Star Trek-The End is Near!!!

Ok, guys, they are ending the event soon… So, how are you doing in it?


5 thoughts on “Star Trek-The End is Near!!!”

  1. Out of two accounts 12th with mine, at 1250 pod plants they disappear, so I’m running out of things to buy, half the crap is gone or takes the fraking red balls, which I only have 41 of so ill be in the top 20 I figure when it ends…

    Daughters account she is sitting at 73, thing with her account she kills the bloody robot, and jumps 20 spots, then can do pod plants for 4k in pink stuff and still gain another 10 spots, so would assume she will place from 50th to 80th somewhere.


  2. Yesterday, I wasn’t even on the leaderboard.. Then, I remembered GenFireDragon’s comment that purchasing from the replicator will give you Latnium… I hadn’t purchased a thing from there yet… So, I sat down and went to work.. I figured out that one of those plants would give you the most latnium for Your buck.. As of right now, I am now # 37 on the leaderboard. But, I think that they figured me out and now limit how many of what thing you can purchase.. Let’s see if I can keep it there.. Or pretty close to it!!!!


      1. that is where i am.. 1250, but the other plants are only 5… thought they caught on to what I was doing.. Thanks Tray..


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