Just waiting for the update?


Well guys, I am just waiting for the update and trying to get Westley and reinforce my castle gates.. .. How about you…?

On a side note here.. I love the move Princess Bride.. I have been watching it since 1988 when it aired on HBO.. Remember, I am older than most of you here… lol

Btw, I discovered this one, don’t know if you guys know about it… Tom Tucker now has a 24 hr task to gather magic beans… Hope that helps!!!

Here are some of the questlines.. Sorry, I thought they were posted.. My bad.. Usually Sweetat reminds me!!!

Black as Knight pt 1

  • Have the Black knight have a close shave

Black as Knight pt 2

  • Have the Black Knight shine his armor
  • Have Bruce dream of White Knights

Black as Knight pt 3

  • Have the Black Knight shop for a round table

Black as Knight pt 4

  • Have the Black Knight joust it out
  • Have Sir Peter be a Knight rider

That is it for the questline

Rise, Sir Peter pt 1

  • Unlock Sir Peter
  • Have Sir Peter be a Knight Rider

Rise, Sir Peter pt 2

  • Have Sir Peter play with his sword
  • Have Joe attempt seated swordplay

Rise, Sir Peter pt 3

  • Have Sir Peter shop for Knight Supplies
  • Have Mort dodge sharp objects

Rise, Sir Peter pt 4

  • Have Sir Peter brag about his Knighthood-24hrs

This is where I am on the quest

As you Wish pt 1

  • Build Buttercup’s farm
  • unlock Westley
  • Have Westley try a new look

As you Wish pt 2

  • Have Westley make a speedy Recovery
  • Have Sir Peter wish for a bigger sword

This is where I am on the quest



24 thoughts on “Just waiting for the update?”

  1. Sorry Fred & Simon. Saw PB with my hubby. Got ya both beat ( but not by much)😎
    I’m stuck trying to get the swords for Knight Peter. And getting arrows isn’t much easier!


  2. Another Helpful Tip: You don’t have to go in order to get the stuff out of the Bazaar… I skipped Joe’s carriage and bought the Black Knight’s castle first… That way I could collect the 15 true loves while collecting the other stuff.. I think this paid off, because those True Loves are rare.. and get aggravating on the collections…


  3. Lol yes i know i haven’t asked about the questlines yet, but am gonna need Westley’s, and the honor level questline i think. Is there any word of a weekly update happening today?


    1. I have been searching, but no word from anything yet.. I will let you know.. Just got Westley a little bit ago, and sent him on his 6 hr task.. As soon as I move on, will let you know..


  4. Sorry, I haven’t mentioned it but did everyone open up the strip of new land? Also, have you noticed that if you have over 10 million $’s it just says 10Mil?

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    1. i’m waiting for the very last part of it by the ocean to be cleared then i’ll have it all done and used up i’m sure! got a bunch of the newer buildings i want to take out and design😊


  5. Playing freemium and I only just unlocked knight Peter yesterday evening. I have yet to attack the dragon because it stays gone for so long it makes no sense. Would be nice to have a counter like they normally do!

    So, looking like I will be behind once again, despite playing frequently. This might be it for me, as I’m losing my passion to play when it just seems absolutely unattainable anymore.

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    1. I only did the archery practice 3 times.. It aggravated me… I thought we were doing it for the golden eggs!!! And, I got all of mine.


  6. Progressing slowly. Think I have no choice but to buy black knight. About 30% towards Wesley. Rise, Sir Peter Pt 4 will be done in the morning. The movie is my exes favorite of all time. I like it a lot also. Just for the record, I’m one of the old farts. I’ll be 51 Monday!


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