Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Okay fellow Quahogian’s… We just finished the Grimm event-which I like to call the Princess Bride event-because, you know, that is what was important!!! LOL.  I would like to do a separate post on how we all did.. But, I have noticed when we do that here, people only pay attention to the latest post.. So, in the comments here, let us know how you did on it.. What characters that you got, how close were you to completing everything?  I will tell you, I actually finished everything, and got all of the characters except for Big Bad Brian.  I tried and tried, but never could get him.. I did get 3 of those D#$% unicorn deco’s.. I swear, I wish tinyco wouldn’t even do deco’s anymore.. My inventory is full…

Ok, on to the new event… They gave us absolutely no time to relax.. I would hate to be just starting this game trying to catch up!!!  It appears that Pro Wrestling is coming to Quahog.  I am not a big fan of wrestling, so I do not know how long this event is going to keep me going.. So, if anyone gets ahead of me, and wants to help the other’s, please feel free to send me the Quest’s or any tips/tricks… You can send it here… Or you can email me directly at fredlusk@hotmail.com.. Or even add me on Facebook under that email addy… and send it there.. I am always up for new friends in my towns.. I do have a few of you there!!!!

Ok, on to the Quest’s!!!!

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Pt 1

  • Build the Toxic Shock Wrestling Gym

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Pt 2

  • Learn about training
  • Send Peter to train in the toxic shock wrestling gym
  • Build the Ring Gear Emporium

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Pt 3

  • Place the WrestleMania Axxess Facility
  • Keep training Peter in the Toxic Shock Wrestling Gym

Let’s get ready to Rumble pt 4

  • Create the Maxi Paddy outfit
  • Have Maxi Paddy pick a wedgie
  • Place the WWE Main event ring

Let’s get ready to Rumble pt 5

  • Learn about Exhibitions
  • Have Maxi Paddy wrestle in an exhibition


WrestleMania in Quahog Pt 1

  • Place the WrestleMania Axxess Facility

WrestleMania in Quahog Pt 2

  • Place the Health Store

WrestleMania in Quahog Pt 3

  • Place the Main Event ring

WrestleMania in Quahog Pt 4

  • Place the Smell What’s cooking Smokehouse

To the Max Pt 1

  • Unlock Maxi Paddy
  • Have Maxi Paddy pick a wedgie
  • Have Lois Shoplift

To the Max Pt 2

  • Have Maxi Paddy do a body splash
  • Have Quagmire Giggity strut


You Can’t See Me pt 1

  • Have John Cena Adjust attitudes
  • Have Lois Freshen Up

You Can’t See Me pt 2

  • Have John Cenna Salute
  • Have Chris Find a new friend

You Can’t See Me pt 3

You Can’t See Me pt 4

  • Have John Cena Make the media rounds
  • Have Tom Tucker prepare for broadcast



30 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”

  1. Ok a tiny tip that might help.
    I know not to open the emporium after you get the ring. I have been very alert and careful not to do so until I have enough title belts for triple h. Well I just logged in and was clicking my little people that were done with quests and reassigning new quests when I made a huge mistake. That Meg heifer just happened to be walking past the emporium when I clicked what I thought was her character. Wrong. I accidentally clicked that damn emporium that I was warned not to click.
    So here goes the lesson of the day~ be smart and place and poorly orchestrated piece of crap building way out in a corner that is hardly used. So that you too won’t make the same mistake. That is all. Carry on.


  2. i had the Organic Health Store since early yesterday and not 1 pain med has dropped from that AT ALL! i had about 9 or 10 clams saved up so i sped up that building at least TWICE, but NOPE…nothing yet😤😡


  3. I liked the Princess Bride event to some degree. It definitely became overwhelming as it progressed and while there were well thought out aspects, the poor execution and terrible drops made this just another terrible event.

    Here’s the rest of week ones quests for the WrestleMania in Quahog though. 🙂

    Let’s Get Ready to Rumble pt. 6
    1. Have Maxi Paddy Apply Lipstick (2 Hrs)
    2. Earn 40 Title Belts from Wrestling and Training

    Let’s Get Ready to Rumble pt. 7
    1. Train Maxi Paddy at the Toxic Shock Wrestling Gym (4 Hrs)
    2. Have Chris Resist Authority (4 Hrs)

    Let’s Get Ready to Rumble pt. 8
    1. Have Maxi Paddy Wick Moisture (1 Hr)
    2. Place Giant Chicken in Giant Chicken’s Pollo Restaurant

    That’s the end of Let’s Get Ready to Rumble.

    WrestleMania in Quahog pt. 5
    1. Place the WrestleMania Entrance Ramp

    WrestleMania in Quahog pt. 6
    1. Place Giant Chicken in Giant Chicken’s Pollo Restaurant

    That’s the end of WrestleMania in Quahog, for now.

