Star Trek-Second Contact-Week 2


Week 2 is Live!!!!

I will let you know more when I do!!!

Ok, this is where I am:

I had enough Gamma Rays to open up the Holodeck and also Engineering.

Keep on Trekking pt 1

  • Have K. Chris attack Borg Bertram
  • Have S. Peter recline in Captain’s chair
  • Hit 2 Romulan Warbirds

Keep on Trekking pt 2

  • Clear 32 Tribbles
  • Send Edo Herbert to Bowell Regulus-pun
  • Have Quagmire clear 1 borg

Keep on Trekking pt 3

  • Collect 3 puppy bones
  • Clear 3 Borg puppies
  • clear 2 Bork kittens

Keep on Trekking pt 4

  • Have S. Lois rage shoot
  • Have S. Peter sneak into forbidden areas

Keep on Trekking pt 5

  • Clear 4 Borg kittens
  • Have Edo Herbert simulate Chris in Holodeck
  • Collect 3 communicator Badges

Keep on Trekking pt 6

  • Open Engineering
  • Shoot 4 shielded Petercraft
  • Clear 54 Tribbles

Keep on Trekking pt 7

  • Clear 5 Borg Puppies
  • Send S. Lois to the planet where it is just her and Quagmire

Keep on Trekking pt 8

  • Have Geordi update look
  • Have Bonnie poke Dough Boy
  • Shoot 2 shielded Petercraft

Keep on Trekking pt 9

  • Have Edo Herbert Violate Prime Directive
  • Have Klingon Chris Battle cry

Keep on Trekking pt 10

  • Have K. Chris attack Borg Bertram
  • Have Starfleet Peter drop a Captain’s Log
  • Have Talosian Stewie attack B. Bertram

This is the end of the Questline… Now, I am just collecting and killing Tribbles!!! 

Q’s the Who pt 1

  • Have Q pass Judgement

Q’s the Who pt 2

  • Have Q throw a temper tantrum

Q’s the Who pt 3

  • Have Q summon Mariachi Band

Q’s the Who pt 4

  • Have Q meddle with Humanity

This is it for Q’s questline!!! 


Half man, Half machine pt 1

  • Have Locutus play with Borg kitten

Half man, Half machine pt 2

  • Have Locutus figure out how to pee

Half man, Half machine pt 3

  • Have Locutus drink Borg tea

This is the end of this Questline



23 thoughts on “Star Trek-Second Contact-Week 2”

  1. is that complete questline for “Keep In Trekking”? jus asking i’m only on pt.4 of it! took forever to get those badges for the transporter to get those dog bones AND cat nip. yeah i’m having a hard time with the communication badges.


    1. I am still working it Sweetat!!!! LOL… I am trying to post, that is the end when I hit it.. right now Peter is on his 12 hour task-1 hour in- on a Captain’s Log!!! Should be done about 10am tomorrow Central time…


    2. I’m on

      Keep On Tracking Pt 5.

      Clear 4 Borg Kittens
      Have Edo Herbert Simulate Chris In the Holodeck
      Collect 3 Communicator Badges

      Keep On Tracking Pt 6.

      Open Engineering
      Shoot 4 Shielded Petercraft
      Clear 54 Tribbles


  2. TinyCo., lowered the number of gamma rays needed for the Holodeck,it was 30, but they probably seen players having difficulty collecting up that much so they put it in 20 gamma rays needed now.
    Is that the complete questline for Locutus so far?


  3. I have all the characters from the last Startrek. And I’m trying my hardest to get on the scoreboard. I only have 400 and finding it impossible. How do the top 10 guys have 35k when I can’t manage 500??


      1. i was wondering where you were Dragonjay!!! It sent your message to spam.. just happened to check it..
        I did not know that!!! Will have to check it out!!! Thanks


    1. A lot of people had left over anti matter from first contact, I had a few hundred, but nothing like what they have on the leader board, when this event first started I took all the buildings back out, from quests and buildings for a week I had over 30k in anti matter….28k from my other account, then traded them all in,


  4. Okay, having already done this event first time around thus being a bit ahead on most things, should Q have become available either to unlock or buy by now? (Did not buy first time around but no sign of him yet despite having unlocked all the way to engineering.)
    I see Klingon Meg etc but no Q.


      1. Yep, all unlocked but I’ve now seen that Q is in one of the ‘Mystery Boxes’, so as a Freemium he’ll just have to sit it out once again!


  5. A helpful tip- When Battling Borg Bertram, put all of the characters that you can afford to send to fight him on that task.. then click them one at a time, knocking his defenses down. if you haven’t “killed” him, put that character right back into the battle… and then click on the next character fighting him.. If you are good, and with some practice, when B. Bertram dies, you will still have a few characters fighting him.. you just have to wait a few hours for him to wake back up and you can click on those characters, knocking his defenses down right away. I hope I explained that…


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