What was your Ranking?

Ok guys, no one seems to be talking.. So, let’s figure out where we ended up on that Leaderboard from the Star Trek Event.


When I opted out, I was at the rank of 87th.. Now, it is telling me that I am at 106… So, I should get rewarded the Borg puppy-I think it is a deco (Which, I don’t care if I ever get another Deco from this game) and also Betram.  —He was the one I was going for anyway..

How about you?


24 thoughts on “What was your Ranking?”

  1. Well, I was ranked 106 and got all 3 prizes, Borg Rupert, Borg Puppy, and Bertram… I wonder if they are going to have a Bertram Borg costume?


  2. I’m freemium and with 700 pot plants i managed to rank around 1500, this game definatly needs a seperate score board for pay/free. They also need to sort out what a “high” chance is, as i spent 5 days trying to get enough dog bones to get the skin for joe and only got 2 drops. Very anoying.


  3. OMG just accidentally hit the leaderboard icon and it says I’m 4126. Guessing they disqualified some people so I got bumped into the board after the fact.


  4. i didn’t place at all because i only got up to a little over a 1,000 lithium bars, but not stressin about it! i NEVER have been really working on these leaderboards and i completely ignore them because the top winners are place 1st and what not because of the fact alot are premium players so it’s NOT fair whatsoever to us FREEMIUM players! i’m sure everybody else can agree wit me 100% that they should redo that idea!: a specific leaderboard for PREMIUM and another leaderboard for jus us freemium i think. and if they do that i mean it gives us a chance or opportunity to try to collect for BOTH leaderboards if they jus so happened to choose too♦👍✔

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    1. Sweetat.. the only thing that I spent clams on out of this whole event was the Star Trek Rupert. And that was no help at all in this event. But, I do like your idea!!!


    2. All i got was Rupert.
      I brought tons of those pots and anything else that i could find that was cheap in materials and could get multiples of.


  5. I ended up at like 3500 or thereabouts. I had like 20000 antimatter left and I didn’t even play the last two days because I was bored and really just didn’t have the patience to sit there and exchange all the antimatter for pod plants. I wanted Bertram, but am hoping they release him in the future like they did don corleone.

    I’m not sure how I feel about this event yet. It is extremely slow going currently, which makes me think I’ll end up frustrated and behind again. Guess I’ll see what happens.


    1. In your storage there’s a turbo lift from star trek drops beans, once you place it, it goes invisible, and only takes up one space, have mine in the ocean just in case it gets stuck forever


  6. This event really had me stumped- I had all the characters from the first Star Trek event, and all the buildings- I also bought everything I could from the replicator, AND fought Bertram nonstop from the day he arrived with all characters (including waking up in the middle of the night) killed Borg cubes with every energy I ever got and still never cracked the top 5000 what gives


  7. Spent all my pink stuff on pod plants (wow did that take forever to do) fought all the Borg cubes and was still just a bit shy of placing with 2 hrs to go. So I opted out to start the next one.
    So far only have Peter to collect for, all the stuff I HAD to buy for quests and I still only have just over 300 beans and 3 arrows. Feels like I’m going nowhere fast.


  8. I was rank 68 now it states im 91, although I won’t hold my breath and just wait to see what I eventually receive. I know what they say I should receive but I’ve noticed this isn’t always the case.


  9. I didn’t even rank. I collected like crazy, but for some reason was always way behind. Now, I’m ticked off at TC as somehow they forgot about Amazon. Can’t always play on phone, so I use my Kindle. Now I can’t. No update was released to Amazon! Emailed TC, but they rarely respond.


      1. I did buy replicator stuff. I started a little late with things, so not much of a surprise. Update went through on Amazon this morning. I try on FB, but for some reason I get a ton of lag. Only platform with issues. I have a decent smartphone, so at least I can play on the go!!

        Perhaps everyone’s been assimilated. It’s eerily quiet lately!


    1. I talked to a friend of mine, he works at Amazon, this is what he found out why kindle and Facebook hit late release

      that it is not Amazon who has taken this decision but something that involves licensing rights from the content provider / producer’s end.

      So something tiny co did our what but Amazon didn’t like it, so they wouldn’t update there game


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