Star Trek-Second Contact Questline

Ok, guys and girls.. Sorry, it has been a very hectic weekend for me… Girlfriend and daughter for Valentine’s Day.. So, just have been playing and taking pics of the Quests.. Sorry.. Life does happen!!! lol


Star Trek: Second Contact Pt. 1

  • Repair the shuttle
  • Learn about the Enterprise
  • construct Borg cube

Star Trek: Second Contact Pt. 2

  • Clear 8 Borg
  • Have Starfleet Peter reminisce about Enterprise
  • Travel to the Enterprise

Star Trek: Second Contact Pt. 3

  • Clear 28 Tribbles
  • Collect 2 Gamma Rays
  • Open the Bridge

Star Trek: Second Contact Pt. 4

  • Have Peter recline in the Captain’s chair
  • Collect 3 Photon Torpedoes
  • Blow up 2 Borg Cubes

Star Trek: Second Contact Pt. 5

  • Clear 2 Borg
  • Have V. Quagmire Suppress the Giggity
  • Have S. Peter do the Peter Manuever

Star Trek: Second Contact Pt. 6

  • Open 10 Forward
  • Collect 3 Communicator badges
  • Send K. Chris to Terra Boberra

Star Trek: Second Contact Pt. 7

  • Collect 5 Catnip from Terra Boberra
  • Clear 2 Borg Kittens

Star Trek: Second Contact Pt. 8

  • Clear 25 tribbles
  • Have S. Peter press all of the buttons
  • Have K. Chris complain about complexion

Star Trek: Second Contact Pt. 9

  • Have V. Quagmire live long and Giggity
  • Clear 3 Borg
  • Have S. Peter sneak into forbidden areas

Star Trek: Second Contact Pt. 10

  • Open sick bay
  • Have Edo Herbert have a wardrobe malfunction
  • Clear 8 Borg kittens

Star Trek: Second Contact Pt. 11

  • See what’s coming in week 2
  • Open the Holodeck

And that is where I am at right now!!!

Oops, Forgot to say, I did break down and buy Star Fleet Rupert, and he was a complete waste so far!!! Not getting any thing of importance out of him.. Kinda Grinds my Gears!!!



10 thoughts on “Star Trek-Second Contact Questline”

  1. Ffs its just another re run, i hoped there would be more stuff but its prety much identical to last time, I have 7000 antimatter and nothing to spend it on, and the only things in the replicator are decals, if your going to do a rerun , do american dad , or do a futurama for a new thing , but if your doing startreck add new things in, not last year’s leftover valentines junk


    1. The game is dying. They probably have no budget so it will probably get worse and worse. They will suck as much out of the people who spend real money and then abandon the game bc of lack of interest. I have 7,000+ antimatter or whatever it is and it is useless. Everything is premium. Don’t know how u keep sending Chris on away missions with 2 characters are the only ones to get them and they take 6 hrs and I do not think they get them every time.

      Ok those red ball things. I get like 6 a day maybe and you need like 300 to un lock all the lame decos.


  2. A couple of strategies that I am using.. I am just keeping Chris go to Terra Bobberra.. As soon as he comes back, I send him again.. Also, in the phaser battles, I am only going after the Borg ships.. Hope that helps.. I know I am way ahead of a lot of people, I did have all my characters and buildings from the last Star Trek event. Even had extra’s.. Thank the all might flying spaghetti monster… !!!!


  3. Hey guys.. Just an Fyi-If you get all of the Gamma Rays, you still can’t open the holodeck just yet.. I don’t know if that is going to be in this week’s update, or you have to open engineering first… But engineering is 60 Gamma rays, and the holodeck is 30.. I am sitting on 34 right now… Will let you know if anything changes….


    1. Mike, a trick that i learned is to turn your phone upside down when going for the borg cubes.. that helps a lot.. remember 3 shots per cube!!!


    1. Yes.. i have 6 vulcan ships from last time and all of the buildings and characters.. those help with the star trek emblems and the Gamma rays!!! I even have 10 borg cubes!!!! But that is all from before


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