    To the Max pt. 3
    1. Have Maxi Paddy Talk Trash (10 Hrs)
    2. Have Olivia Boss Everyone Around (4 Hrs)

    That’s the end of To the Max.

    You Can’t See Me pt. 3
    1. Have John Cena Show Hustle, Loyalty, Respect (10 Hrs)
    2. Have Joe Perform Cripple Tricks (1 Minute)

    Giant Chicken’s questline (I’m waiting for week 2 to unlock him so I can’t verify if this quest is 100% accurate):
    Playing Chicken pt. 1
    1. Place Giant Chicken’s Building
    2. Unlock Giant Chicken
    3. Have Giant Chicken Brawl With Peter

    Playing Chicken pt. 2
    1. Have Giant Chicken Start a Chicken Fight
    2. Have Joe Go Beer Skeet Shooting

    Playing Chicken pt. 3
    1. Have Giant Chicken Clip Coupons
    2. Have Lois Buy Groceries

    Playing Chicken pt. 4
    1. Have Giant Chicken Be a Spokeschicken
    2. Have Pawtucket Pat Distribute Beer

    That’s the end of Playing Chicken.


  4. Made it to week 4 on the last day. I bought the blue peacock. Without it I never would have made it out of week 2. I don’t care about the wrestling event. I’m sure the chicken will be available at a later date. If I’m still around I can get him then.
    I’ve been playing Minion’s Paradise instead. It doesn’t have the weekly themes, but they do add content from time to time. Nice that I can play at my pace and not miss things if I step away for a day.


  5. Maybe it’s just me but it seems as though TinyCo has moved the “chance” scale at least one notch to the difficult side. ‘common’ is barely that and ‘rare’ and up may as well be renamed ‘just use clams’, ‘just use more clams’ or ‘give us all your credit card’.

    It makes it nigh on impossible to complete events without spending ludicrous amounts of clams (real money) to do it. Not to mention the multiple concurrent and dependent character lines to progress, and then back-to back-to back with increasingly larger and more difficult to complete events, it all adds up to a growing frustration that makes it hard to even want to bother to try and finish them.

    At what point does the lack of hope of finishing events lead to people simply no longer trying?


  6. Since last years Cleveland event I have not made it past the second weeks tasks. Wasted my time collecting stuff to be unable to unlock characters. I was good at this game and able to get close to the last weeks events in the past but sadly that is the past.

    This even was the worst. I could not collect baskets, no matter how many times I sent character to fight/train. Could not collect any blue stones to progress the tasks and unlock crucial building. Did not unlock stewie, Lois or the princess.

    I have been playing this game since the beginning but the last 6 months feels like a chore. I refuse to spend clams. What’s the point after the event the characters and buildings are useless.


  7. Hunting tiny birds that can’t even fly, wow, you are such a brave man. Bullying, scaring and murdering small animals for fun, wtf is wrong with you?


  8. The last event was pretty much it for me. If this one trends the same way I’m done. I ddint even make it into week 4 content and had to pay clams to get the stupid balls for Stewie despite having the tree for three days. I also bought the black knight, from hoarded clams, and if I hadn’t don’t that, I don’t think I’d have even seen week three content. It was poorly planned and such a blatant premium player event that I don’t even have words. I don’t want to have to buy numerous items and spend tons of money to get through events when I used to be able to complete events without spending a dime. It is obvious that no one tests these events before they release them. They have numerous bugs, and all around it is incredibly frustrating to play. I gave up playing other games to play this one I liked it so much when it first came out, and I even bought clams every once in a while. But now, there isn’t a chance I’d give tinyco a cent of my money. I stopped other games when they became too money driven. I’ll stop this one too. Just isn’t fun anymore.


    1. Could not agree more with this. You can’t win at this game unless you spend money every week. It’s a shame. Used to be a fun one to play like every 4 hours, now it’s almost impossible to get everything unless you pay or play every hour of the day 24/7.


  9. mehhh…i’m not interested in this event at all. i haven’t watched wrestling since i was way young when my parents and little brother would all watch it together it’s been so long ago.


  10. I hated it, it lived up to its name, Grimm. It annoyed me that even when Louis and the princess were unlocked dragons🐲 still had to be defeated. I constantly asked support why they were still appearing but got no response until Wednesday. The day before it ended only to b told there was a glitch and they shudnt have kept appearing. Really pissed off.


    1. Same here. I emailed support about it..no reply. I bet if I email them asking how I can buy clams, i’ll have an answer within a few hours.


  11. Btw, I am going Quail hunting all day tomorrow, so I will not be able to get on here until late tomorrow (Saturday) night…


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