A Grimm Night Event Preview

This post contains spoilers of the new event – provided DragonJay! 🙂

If you wish to opt out of the Star Trek Event that ends at 6:00 PM EST and get a head start, this event should begin around 11:00 AM EST starting with an update in the App Store.

Fantasy becomes reality in Quahog when Peter reads The Princess Bride to Stewie! Join Sir Peter and Westley as they embark on an epic journey to save Princess Buttercup and Cinderella Lois from Vizzini and the nefarious Black Knight!
New Characters/Outfits

Bold = Released during week 1

    The Black Knight (Will cost 300 clams)
    Big Bad Brian
    Bruce’s Fat Ass
    Chris the Giant
    Cinderella Lois
    Fairy Godmayor West
    Sir Peter
    Little Red Riding Hood Stewie

Week 1 Quests

    Once Upon a Time
    As You Wish
    Black As Knight
    Rise, Sir Peter
    Super Model Prisoners

The Bazaar

    Ye’ Olde Drunken Clam
    Jousting Field
    Horse Brian and Carriage Joe
    Old Lady Shoe House
    Black Knight Castle
    Maybe one more not labeled at this time.

Misc Info

    Magic Beans: The preferred currency of trolls, giants and peasants!
    Honor Points: Collect these to raise your Honor Level and unlock more stuff!
    Collect Honor by defeating the Dragon. Earn enough Honor to level up!
    Event ends March 24th.
    Defeat the Dragon to earn Dragon Scales!
    The Bazaar is similar to Santa’s Headquarters from the Raid to the North Pole event.

Week 1 Quest
Part 1

    PT1_Obja: A Grimm Knight in Quahog is here: View Event Hub

Part 2

    PT2_Obja: Open the Castle Gates
    PT2_Objb: Learn About the Castle Gates

Part 3

    PT3_Obja: Clear 5 Knights in Training
    PT3_Objb: Earn 15 More Magic Beans
    PT3_Objc: Place Castle Griffin

Part 4

    PT4_Obja: Place 1 Toadstool Patch
    PT4_Objb: Have Mort Mock Medieval Markets

Part 5

    PT5_Obja: Get 2 Arrows
    PT5_Objb: Have Peter Train in Archery

Part 6

    PT6_Obja: Enter the Bazaar
    PT6_Objb: Place the Jousting Field from the Bazaar

Part 7

    PT7_Obja: Learn About the Dragon
    PT7_Objb: Attack the Dragon
    PT7_Objc: Have Joe Play Dungeons & Dragons

Part 8

    PT8_Obja: Have Sir Peter Search for Giants
    PT8_Objb: Have Joe Root for the Giants

Part 9

    PT9_Obja: Reach Honor Level 4
    PT9_Objb: Re-Enforce Your Castle Gates
    PT9_Objc: Place Horse Brian and Carriage Joe

Note: As usual, everything is subject to change.


11 thoughts on “A Grimm Night Event Preview”

  1. i jus need about 240 magic beans then i’ll have Sir Peter completely unlocked! &&there’s a bunch more stuff i need to collect for Westley and it’s tough trying to collect the 2,000 magic beans needed for him and today is Tuesday if correct they release the 2nd phase this Thursday coming up! so once again it never fails they’re definitely doing this all the time now it bums me out! us freemium players are ALWAYS put on the back burner while TinyCo., are tending to PREMIUM players’ needs of course!i’m always getting stuck behind a week or LONGER to try&get the week’s questlines, characters/skins, and jus everything in the weekly content BEFORE the next new content is released. BOOOOOOO HISSS HISSS GAAAHHHH AHHHHH!!!👎😤😡👊😖😰😔😐


  2. Psst
    When peter is done training (the arrows task), don’t claim the prize (unless you got what you want).
    Just close the game asap, when you come back in the prizes can change.
    It took me 5 tries on my premium account and it changed from bean bean to swords bean.
    2 tries on my freemium account for bean bean to sword bean
    3 tries from bean bean to deco egg

    So basically you can get what you need just by killing the game before it logs your prize, just be patient.


  3. do y’all think for 250clams for that “Grand Fairy Tale Library” that drops 6clams every 12hrs.until March 23rd???.at first i thought it’s meant to keep dropping the 6clams even AFTER this event, but soon found out no. i almost purchased that then and gladd i didn’t jus yet lmao


  4. Does anyone know if the Horse Brian/Carriage Joe thing is a deco or a dual costume, or what? Trying to figure out whether it’s worth it to get that, since magic beans seem to take a while to save up.


  5. A really slow event. Not many people dropping beans and I’ve had Peter doing archery 3 times, still no golden egg. Common my arse.

    A list of old characters that drop beans would be great.


  6. So I was playing this new event and trying to unlock sir Peter and clicked on the click on knights in training thing to get more magic beans and for some reason it brought me to what I think I’d the Christmas town?


  7. Does anyone have list of current characters that contribute to the new content. I hate trawling through all my characters trying to see if they have a task that gains me more currency (beans this time).


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