Leaving Star Trek Early?

Tinyco is giving you the chance to leave the Star Trek event early and start the new event…

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The 1.19.0 update will be released this Thursday, February 25 at around 8 AM, PST. Players on this version will be given the option in the event HUD with the attached modal to end Star Trek: Second Contact early and get a head start on our next special event. Star Trek: Second Contact will still end at its scheduled time of Thursday, February 25 at 3 PM, PST for those who choose to not opt out early.

For those who choose to opt out of Star Trek: Second Contact early, your final leaderboard rank will be the rank you have at the time you opt out. You will receive the prize that your final rank qualifies you for when prizes are awarded in a few days.

CORRECTION: To protect the integrity of the leaderboards, the final leaderboard rank that you have at the time of opting out is subject to change if players surpass your rank. Players who opt out will no longer be able to earn Latinum and increase their leaderboard rank, but those who elect to continue Star Trek: Second Contact will be able to continue climbing the leaderboards. We apologize for the misinformation in our previous post, and any confusion that it may have caused!

So, if you leave early, anyone still playing can surpass you in the leaderboard…

So, in the words of the Clash: “Should I stay or should I go now?”


6 thoughts on “Leaving Star Trek Early?”

  1. I’m would be out but the update hasn’t shown up yet for Android in the Play Store. It is now 9:28am PST, so as usual TinyCo is late to their own party. Oh well, I haven’t been playing much lately anyway.


  2. I am so out. I have everything and everyone I need from the first Star Trek event. I could sit around all day buying pod plants to get the puppy on the leaderboards but that just seems like a waste of a day. It is now 8:20 and I am just waiting for the option to show up.


    1. I had everything too Mo.. What I did was while on phone with gf at night. Anyone tell her, and I will figure out where you are at!!! LOL I worked my way up, and am sitting at # 67 on the leaderboard… But, I am probably going to opt out myself.


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