A Grimm Knight in Quahog-Week 4-Edited for Sweettat

Ok my fellow Quahogians.. It is time for the new week..

I will tell you, it seems that the potions for battling the dragon, seems to be the same.. I have the first 2 down pat.. Waiting on the dragon for the third.. So I do hope that will help..

Ok, guys, an update for potion collecting:

I have noticed since last weeks update the numbers are staying the same, but which potion goes where might be different… Example.. For the first dragon it has been 1 fireball, 2 earth’s… It might be 1 earth and then 2 lightnings..

I will start the new dragon-3rd tomorrow.. will let you know..

The First Dragon-White

  • 1 Fireball-orange
  • 2 Earth-green
  • 4 Lighting-purple
  • 7 Fireball
  • 11 Earth

The Second Dragon

  • 2 Fireball
  • 4 Earth
  • 8 Lightning
  • 16 Earth
  • 32 Lightning

The Third Dragon-Black or Dark Blue


Let’s get to the quest’s:

Happily Ever After pt 1

  • Attack the Dragon once

Happily Ever After pt 2

  • Have Sir Peter find a fairy godmayer
  • build Princess Buttercup’s flower cart
  • get 2 spell pouches

Happily Ever After pt 3

  • Train Jerome in Sorcery
  • Have Chris the Giant get easily smitten with Princesses
  • Attack the dragon a second time

Happily Ever After pt 4

  • Earn 1 Ruby egg from Sorcery training
  • Build Vizzini’s Vines

Happily Ever After pt 5

  • Have Princess Buttercup head for the hills
  • Have Westley roll down a hill
  • Clear 2 Rodents of Unusual size

Happily Ever After pt 7

  • Have Princess Buttercup party like a princess
  • Build Moss Fairy House
  • Clear 6 troll Morts

Happily Ever After pt 8

  • Attack the Dragon again
  • Have Westley dream about Buttercup

Happily Ever After pt 9

Buttercup’s Baller Day pt 1

  • Unlock Princess Buttercup
  • Have Princess Buttercup make a death wish

Buttercup’s Baller Day pt 2

  • Have Buttercup hold he head high


Battle of Nitwits pt 1

  • Unlock Vizzini
  • Have Vizzini go wine tasting

Battle of Nitwits pt 2

  • Have Vizzini shell it out
  • Have Westley humor villains

Battle of Nitwits pt 3

  • Have Vizzini overthink things
  • have Westley go on a trivial pursuit

That is the end of the questline

Move over Sir Mix a Lot pt 1

  • Sorry missed this one

Move over Sir Mix a Lot pt 2

  • Have Jerome make Medieval martini’s
  • Have Minstrel Bruce fall off of his fat ass

Move over Sir Mix a Lot pt 3

  • Have Minstrel Bruce and his fat ass be media darling

That is the end of the quest

Vote West for Fairy Godmayor pt 1

  • Have Fairy Godmayor West Conjure cats
  • Have Joe believe in Fairies

Vote West for Fairy Godmayor pt 2

  • Have Fairy Godmayor West puke up a pumpkin
  • Have Bruce chase fairies

Vote West for Fairy Godmayor pt 3

  • Sorry, I did not take a pic of this one

Vote West for Fairy Godmayor pt 4

  • Have Fairy Godmayor West take time off
  • Have Carter wave his wand

That is the end of the quest

Cinderella’s Baller Day pt 1

  • Unlock Cinderella Lois
  • Have Cinderella Lois go shoe shopping

Cinderella’s Baller Day pt 2

  • Have Cinderella Lois go shoe shopping
  • Have Sir Peter

Cinderella’s Baller Day pt 3

  • Have Cinderella Lois take charge
  • Have Sir Peter take orders

That is the end of the quest.. 


Ok guys, I don’t know where this one came from.. I bought the Easter Bunny Peter outfit, thinking it might have something to do with the Grimm event.. Here is the quests so far:

Here Comes Peter Rabbit pt 1

Here Comes Peter Rabbit pt 2

  • Have Easter Bunny Peter make funny friends
  • Have Lois make Matzah

15 thoughts on “A Grimm Knight in Quahog-Week 4-Edited for Sweettat”

  1. Just wondering anyone’s opinion on getting Prince Charming’s house for 25 thousand beans ? It’s pretty, but I wanted to get many other things, won’t have many left if I do get it.
    Any comments/advice would be appreciated


  2. woah wait jus noticed my name up in the title of this post lol has it been that way and I’m jus noticing now or you literally jus added it LMAO


  3. is that the complete questline for “Cinderalla’s Baller Day”???…should have known i was gonna ask this LMAO and side-note i haven’t unlocked Princess Buttercup and Cinderella Lois yet either lol


  4. *Warning* (and NOT against Fred by any means). I just got to 4th round of dragon 2 and mine is 16 fire NOT 16 earth. Should make it, but thought I would share. Maybe it changes?!?


    1. Yeah.. simonizer.. not taking any offense.. i posted something like that in the description of this post just a little bit ago… they changed things up with this week.. the numbers stay the same, but the potions switch around..


  5. What do you need to complete in order to get these quest lines? I am still on Twice upon a time Pt 8, Giant Problems Pt 2, and As You Wish Pt 4.


  6. Have you been able to start the first task yet? My dragon has been gone since Thursday morning. I sure hope it drops a lot of books if it ever decides to show up in my town again.


    1. I sure did Mo.. it drops the books like crazy… I actually finished Lois well before Princess Buttercup… I am still trying to kill off ROUS’s to get Buttercup.. I have noticed that when you defeat the dragon, it is like 36 hours to reset.. As I get a new quest, I post it.. Right now, I am on Pt 5 of Happily ever after.. Hope that helps..


  7. For anyone struggling with eggs/items.

    When done training, click it and if it doesn’t have egg/item then quickly close your game (do not claim it). Don’t exit out, kill it from task manager.

    Open it back up and it should be ready to collect again. Keep repeating until you get what you want. It might take a few tries to change, but as long as you can keep trying it will eventually change.

    Trust me, it works. I only need 1 more sapphire and I’ll be done with everything from the bazaar.


    1. Have u tried doing that with any other items to see if it works with anything else???
      I’ll try it myself as there’s nothing to lose by trying it on other items and other quests.


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