A Grimm Knight in Quahog Walk Thru’s

Ok, my fellow Quahogian’s… I am going to try and put all of the walk through’s in one post so we can all post at the same area!!! I don’t want to lose any comments anymore..


Black as Knight pt 1-Black Knight’s Quest’s

  • Have the Black knight have a close shave

Black as Knight pt 2

  • Have the Black Knight shine his armor
  • Have Bruce dream of White Knights

Black as Knight pt 3

  • Have the Black Knight shop for a round table

Black as Knight pt 4

  • Have the Black Knight joust it out
  • Have Sir Peter be a Knight rider

That is it for the questline


Rise, Sir Peter pt 1-Sir Peter’s Quest’s

  • Unlock Sir Peter
  • Have Sir Peter be a Knight Rider

Rise, Sir Peter pt 2

  • Have Sir Peter play with his sword
  • Have Joe attempt seated swordplay

Rise, Sir Peter pt 3

  • Have Sir Peter shop for Knight Supplies
  • Have Mort dodge sharp objects

Rise, Sir Peter pt 4

  • Have Sir Peter brag about his Knighthood-24hrs

This is the end of this quest


As you Wish pt 1-Westley’s quest’s

  • Build Buttercup’s farm
  • unlock Westley
  • Have Westley try a new look

As you Wish pt 2

  • Have Westley make a speedy Recovery
  • Have Sir Peter wish for a bigger sword

As you Wish pt 3

  • Have Westley enjoy a Swanson dinner

As you Wish pt 4

  • Have Westley do farm boy stuff
  • Have Tom Tucker make up news for fun

This is the end of this Quest


Anybody want a Peanut pt 1-Fezzik’s quest’s

  • Have Fezzik Rock on

Anybody want a Peanut pt 2

  • Have Fezzik crush melons

Anybody want a Peanut pt 3

  • Have Fezzik grab a drink
  • have Peter live the peasant life

Anybody want a Peanut pt 4

  • Have Fezzik drop sweet rhymes
  • Have Jerome throw a Giant party

This is the end of this quest


Giant Problems pt 1

  • Unlock Chris the giant
  • Have Chris the giant crush it

Giant Problems pt 2

  • Have Chris the Giant eat Magic Beans
  • Have Sir Peter climb Beanstalks

Giant Problems pt 3

  • Have Chris the Giant make a Giant mess

This is where I am on the quest


Twice Upon a Time pt 1-Main Quest’s week 2

  • Trolls are coming
  • Get 2 flash bangs
  • clear 2 Mort Trolls

Twice Upon a Time pt 2

  • Build the Big and Tall Store
  • Have Sir Peter make giant progress

Twice Upon a Time pt 3

  • Have Jerome mix medieval martini’s
  • Attack the dragon

Twice Upon a Time pt 4

  • Get 1 gauntlet
  • Have Westley try a new look

Twice Upon a Time pt 5

  • Earn a sapphire egg from wrestling training
  • Build the Robbery Point

Twice Upon a Time pt 6

  • Build Troll Mort’s bridge
  • Have Sir Peter Lance alot
  • Train in Archery

Twice Upon a Time pt 7

  • Clear 4 Trolls
  • Build Miracle Max’s medicine shop

Twice Upon a Time pt 8

  • Have Chris the Giant Goof off
  • Have Sir Peter buff his armor

Twice Upon a Time pt 9

  • Reach honor level 8
  • Re-inforce the castle gates (coming soon)

This is where I am on this quest

The road to the Bazaar pt 1

  • Train in wrestling
  • Build Robbery Point

The road to the Bazaar pt 2

  • Build Troll Mort’s Bridge

This is where I am on this quest-and nothing came up after the bridge!!!



19 thoughts on “A Grimm Knight in Quahog Walk Thru’s”

  1. Ok guys and gals, I finally got Giant Chris so I could move on with the quests.. .Did anyone else have an issue with the dragon boogers you collect not counting? I did.. Sent Tinyco a message about it, and they said it was a known issue, but never fixed it where they gave me what the game cheated me out of. So I feel kinda screwed!!!
    Btw, I finally got past that 19 potions in the slaying of the dragon.. The next one was you had to collect 37.. there is just no way, even if you had all 4 characters collecting potions every 4 hours.. you would have enough to keep that streak going..


