho I know what you mean, you can get ciggies by clearing mutant stew is but he also drops an item needed for commander Jesus (100 needed for him) week 2 is definitely harder than week one its as tho tinyco lured us into thinking theyd listened to the players and gone back to better days when I fact they’ve not.



      1. I had some mutant Stewies appear at first but now none in last 2-3 days. No way to get Commander Jesus without Mutant Stewies!!


      2. Thanks! Is there anything that can be used to find them? They can be very hard to see and I don’t really want to get rid of my buildings…


      3. The best thing I think is to cut the road down to just a little strip.. That is the only place the eggs will be.. Look around for little mounds of eggs with a tentacle sticking out of it.. Click on them..


  5. Well I’m now 150% annoyed and pissed, Friday 8th April I contacts support thru my game, its now Thursday 14th April and guess what. Still no response from support, have they gone on a secret vacation? Or have they walked out over something?? Maybe they’ve taken a dislike to me. Eitherway thank’s for responses I’ve receives from all the good folk here. One question i asked was about trophies🏆 from the trophy🏆 shop, is anyone still dropping trophies🏆 from their trophy shop when collecting even the the quest has ended?
    I look forward to your replies, they are greatly appreciated.

    Dave. 😘😘


      1. Hi Fredlusk,

        Thank’s for your reply, maybe someone who did get the trophy🏆 shop give me a reply. Still no response from game support, im losing faith in them.
        Although I am enjoying this quest and tan lines isn’t to bad, gladly there’s not a time limit on that.


    1. this happens to me all the time, but more recently i can honestly say that they have been pretty fast in answering me back!…if i was you i would just keep messaging them, remember to include the very exact details.


      1. Hi sweettat,
        They must be answering you and ignoring me 😆😆😆 yeah teats what im doing im sending a message each day now, I was quite enjoying thus new quest until week 2 has kicked in and it seams Tinyco have reverted back to charging clams for everything, this week seems very unfair the freemium players.

        Thank’s for your reply.



  6. Hi everyone,

    I still have the trophy shop in my quahog, so I’m still collecting useless coins and tv’s. However when I collect those items, I’m still also receiving 2 trophies?? I’m not sure if it’s supposed to still drop them or not but either way will the amount of trophies I’ve collect continue to get higher? I’d like to think they would and that I’ll be able to use them in the future. I contacted support about this and a couple other questions on Friday 8th April but as yet (Tuesday 12th) I’ve still had no response so I’m asking fellow game players.


  7. I didn’t get giant chicken either. I had no glitches in my event either, just the pacing was once again waaaay off for non clam players and those not willing to get up in the middle of the night to play (I need my sleep!).

    So far this event is going ok, but we’ll see. I got cleavmire today and place Neil today, so I’ll see how it goes from here.


  8. Here’s the rest of this weeks quests o.o

    Peterpocalypse Now pt. 9
    1. Reach Crisis Level 4
    2. Fortify the Power Plant Gates

    Can’t continue until phase 2 is released.

    Joined at the Hip pt. 2
    1. Have Clevemire Binge and Purge (8)

    Joined at the Hip pt. 3
    1. Have Clevemire Explore New Hobbies (2)
    2. Have Lois Pratice Tai-Jitsu (2)

    Joined at the Hip pt. 4
    1. Have Clevemire Let the Gerbil Loose (4)

    Joined at the Hip pt. 5
    1. Have Clevemire Put Up a Fight (12)
    2. Have Peter Play Peacemaker (2)

    End of Quest

    A Goldman Opportunity pt. 2
    1. Have Neil Goldman Channel Wolverine (8)
    2. Have Bruce Frolic with Jeffrey (12)

    A Goldman Opportunity pt. 3
    1. Have Neil Goldman Cruise the Streets (10)

    A Goldman Opportunity pt. 4
    1. Have Neil Goldman Take Care of Business (4)
    2. Have Mort Scrounge for Coins (8)

    End of Quest

    Concrete Bungle (Sidewalk Joe’s quest)
    Concrete Bungle pt. 1
    1. Have Peter Stub His Knee (2)

    Concrete Bungle pt. 2
    1. Have Sidewalk Joe Get Chiseled Legs (8)

    Concrete Bungle pt. 3
    1. Have Sidewalk Joe Clean Up (4)
    2. Have Mort Restock Ipecac Syrup (1)

    Concrete Bungle pt. 4
    1. Have Sidewalk Joe Get Hosed (2)

    Concrete Bungle pt. 5
    1. Have Sidewalk Joe Get Blocked (6)
    2. Have Bonnie Flirt with Poolboy (2)

    End of Quest

    Crisis Mode (Side quest, earns 1 clam for each part after part 1)
    Crisis Mode pt. 1
    1. Learn About Crisis Level

    Crisis Mode pt. 2 to 13
    1. Reach Crisis Level 2 to 13

    End of Quest

    Mutant Musings (Challenge quest released on Monday, not sure if this is correct)
    Mutant Musings pt. 1
    1. Check Out The Prize
    2. Clear 30 Mutant Goldfish

    One challenge done, three to go.


    1. Hey DragonJay… Was wondering if you knew how many twinkly’s you have to have to get the concrete Joe outfit? I am not clicking on the distillery until I get a little stash set aside…


      1. Hi in the support faq it says we need 115 twinklies to unlock Joe, as you I’m not going to purchase the item prior to Joe untill I have most of the 127 twinklies to unlock both.


      2. 115 I think. I am currently saving for this too. I also see there’s now three building skins that can be bought with toilet paper… I do like this event!


  9. Im confused about mutant Stewie, ive been waiting since Friday for a reply from support. What is mutant Stewie?? I have Stewie who looks like an octopus with purple tenticals however hes called giant Stewie, I also have Dominic Stewie and demon Stewie, I have them in my Quahog, friends will see when visiting. However when I touch Stewie with the tentacles he does nothing even tho he looks exactly like the mutant Stewie on the loading screen at startup?? Can anyone tell me why❓😞


      1. Hi, looks like giant Stewie is a deco even tho he looks exactly the same as what their depicting mutant Stewie looks like. If im correct and I asked support this was mutant Stewie come out on start track first contact while defeating Bertram?? As I completed the quest, that was when you could complete a quest even if u were freemium. As I said I contacted support on Friday and still waiting for a response so thanks for your response.


        Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for that info, ive got Ron pearl man, Patrick Stewart, im sure id completed comicon too especially if to heat those 2 chstactors i had to beat mutant Stewie, i feel as tho ive lost out at some point , ive also got Felicia day, Stan lee, George takei, Nathan Fallon AMD Bryan Cranston all from comic-con celebrities and comic-con celebrities Too. I feel so ripped off id have thought since id got all the characters id have got mutant Stewie. Oh I still have had no response from game support so much for them saying they get back to you with an answer within 4hrs to 8hrs that shud be days or weeks, that on its own is annoying.



  10. What’s up you sexy bunch of commenters? 😄 just checking out what I’ve missed over the past few months 🤘 The wrestling event seemed cool (but I’m a fan so I guess it appeals) don’t worry Fred, I’m not coming back to steal my job back 😂 Just saying howdy ho!! 😃



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