How did you do?

Ok guys and gals.. How did you do on that Football event?  Happy? Aggravated?  Over it? What did you win if anything?


17 thoughts on “How did you do?”

  1. definitely not aggravated, I kinda expected something sh**ty like this. I couldn’t finish game 6. I was 2 footballs behind.. and they only dropped at the end of the field for me… sometimes the yard thing needed the same action 3 times in a row (for example Joe at the school, so there was no chance to get it ahead for the next round). The trophies, 2 buildings and the only 2 characters I got are already in storage knowing I won’t miss them AT ALL. Never had the chance to start collecting for peter’s outfit… and the only skin I was excited about was Brian’s. And I got it… it won’t be used again, but looks cool when roaming the town I guess…


  2. The drop rate for crystals to get the SN Peter costume seemed to actually go down over the last couple of days, so I had to buy the last scarf (or whatever it was). I didn’t go for Jesus. Looking back, bearing in mind it’s the quest for stuff, there weren’t many new characters, not many new costumes and very few buildings. Compared to the Star Trek event (fresh in my mind!) it was a grind, very premium oriented, and we didn”t end up with much. What the hell was the point of the games? The last two weren’t even completable without just buying them off. A six hour task, only unlocked part way through the last week, that had to be completed 17 times for one game!?! It was just a premium costume in disguise, and they’d given up on the game completion mechanic.


  3. Pleased that crap is over!

    Scrapped passed game 6 the night before closing so got Bonnie. Was aggravating using the same characters for the same tasks for a down especially when they use the same one three times in a row.

    The length of time tasks too was too long and add to that the time it took to create key items like tackle squad and eventually those laser eye machines and boom you are screwed!

    Hopefully touchdown jesus will appear in his year’s best of box – if I’m still playing this at Christmas.

    Getting bored of repetitive events designed to make you buy premium content to win. Getting bored of the huge archive of characters that are sitting in inventory never used.


  4. T – i did the same thing. purchased Jesus costume, tried to get Peters but i only had 24 hours before the event ended by the time i got to being able to collect stuff for his costume. i toyed with the idea of purchasing it but decided not to !

    Scott – gets better… the Star Trek event is back and already i noticed a let down. building i previously purchased with clams do not give out the same items / rewards as they do this time around ! – im certainly not buying them again !


  5. Worst event ever. I seriously tried too but got stuck when i had to take out blind refs but no way to do it. Also since the game is no longer compatible with my new LG G4, i could only play on my old Galaxy Tab 3. It’s all good though, ive been playing since the App hit the market and won’t give up on it just yet.


  6. While I enjoyed it, even spending $ on ALL premium characters I was nowhere near finishing. I did manage to get Cheerleader Bonnie, so not ALL was lost. It just seems TinyCo just gets greedier each event.


  7. Bought the last two games as it was impossible to get Silly Nanny Peter in the time I had left. Took until Tuesday to get to the final stage. Didn’t buy any characters nor buildings, refuse to give this company a thumbs up anymore as recently I’ve been ripped off by crashes and the company refused to do anything about it. Only play freemium now. Used to buy every character and lots of premium buildings, won’t buy another. Just waiting to find another game to replace this one seeing as the Futurama game turned out to be a horrible con job.


  8. I bought off the last 2 games so I could get the football Jesus outfit. Only needed $5 clams to pull it off. Figured that was less than the amount of clams I’d spend on a random box later to pick him up IF they give us the chance.
    There was no way to get Peter’s outfit due to length of time for tasks. Way to many steps to get things to make the event fun. It’s become to complex.


  9. Game Sucks. I played my ass off and I didn’t even beat the dumb baby team. They made it impossible to even finish a good portion of the event unless you spent money and I have never seen a worse game to put money into.


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