    1. Seems that way doesn’t it? I caved and used some of my saved up clams on the black knight and am regretting it. Even getting him I have no chance at all. I won’t have westley until Wednesday at the earliest, but more likely Thursday morning. beyond that, I haven’t sent a single person to training because I have them all getting potions so I can get westley. So I suppose I’ll have giant Chris by the end of the third week if I’m lucky?

      I’m considering spending out my clams and quitting. I don’t find this fun at all anymore, and it is beyond clear that there is no way to proceed in these events without spending clams. Every event gets worse and I don’t want to support a company that sucks this bad.

      It’s too bad because I used to really enjoy this game.


  2. Important Tip: Guys, I believe I have figured out why the reset on the dragon takes so long… I am on the black dragon level 3 and it is telling me I have to have 19 of the orange potions.. Level one was 7, and level 2 was 9.. There is no way I can gather 19 of them before the timer runs out.. So very important tip: Make your potion gatherers do nothing but gather potions…


    1. How do you do that and still get the stuff from the Bazarre though? Unless you buy the eagle for the sapphire eggs, there is no other way to get the buildings from the bizarre to help with Chris. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 This is such a poorly planned event.


      1. That is what I am thinking.. At this level, you have to have Giant Chris, Sir Peter, Black Knight, and Westley all working to gain those potions, but you can’t use Giant Chris because he won’t unlock due to the fact you need the dragon Boogers!!! So, it is a giant catch 22… Plus the questlines!!!


    1. YES you have to get to honor level 4 to place Chris The Giant and the building that comes wit him. he should be in your store when you finish the “Once Upon A Time” MAIN questline as well and level up to honor level 4. hope this helps!


  3. Almost to Wesley. Haven’t attacked dragon yet, but finally collecting potions so I’ll be ready. Slow, but sure progress.


  4. UGH!! I am already waayy behind in this event and week two has barely started. Still working on unlocking Sir Peter! Just can’t get the swords to drop from practice archery. Have only had 5 drop and have done it at least 5 or 6 times. Westley will hopefully be unlocked before the end of the event. These events, and this game, have risen (or lowered) to boring on my fun scale. Now that I know, after playing the last few events, that I won’t be able to play more than 1/3 of the event. It is just disappointing they even have these events at all. I love the Princess Bride movie theme but I know I won’t be able to get all the characters so it has already lost my interest.

    Keep up the good work Fred, still here to read your posts, but slowly losing interest in the game as a whole. I might be joining RyPod soon…


  5. i jus splurged on quite a few clams and to say now i’m done wit that it’s really NOT getting me ahead whatsoever because i’m STILL STUCK on “Once Upon A Time”Pt.7 i’ve been waiting on a damn Dragon for over 24 hours now THAT IS RIDICULOUS! i don’t see how there’s ANY type of fun and entertainment in that aspect of this event at all anybody else wanna chime in on that too cause i’m sure y’all totally agree lmao it’s like the MORE clams you buy and also the MORE you try to not fall behind, the MORE you fall behind after using up all of the clams you’ve jus splurged on idk jus irritated;the events are getting to be more& more for the PREMIUM sides and if they canNOT even give a few of(i’m sure thousands of the suggestions-tickets people send in to them)just a CHANCE&& then i’m sure alot of players WILL jus quit&unistall…You don’t even know how close i am to doin that it’s jus NOT FUNN anymore! Not like it use to be. #EndRant 👎😤👎😤👎😤👎😤👎😤


    1. I am with you on that one Sweettat!!! I have no clue why the reset on the dragon is 24+ hours!!!! I guess it is so you can gather more potions… that is what I have my guys doing while I wait for it..


      1. I agree. At the rate I’m going I’ll be lucky to get westley by Monday. And beyond that, I’m still only halfway through level three honor points wise. I can’t believe that completing quests and getting all the items from the bizarre didn’t give me enough honor points to get to level 4!

        I looked at the walk through for the second phase on a different site and it seems just as, if not more, impossible then phase 1 if you don’t buy premium characters. Especially if you haven’t yet unlocked Westley.

        I’ll be lucky if I ever defeat the dragon. The first time I hit him twice and then couldn’t get enough. Now he’s gone for over a day.

        It’s disappointing to go from being able to get all the characters from events to hardly being able to progress. And it isn’t even like I’m just a bit behind anymore. It’s likely I’ll be an entire week behind before this is over, if not more. It takes all the fun out of the game.


  6. It seems to be another event you can only really play as a premium player. Nearly everything costs clams to do and there is very little that is freemium.

    Nice to get some extra land that is dear and takes ages to clear.


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